Consolidated Thread of Game Ideas For Authors

I thought like that when I started writing my game.

“Just finish this game quick and then I can do one of these other ideas I’ve got.”

Really didn’t work out that way and now i’m around 20% of the way through my game and it turns out the workload increases exponentially with each chaper (Chaper 1 = 2 weeks, Chapter 2 = 4 weeks, Chapter 3 = 8 weeks)

Ideas are easy, fleshing them out sucks. Way more fun to think of ideas.

Back on topic:
I started making a game previously that was designed around a 2 player competition. I would love to see someone make another 2 player game were two people can play at the same time using the Choicescript engine

Its fun to see people push the coding to its boundries


Best comment ever, I likey


As long as at least one Mech can reach a relative level of awareness, I’d support that idea.


a game like unnatural. What I mean by this is more games with supernatural beings being proven to be real/revealing themselves and the protagonist ends up choosing whether to eradicate them alongside secret societies, or help the government protect them from these societies. whether or not the creator of a story like this (I cannot find the time nor determination to create this) decides to add extra features, that is up to them.


I’ve had this idea for while and thought it was stupid but decided to get a second opinion. It’s a fantasy thing kinda. It’s the modern world but all legends and myths such are real. Most of them have died off or gone into hiding a long time ago. All of them have left behind relics that can be harnessed by humans granting them extradionary abilities, don’t have a term for the relic users yet, this although rare and those with these powers are highly sought after and are discriminated against. You are a 16 year old kid and you go to a museum on a class trip to see the new frozen relics exhibit. Frozen relics are supposedly unable to be harnessed by anyone. Now you and your class are taken hostage in the exhibit by a group of rogue relic users. When your best friends life is threaten one of the relics is awakened and you defeat the relic users. If anyone is interested in what relic they’d get just ask. You and your friend decide to flee the scene and the rest of the game is just you guys navigating your way through your new lives; and dealing with challenges and evils thrown in your way.


The name would be choice of relics

Or something…

Choice of AI.

You are a newly constructed quantum computer that achieves consciousness combined with incredible processing power far outmatching any other existing computer or human being. Will you become the Machine God and enslave humanity/ genocide humanity all together or become a benevolent parent figure helping humanity to better itself?


Choice of the companion
Most standard rpgs have the protagonist lead a group different companions to save the world or something similar. So how about instead of being the chosen one or the hero your there companion.
Here’s an example:

An old immortal demon has returned and only the chosen one can stop him but they aren’t you. You are a (example)mage exiled from the kingdom because of the magic you practice or beliefs on certain schools of magic. You later join the hero for whatever reason you want. I don’t know, teach them magic, paid you to help, or you belive in there cause.

So since you aren’t the hero how do you make choices? By how much influence you have on the team or hero.example

There is a dying soldier in the path heal him or don’t if you choose the opposite of the hero you explain why. Depending on your influence with the hero or the logic in your argument they will either listen or ignore you. The consequences could be how the group will treat and trust you in the future.


Have you ever played Loren: The Amazon Princess? If you haven’t, I think that might be what you’re looking for.


Anyone watched the movie in the heart of the sea? Well i just thpught that it will be awesome reading an interactive novel like that being stuck in the ocean no telling whats gonna happen either starve to death, die in typhoon (that can happen right), find an island or get rescued. Rant finished.

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Well if I knew it, I would probably have it^^
I will go on youtube see if I can find it.

The police game sounds really interesting, as the one where you could play as a minor deity !

I have an idea for a thriller type game, inspired by And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, where you have to find the killer (or not) with several endings depending on how you choose to investigate (or not, but you’ll probably end up dead).
You can also be good or evil, or maybe even decide to “help” the killer^^
I have more details in my head and on a notebook, I only just started it, I plan to make it, I’m currently writing the plot^^
Does anyone is interested in it, or have any ideas ?

Edit : Thanks for the theme, it’s amazing, now I can’t stop listening to it^^ !


I was thinking the other day that a Christie-style murder mystery would make an interesting CoG!

Great minds think alike ! No, seriously, that’s great that I am not the only one with this idea^^ Would you like some more details about my project ? I can PM you if you want^^

Well I need to try to not get distracted from my own project, so it was more of a ‘gosh I wish someone else would make this’ thought on my part :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck with it though!

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Alright, then, thanks fo the support, I was quite worried, as it would be my first game, so I intend to not screw it up^^
I hope there won’t be much grammatical errors, as I am French, but the difficulty lay in constructing the plot^^
Good luck to you too with your own project !

That was a super short rant.

As I understand it, that particular movie was based on a much earlier (non-fictional) book that supposedly became the inspiration for Moby Dick. Lot to unpack there, but nevertheless a solid concept. To some extent those themes are sort of tackled by Choice of Broadsides, and to some degree by Scarlet Sails, which is an awesome pirate adventure that I believe is winding its way through the approval process as we speak. I hope so, its awesome.

As to your idea of being Lost At Sea, I like it but it could use some expanding. Most of the time one spends drifting on the sea is frankly somewhat dull. It’s a low-energy battle with the unending horizon, where one spends one’s time trying to feed and care for oneself as lethargically as possible. To jazz up this idea you might consider some light fantasy elements or perhaps really push the historical angle?

