Please someone use my ideas!

ok it has come to my apparent reason that I cannot download choice script for my laptop :frowning: but fear not, for I have come up with a solution…I basically post them and hope someone will take them on for me. so here are my top three.
Name: for once I knew you
Genre: Si-Fi/ romance
Idea: it only seemed like yesterday when I met my soul mate, but who knew I would only know them for a week? no one that’s who.
you were once the best scientist in Britain, 1913 when Britain had just won the WW1 and had defeated Germany. You and your staff had a day off for your contributions in the war effort, when you met him/her in a café. love had hit you like a punch in the face, the love-struck idiot you were you decided to introduce yourself to them and they had also had the same love-at-first-sight moment you had. you dated for a week when it happened…Aliens! they took you and your lover from the park you were walking in, and froze you for 1 year of your life. and when you awoke you found yourself on an Alien planet, your lover was taken for you, on a knew planet in which you science defies what is a British scientist to do exactly?
aim: the three path I have decided are this (they are stupid I know but hey)

  1. start a detective agency
  2. start up a café, and prey that alien like tea
  3. join their intergalactic army

Idea 2
Name: soul stones
Genre: Fantasy
Plot: when children in your clan turn 13, they need to summon their soul stone, a stone that shall represent your soul for the rest of your life and be your companion for the rest of your life. but if you don’t summon it you are in BIG trouble! and when the MC fails to summon theirs that is when things start to go very wrong, the family throws them out, the village turns against them and even their friend despise them thankfully there was some creep in a hood to help you and manages to get them out of trouble with their Lance soul but who exactly are they and how did they know? 13 is really the unluckiest number.
aim: the MC gets their soul stone depending on their actions through the first three chapters and also gets to name their hooded hero.

Idea 3
Name: My friend the Fox
Genre: Fantasy/ romance
Plot: saving a fox is more trouble than its worth, especially a nine tailed one from Japanese legend and what’s more your only a poor student from the USA! you don’t know how the act, think or even there infamous magic so you can’t leave them at home, so the only reasonable idea is to take them to university with you…what can go wrong?
Aim: the MC can be male/ female/ neutral and the 9 tale fox can be male/female so an even choice but can be changed, if the fox is female the name will be Shukio, if male Ninsan.

these are my ides and P.S sorry it was posted early my computer ran out, and if you are willing to take one of these ideas on PM me please, I mean these great ideas are just waiting to be written…will you be the one?

There’s a thread for posting ideas. Try it here instead to save clutter.

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If you can’t download choicescript, have you tried using CJW’s [Tool] ChoiceScript Development Environment

There’s also Chronicler. [Tool] Chronicler - ChoiceScript Visual Code Editor

I know that, but its my bro’s computer and he don’t like me downloading stuff onto it.
there was a thread for this?

That first link doesn’t require you to download anything. [Tool] ChoiceScript Development Environment is web-based.

I shall ask him first, but quick question: how do I move what ive written to the over thread?

Copy+Paste it over. Then I’ll lock this thread. I could move the entire post, but it’s going to cause issues with these replies being off-topic over there.

I shall attempt it…

ok, how do I lock this? I am still new