The Infinity Squad (WIP)

For wat I got from the title was this is a super power group

Basically infinity power is all the Powers

I know it will probably be hard to write about but I’m all about challenges

Here’s an idea maybe you could just try to give your characters overpowered god-like powers, so of like Saitama from onepunch man.

If u have God like powers wat would be the point
Of doing anything u probably get bored quickly

And what are those powers?!? lol

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If your open for suggestions for the game, how about the MC’s mind is unstable because of the power, and the game could be about a struggle to try and keep control of them self.

Here check this out

Yeah I could build on that thanks

But the twist is that they have to concentrate on that power meaning that they can have any power but only one at a time

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Are u using all those powers from that list

Yes I am (20 Characters)

This is a different superhero story

Yay! I already know what I want to have I tell yall later because my phone about die

Seems way to OP for one person to have all of those powers

Did you read this one

The ability I will use are weapon master, agility to help me, endurance, reflexes and dexterity

That is why it depends if the author can come up with stuff to keep the people interested. Sides it’s the same problem most creators face when creating their stuff is if they can keep people interested or not and finally what I suggested was just an ideal and whether if the author wants to use it or not is up to the author, especially because the ideal of the story is quite interesting.

maybe, but if the author gave one character ALL those powers but only one at a time wouldn’t that just round up to a whole lot of confusion in the game since there is so many, and you can only use one at a time? but I suppose if one power in a certain situation would lead to a side quest of some sort, and that would be really cool since it could cause a tone of story possibilities which means you can play time and time again without being bored.