Possible colonization warfare game

I have returned after a very long slumber, my old project will probably never be resumed, but I have an idea I though of earlier. I have some experience coding, I need to relearn most of it, and I am a pretty good writer.

Basically my idea takes place in the future. Not too far, still mostly conventional weapons. The US government prison system is overcrowded, but the death penalty has been abolished. A new plan is created to wipe the memory of the worst criminals and send them to an unexplored Earth-like planet very far away. They are just dumped there with no knowledge of their previous lives, just that they now live here and must survive. You will play as a man with natural leadership and one of the first exiles. You will lead a band of men to survive, and it will grow until you become a nation. You have only what you can make or discover. Other parts of the planet have more exiles who will also make factions. This, coupled with the natural violence of exiles, leads to a tribal, warlike culture. Peace can be possible, but you must work on taming the innate violence in your nation. Weaponry can be introduced by invention or ambushing the dropships of fresh exiles and taking earth weaponry.

Thats all I have for now, let me know any idea or improvements you have. Criticism welcome friends.

I love the idea! Can’t wait to see what you come up with. One suggestion I would have would be what if at some point some of the colonist started to remember bits and pieces of their previous life’s, including the players character? After all, you said it wasn’t that far in the future, so I’d imagine that this memory wiping technology would be still pretty new and not necessarily big free. And how would people react to having memories of past violence? Would it torment them? Would they revert to their old ways? Just some thoughts.

@fantom I had planned on that, it would be a way for industry and innovation as well as a societal problem. These people remember their old skills and also the terrible things they did. It should be a pretty big moral choice, to repress the memories for the individual, or try let them free so unlock their talents. I will flesh it out alot more.

Great idea!

I have an idea will there be aliens on the planet

@JLBH Aliens are a possibility but as of now I am thinking no on intelligent life. Regardless, I would love to hear any idea you have.

While on the planet you could be hunted by aliens you Got to earn your fellow prisoners respect and keep them alive

@JLBH I am thinking the game will be more focused on resource management and war with other groups. If aliens are included they will not have a very large role.
Respect, or fear. Both can rule, but one works much better with violent people. You will have to rally men to battle for your survival against others.

Ahh okay sounds great looking forward to it

Wait not women?? sure the society would be lot of future without females lol. Half of boys have uterus?

I mean like woman i feel totally indignated about the fact someone want found a colony without any girls

You supposed there are no female in jail , that’s a big error.

The most probable they would send at least 1\2 ship with women or even more considering males could rape or kill a bunch of them.

So game doesnt have to limited gender due
No colony without babies and for that you need women
There are a lot of feminine jails
a women could fight and create a comunity

Also add factor how attract other gender to your colony

@Marajade I had fully planned on including females in the games from the first concept. I may not have phrased things in a way that made it seem like that was the case. I may not have mentioned it, but I assure you female will be included. In fact they will play a big part as they would in a real colony. My apologies for the confusing wording, most of my instances of “men” were intended as in “mankind”, people of both gender.

Hopefully this kind of confusion will be easily dismissed with better phrasing on my behalf.

Say I planned to include quite a bit of very graphic violence, sexual content, and racism in the final game. Would it be better to make an option right at the start to toggle these options? Or is it just too much to be included in the game? What do you all think of it?

@AdolfMcSexy Ahh , sorry it was all man men everywhere. You could do system similar to demolition man they put each one skills in their brain compatible with his brain capacities . So a cunning individual could be teached during travel cryogenic leadership and how resolve diplomatic situations how lie etc. a warrior with martial fighting etc. this way you have to try create the best group mixturing guys with technical knowledge farming some with fight health.

Welcome to the innate prejudice of the English language @MaraJade. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you wish to avoid confusion, consider writing in Anglo-Saxon. The distinction between the neutral “Man,” the male “Werman,” and the female “Wyfman” could be fecund.

in spain we have similarity perjuice, @Shoelip but we use ser humano or humanidad (human being and humanity) to include both genders. So you say they send part of humanity population and everyone understand there are women too. But if you say you are a man directing other men to fight other men it’s confusing as hell :-?

Shouldn’t be difficult to impliment from a coding perspective, so if you have no problem writing the extra dialog I’d say it’d be a great idea.

@fantom I was mostly wondering if I would need to put a disclaimer or something to that effect? I am willing to write more for a more realistic game.

What stats do you guys think I should include for the character? With the Faction stats I am planning something very similar to what Zombie Exodus has, as that was something that worked wonderfully, and I very much enjoyed.

-if you include racism and sexism put the disclaimer. Apple and others don’t care violence normally, but with racism and sexism are very strict.

Yes i love ZE stats and how are important to game , ejem i hope i could be in jail after poisoning all my husbands a sexy poisoner charming and good with bow.