Infamous sort of game?

I’ll most likely never act on this so I don’t mind if someone ‘steals’ my idea.

So, you see a lot of superhero games on COG, which are all amazing stories but I’ve noticed, in all of them, that the people with superpowers are always highly regarded and loved by everyone.

One of things I enjoyed about the infamous series (second son and first light included) was the rebellious nature and playing as a group of outcasts who don’t bother to hide their identities or have cheesy costumes because they’re just people. People rejected by society and have badass powers to boot.

I’d do this myself but I don’t have the knowledge, experience or time to write a full story, not to mention all the coding people complain about. Obviously this wouldn’t be a full copy and paste of the infamous games so maybe it could take place in the future? Or an urban apocalyptic setting?

I just want to see other peoples’ thoughts on the subject.

Also I have no clue if I’m breaking any rules here so please tell me if I am. One of the main reasons I posted this was because of how polite the COG community is.


You can post this here, it could get a writer or someone interested in make game. It a good suggestion to make, game idea you suggested I meaning.

I think a mod will move your post there?


Ok, thanks for the help :grin:

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