This is a new ideal for a game

Hi i am kinda new to this. I been on the forum for a while now but recently decided to make a account. Anyway i am suggesting an ideal for a game mostly because i don’t have a laptop or desktop in making the game my self. Anyway here is the the ideal for the game. You play as one of the unstoppable movie killers. The environment and background should choose on the mc playing style. Example:If in forest character should be fast and agile or having your having your character should give unique abilities to the player. Their could be differnt type of killers like mutants, crazy cultist, Physcopath, and mentally broken just to name a few. And environment should vary to an old asylum to a cabin in the woods. Ending should be differnt like if the victims help save you from that life or you could have kill all them merciless. Any way that all folks cya later. (sorry if their a game like this if development i did not know. I spend most of my time in wip and sorry for any spelling and grammer mistake. Not a fan of either of them)

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