Suggestions, for the game Decade (WIP) planning stages


Hey guys,

Since am in the process of planning my game

I think it will be a good time just to see if Anyone has any suggestions about the game. Or any questions, I have another thread if you would like to check it out,

Called planning to make game
Check it out

Comment on this if you want to know about it or message me
Thanks again


What exactly are you trying to make? Sci-fi? Historical? Sports? If you have an idea, I probably have a suggestion or two. Or are you looking for ideas?


Sorry mate I copied it from my last thread but here you go hope you like it

Hey guys,

After a few words of support from some great writers I am in the progress of writing a game plot,(hopefully my friend will help), back at home,
I am still writing the draft on paper depending on what my friend says it may change,
I just want to know is that has their been a game that is about
Earth being abandoned and only a selected few people get chosen to be saved by a friendly race of alien, the cargo ship which holds the two races gets attacked by an unknown predator like race, and slaughter what appears everyone on board, 10 people survive the attack which includes;
A Female Todler
3 teenagers
3 adults
A puppy
A university Student
And a young ten year old boy
The ship gets taken and is transported to a deadly known planet which is inhabitant by a deadly race called kimer-
The journey to the planet takes ten years
All people age by ten years
The puppy is 5 found (5 years through the journey)
They live in an abandoned Underground bunker which was abandoned by NASA,
Back in the ship one of the teenagers in the attack was given a special device which activates when on the planet by a peaceful alien, it’s the shape of A phone but activates into certain types of weapons and acts as a tracking device as well,
Anyway they make there way to the mother ship to destroy it and guide what appears to be a safe cargo ship heading toward the deadly planet, the objective is, to destroy all kimer and land the ship safely and stay alive yourself

There is loads more added details on the cargo ship planet and the journey to the mother ship Hopefully it will be 3 books.

Any feed back will be great,
The name of the book is called Decade

Thank You!