Ideas for an alien game

Hello! While searching through the forums, I found very few items on aliens and specifically alien invasions on earth. So my question is, if someone (me or anyone else) were to make a game on aliens invading earth, what would you want to see? Future, present, along the lines of Mass effect, or something completely different?

i would like to see something off the lines, maybe something riped off of a romance movie (not the adult type of romance) where the aliens are actually just escaping their planets and seek to find refuge. But there no action in that so add some Lorien Legacy (a book series) into it. Wouldn’t mind a fan-fic of the lorien legacies as long as the author is willing to not post the game for sale.

But still i have never seen a game actually be made by someone out of another persons idea and trust me i’d been lurking on the forums for a while. But theirs a first for everything

Explore the dark side of space like a gritty noiresqe style game with smugglers and slavers and bounty hunters

Maybe aliens invading earth in the medieval age.

If I was to make an alien game, I would avoid Earth entirely and create more of a Space Empire thing in a distant galaxy. But that’s just me, I find the Aliens Invading Earth concept slightly boring to be honest

Make sure to start it with a farmer claiming to be “probed up the buttocks”. Just kidding

@Doctor Every story with aliens should have that. It’s only natural.

As for an invasion… Hmm… That would be fun. But what kind? Aggressive? Or simply seeking shelter? Wanting to guide? Protect? Eat? Procreate?

Lols aliens then incorporate “The Human Centipede” >:) >:) for those who watched that horrible film including me… be warned then… be afraid… >:) begin crying… >:)

Giant alien kitty’s from space

Aliens invading a colony would be cool

Excellent thoughts everybody!

@Prototype Probably due to it being easier to run with your own idea then taking someone elses

@Doctor Of course or else it woudnt be a proper alien game lol

@Aera That was a VERY scary movie.

@Outrageous What would you do for an alien invasion?

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Well, I personally would have it set in the future(or you can do an alternate universe) and have humanity already exploring space and colonizing planets. I had an idea where mega corporations are battling it out to colonize planets for their resources and scrambling for the best ones. Until the wrong planet gets settled and humanity comes face to face with aliens that also have their eyes on planets for resources. It has finer details I’m too lazy to type out on my phone.

Honesty, dony make to many species it be a little hard to remember and put in loads of space weapons, like plasma pistols, laser rifles and shock grenades.


I would say for the future one it should be a new era of species (just to make it a like different) the people would probably have someway of protecting themselves from the cold because the latest theory is of another iceage. As for humans being wiped out that is very likely in the upcoming years because we are already preparing for the sun becoming a red gaint by moving the earth out of it’s orbit, this requires meteors to closely pass by us and slightshot across, cause if they have enough speed they will make a semi-circle and continue on their way with a greator speed.

so it is very likely that we will go on a limb and estimate for a gaint meteor to just miss us. But estimates are only a little better than guesses so >:)

(know all this because i am doing a school speech on that)

@Doctor So totally true!!! “Make sure to start it with a farmer claiming to be “probed up the buttocks”.” :))

@Outrageous “Every story with aliens should have that. It’s only natural.” Lols it’s the alien law to probe the arse… :stuck_out_tongue:

@BraveMustang I was forced to watched that movie as a punishment for forgetting to grade my students… I was disturbed by it actually… :expressionless:

Well if the aliens do invade the motive could be “harvest the inhabitants of the planet.” Like well killing the inhabitants or ripping them apart for the sole purpose of using their organs for food or using the organs for themselves? And since we are on sci-fi then what if people were like genetically-engineered?

Genetically-engineered by us or the aliens? And why did you choose that movie as a self punishment?

@Alien or maybe have a colony somehow be missed by the aliens and forced to watch Earth die.

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No no @BraveMustang I didn’t watch it for self-punishment I was forced to watched it as my students punishment to me because I forgot to grade them and summer was already around the corner and they can’t get their grades. Good naturedly I accepted my punishment. At first I thought it was another alien resurrection thing, but bleh… it was horrible… not scary, but horrible…

Well humans did it to themselves. Say in-order to live in a planet that is scorching hot they genetically altered themselves to be immune to harsh climates (Depending on what planet), but of course they also changed in appearance.

Also you can add a weird plot say everyone was genetically altered yet one or two human race didn’t, but had a natural mutation resulting into well a different breed?

@Aera So with the natural mutations you would rather write a story that’s far into the future?

And genetically engineered humans would make a story more interesting for sure.

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Giant race of space tacos that crap ice cream