Consolidated Thread of Game Ideas For Authors

@Moreau I dunno, sounds awfully similar to what @Maxmansung is doing.

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Forgive my lack of prior knowledge, but which one?

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He is working on a game called The Followers.

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That does meet the story I’ve been working on for the last few months, your idea of a game following a gods growth from tiny spirit to overlord through the belief of your followers. Don’t know if it will really live up to your expectations from your description but it’s what brought me to these forums originally.


I have no game idea to share but someone made a post? About giving an idea of a game and that person will make it. Here is the link.


A warrior resurrected and bound to a golem.
This warrior bound cursed or given the privelage to protect the royal line throughout the ages as an eternal guardian. Watching regimes rise fall. Friends come and go. Horrible rulers to great ones. While the golem stands guard and silently dictates the future.
Stand aside for assassin’s or stop them, turn the tide of war, tutor young nobility to be their best or corrupt them.

Random idea I had once upon a time.


Would that I could, but I am not a necromancer, and could not raise a post so long dead as that one. Besides which, I believe the person who posted that article in march of last year probably has enough games to be getting on with, and these ideas are for anyone to make, not just that one poor overworked duck…

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Oh god, I have sooooo many ideas.

I wanted to make a game where you were a stereotypical princess, off to be married to a stereotypical prince. There was going to be a month before the wedding, and you’d have time to get up to all the shenanigans and hopelessly ruin everyone’s plans, or you could be a good princess and do your duty, or you could discover all the slanderous secrets and hidden histories and use them for nefarious purposes and… and… yeah. 7KPP sort of scratches this itch though.

I also love the idea of being a god! It would be really cool if there was a host of deities you could get yourself tangled up with, all with their own ideas and agendas. The idea of godhood and deism has always been so intriguing to me. I think I mentioned this a loooong time ago, but I had an idea for a game about being a minor deity caught up in pantheon drama, and I think that could have turned out quite interesting.

I think it would be cool if there was a game where you were an actor/actress in the golden age of cinema. There would be production company drama, tabloids, and harsh working environments. It could explore the difference between your work persona and who you really are, and the dangers of not living up to your fans expectations a la Ingrid Bergman. It could also put a spotlight on more relatable issues such as eating disorders, sexual harassment in the workplace, drug problems, anxiety issues… I could go on forever, haha.

Ugh, I have so many ideas. I wish I could write them all but I’m too slow :frowning:


I really like the Princess one, lots of potential for silliness.

“Um, Dad? I was just talking to that nice ambassador guy and… well one thing led to another and now we’re… sort of at war…”

There’s actually a Steam game called something like God Save the Queen that basically plays with this premise, where you play the princess and its your job to basically survive.

There was also a COG game that was about being a Hollywood director in the 50s, which doesn’t exactly match your idea about actors and actresses. However for all it lacks in hard-hitting looks at substance abuse and mental health, there is an extended scene where you beat the everloving snot out of Orson Welles’ dog at a party, so that more than makes up for it it in my opinion.

@Maxmansung is purportedly making a game about Godhood, you should definitely toss some ideas his way. It would be cool to choose what kind of God you intend to be, like you could be the God/Goddess of Love and just seduce all the other Gods to do stuff for you, or the God of War and lay siege to your rivals’ temples.

Or you could be the God of Trivia and just be playing the game on hard mode because not only do you have no useful skills, but periodically you have to answer a bunch of pointless questions with useless information just to demonstrate your godly powers.


Necromancy only applies to WiPs. No point in reviving a topuc that will stay dead. Since that’s more of a discussion topic, you’re all green to post on it.

I’m making a series of stories called the Lucky 7. If you have the will, skill and patience to turn it into a CS interactive novel, that would be wonderful.

Across the world, seven individual people live normal lives. Nobody knows one another, for all they know, they don’t exist.

October 15th, 2015. That changes everything.

These special seven start to develop powerful and frightening abilities. With enough practice, these abilities will allow them to possess manipulation, manifestation and bending of a style unique to each person:

Gas & Air.

Along with their power sets, they have a second ability they all have in common. A telepathic link with one another, being able to feel each of their presence and a magnetic pull that can help them all join together.

Some of them will find these powers amazing, some will be scared out of their wits from them. Six of them will wish to meet one another and learn more. One however, believes these powers can be absorbed from their fellow users and wishes to claim all seven, whatever it takes…

The reason why I haven’t attempted to turn this into a CS is the fact that I want to tell the story from the seven’s own unique perception, their reactions will be very different to the powers and this would be easier to write it as a story series, but if you can pull it off, go ahead! Plus I have TCS to work on, which I’m horribly behind on.


The story could be from all of their perspectives like Divided we Fall.

@Moreau Oh? I think I wasn’t clear on my post. I don’t have any ideas to share, but this person’s thread asked for game ideas. Anyone can read them and get an initial game idea. I’m not expecting to necro that thread, nor am I implying for you or anyone at that matter to be a necro, rather, for anyone to get the shared idea from that thread.


That’s a good idea for a game… a story about a necromancer!

Maybe you start out just wanting to bring back a loved one you lost, but along your quest for forbidden knowledge, maybe you end up raising an army of the undead to conquer the world, or even turn into a lich yourself…


Isn’t “Neighbourhood Necromancer” that game already? Not exactly as you described but hits a few of those points

So it is!
There are so many of these games already XD So many I don’t know, too.
I was thinking something more high-fantasy-drama, but yeah.

A world where magic is already a thing and the one thing that is forbidden is necromancy but you try to bring someone back to life causing you to lose a leg and the person your doing it with loses their body and gets their soul bonded to a suit of armour (what? I’m definitely not referencing full metal alchemist)


As long as you don’t put that upsetting dog-girl episode in, we’re good.


I have some ideas I wanted to work on:

  1. Idea: LIFE ( This would be like alter ego but much more focused on a particular stage of life of a person, lets say teenage-adulthood (13-21) )

  2. Idea: Cricket Game (You start as a rookie player of the game in college level and you advance forward based on your decisions (dont know how many of you guys know about cricket tho) i doubt anyone will care about it)


I always loved Alter Ego, but yeah I wanted to go even further than that game ever did, but it was just so big that adding content would have been a nightmare.

I’d love to have a copy of the source code for myself one day, maybe add my own chapters as a private project.

As to the cricket game, while I admit to a lack of knowledge, Slammed is another frankly hilarious take on a sport with a fairly specialized fanbase, so it could definitely work.

Instead of sharing ideas, why no make the games you all are sharing into your own game lols. Now that would be a good idea, I jokes.