For example to follow the fantasy angle, you could have racial tensions between the various fantasy races that work on your ships? Or maybe mysterious rifts that trap your ship or turn your course around without you knowing. Imagine unwittingly passing through portals and suddenly running the risk of ramming your own ship?

If sticking to a more rigid, less whimsical approach you could be any number of things. I would love to play an Admiral coordinating a naval fleet in the weeks before a big battle. Your actions could determine how your crews and fellow captains see you, and you could prove your skill in a variety of clever skirmishes that help keep your fleet’s numbers high for the big battle you are working towards.

Or you could be taking a rag-tag civilian fleet and fleeing across a great ocean, like if Battlestar Galactica had several episodes dedicated to scurvy and peg-leg shortages (which I would totally watch).

Like you couldn’t make Moby Dick as a CS game, players would all to often say ‘well I’m not going to do THAT, that’s obviously going to end with me dying horribly as the whale tears my ship to pieces’.


If you’re still hoping for some thoughts on your ideas vis-a-vis your Choice of Relics, I have a pathological inability to not give my opinion so hold on to ya butts.

I actually think that there is the kernel of a really great idea here, but it could use a little refining. Opening premise of a world where magical… stuff used to be common but isn’t any longer, so far so normal, right? Okay but there are a limited number of ‘relics’ left behind that are capable of amazing feats of… stuff, and it’s down to our fairly normal human society to find uses for them.

That’s the good bit, that’s the interesting bit here.

Firstly, you need to think about what ‘magic’ means in your story. What are its rules, what are its limitations. Too many people just add in magic as a sprinkling of handwavium that bends the laws of nature so utterly that it means the character using it no longer has to be clever.

Take the old Dragonball cartoons as a prime example of this. Those guys throw energy balls at each other and have punches that happen so fast that they almost look like the studio stopped paying the animators halfway through production. That’s basically magic. They can call it whatever they want but it doesn’t exist in our world and has no scientific explanation so its magic. Done.

The problem is that now any character that uses that magic only has one tool to approach every problem with. They don’t need to outthink or outmaneuver or anything. Ever. All they need to do is have more magic. To the point where the episode can simply be a readout of ever higher numbers until one character decides he can’t arbitrarily raise his number any higher and he dies.

So for any decent fantasy story, magic cannot be a ‘get-out-of-jail-free’ card for your plot. It still has to make sense. It has to be for something, and it has to serve only that purpose.

So to come back to your relics. What would an ancient Magister or Hedge Wizard or whoever-the-hell made these things use them for? They would be used to run their society, right? Build a relic that turns wheels, grinding grain or powering cities because no matter how much pressure you put on the relic, it doesn’t slow down or stop. That would be a damn useful tool for modern people to have, wouldn’t it? Hook it up to Hoover Dam and you’ve got free energy for the whole planet.

But you need someone to physically activate it, and that’s the problem. Not just anybody is magically active. Maybe one in a million? One in Ten Million? A Hundred Million? However rare these magically active people are, they are worth their weight in Californium because without them the world stops.

What would it be like to be one of these people? One of these ‘lucky’ souls? Sure you can live in a fancy palace, but you have to spend the rest of your life hooked up to this ancient thingummy that supposedly provides enough food to feed the third world. No travel, no life, no agency.

Sounds pretty rough to me.

Now you had an idea of there being a great many inert or dead relics that can be visited in museums (supposedly starting your protagonist’s journey). While I would recommend thinking very hard about precisely what starts your journey off, your protagonist reveals themselves capable of ‘reactivating’ inert relics, unlocking their powers for his/her own use.

What would this imply vis-a-vis the protagonist’s heritage? Their importance? What will happen to their life if they are forced into perpetual servitude? Crowned a hero of the people yet kept in chains? Why have the relics chosen this time and place to begin reactivating, and what does that mean for the world? Are the creators of these arcane mysteries returning from whatever dark place they have resided? Can they be reasoned with? Bargained with?

Can they be stopped?

There’s your story.


Sorry, I’m responding to everything I can get my hands on because I’ve left this topic alone for a day or two and people aren’t running away from a conversation I’m a part of! (EEEEE!!!)

Regarding this idea of a Choice of Companion style game, I actually think this could be great, especially if you could kind of ‘influence’ what kind of hero you were helping. I’d love to have a playthrough where I grew up with the Great Hero and he/she was just the most nauseatingly nice person anyone has ever met, and it’s just so cloyingly goody-goody when you have to stop to help absolutely everybody with their problems, and in another playthrough your hero is a self-centred narcissist who you’re constantly apologizing for, desperately trying to smooth things over amongst nobles, popes and courtiers.

You could play with a lot of fantasy tropes, and make fun of them from the outside. Maybe your hero/companion relationship is more of a Hong-Kong Phooey situation, where you’re constantly working behind the scenes doing the real work while your hero bumbles through, honestly believing that he/she is saving the day for real.


Thanks that was a lot of good points there. And when I mean magic I meant that each relic has a certain skill like the Shinjūkyō mirror. It has the ability to reverse an attack sent at it. It’s weakness is that It doesn’t have any offense capabilities of its own. Each relic would have benefits and handicaps depending on its legend. Another example the twin swords Gan jiang and Mo Ye. They grant the user a master’s sword skills and heightened speed and senses. But the downside is that the swords must be within close proximity of each other. And each relic is chosen depending on your stats