Which idea do you like more?

My last exam is next week, so i decided to start making a game. And here starts my problem. I just have way to many idea’s for one. So without letting my thoughts stray around, let’s begin.

Idea nr. 1)
So my first idea was to make an assassin like game. But here you have just way to many ways to go. I have narrowed them to two ideas.
First one would be something like Assassin’s Creed. Secret society wanting to take over the world, or just a king with ambitions and Machiavellian way of ruling. and we as the only one good and righteous… or not? Game would have some moral choices, because assassination isn’t always the only solution. If you still choose to assassinate your target, how would you do it? Go all berserk or be like a shadow? Where would it happen? In a medieval kingdom or somewhere in future? If i would chose the future, what kind of future would it be? A post apocalyptic world where humans fight for survival or in some high-tech world, where cancer has been cured, and baby’s are born from cabbage :stuck_out_tongue: .
Second one would change mostly the background of the story. I was thinking about warriors of shadows, commonly known as ninjas. Choice would be a little bit more limited but it would still contain moral choices. If you ever saw the movie “Ninja Assassin”, movie is bad, but it gives you an idea of what kind of moral choices do i mean. But here are the same problems. What kind of world setting should i use? Feudal Japan or modern day or future?

Idea nr. 2)
My second idea was about medieval knights. I mostly thought about Templars, but other suggestions are welcome. This one would be more troublesome if it goes about the story settings. Templars are usually associated with the crusades to the holy land, but they had some serious impact on the way we live now in Europe. So here comes my next question about them. Should i place the story during a crusade and if yes, during which one? On the other side, story could take place during the end of they convent.

Idea nr. 3)
My last idea that wasn’t completely random was about being a falsely accused prisoner. You would be put in a high security facility (let’s say something like Guantanamo Bay or Alcatraz, chose one that you like more :stuck_out_tongue: ) and would chose a way, how you ended there. Story would be more about human morality, then about action but… hell why not. Every choice you would make, will end in different kind of story. To put it bluntly, people react the other way about a white criminal, and about a black one (no offense to afro-American people). So your race, profession or even your sexual attraction would make the difference.

As for now, i would like you to say what you thing about each of the ideas and how you see them. Of course, say which one do you like the most and just discuss them. Here comes my last question. As i stated in my last thread, i would like to translate the game i make to other languages. If anyone is interested, just send me a private message and we can work on this together :slight_smile: .

Assassin in the dark future of 2050 Tokyo, eliminating targets in the name of corporate greed.

Idea #3 Reminds me of Blackraven, Which’s being made by @AndyMyWhy

#1 Modern-day

#2 Show Some love for the Saracens here!

Yes it does, although I’m not including race in any way in my game; it will play the same regardless of your skin colour or gender. What does make a difference are your actions, which influenced how people around you act.

There’s no reason you couldn’t do a prison based game, although I like the idea of a modern assassin game - that could be cool!

How is Blackraven going so far anyway? I haven’t seen anything new on the thread.

I’m casting my vote for future based assassins, I think I’d prefer post-apocalyptic type world. I love the fighting for survival theme :}

I’d be very interested in seeing @Ramidel’s idea implemented. If I may, I’d like to throw some cyberpunk into the hat as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Idea or perhaps some Steampunk? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea of medieval assassins the most, but if you choose to do a future setting I’d prefer a high-tech, seemingly perfect world with a dark side to post-apocalyptic.

I have to say though, @Ramidel’s idea sounds really cool as well.

I find Idea #1 the most interesting out of the three. I wouldn’t mind a futuristic setting as @Eriedanna had mentioned above. Though, i would also like to see a Medieval assassin. So many possibilites! It’ll also be cool to read about the histor of the clan, where&when it originated, is it a bloodline of assassins? Or were kids who were found in poverty trained to be the next generation of assassins? I woild love to see what idea you choose andnwould to help pitch in ideas if needed!

@Eriedanna: The idea of a seemingly-perfect future world has its appeal too; I mean, if the world seems to be perfect, you could go for the Ghost in the Shell model and have the PC be a government assassin working to take down criminals and terrorists to preserve the utopia (or end up joining with them, if you decide the price of supporting the utopia is too high).

Typos ._.

Future assassins and I would have the world be high tech in the city’s but have the majority of the population eating dirt outside

@Ramidel: I love the Ghost in the Shell angle of reinforcing a perfect world at any cost, maybe combined with @Cagye_bee’s idea? Cities are high-tech and focused on maintaining absolute order, while rural areas struggle to survive. Sort of a combo between Ghost in the Shell and Firefly, if Firefly had focused more on the core worlds.

@Zed I’ll update the thread.

Sorry mate. I didn’t know you were making a prison based game. But as the situation is right now, i would most likely do the assassin game.

@DonkeyKong @Cagey_bee
I know, right. There are just to many possibilities with assassin like games. I think i will just end up making the “clan story”. Just fallowing caste of assassins throughout history. That way i could begin the story in medieval times, with kings and all that stuff going around. Then slowly go to early 19th century, where industrialization take place. Modern day as the beginning of the end, and finish it some cyberpunk future with high-tech city’s and some Favela like districts, where poor and sick live together. That way everyone will be happy :slight_smile: .

@seryou @Zed
Cyberpunk. Yes.
Steampunk. No.
Sorry i just don’t like the steampunk settings and general feeling of this.

If i would have to go with perfect, futuristic world, personally i would go with something more like Mirror’s Edge. Constant surveillance of everyone and everything and so on.

The assassin one would be nice to see, seeing as I decided against pursuing a similar idea. I think there’s a lot of potential for tough decisions, something I feel is lacking in current games. :slight_smile:

If you want, we can both work on it :stuck_out_tongue: . It’s not like my story telling skills are extremely high, so a coauthor would be nice. And as i sated in my first thread, i will sure translate it to other languages. So if there are people who want to read it in they mother language, just say (if i know your language i will translate it myself, otherwise, you are welcome to help).

I’ve really wanted to see an assassin CoG and I no longer plan on making my own, so this is really good. I’d be happy to help in anyway I can, but by no means do I feel it’d be necessary. I’m sure you’ll do a cracking job, regardless. :slight_smile:

That would be a fantastic idea! I was going to offer the same idea but I thought It’d be loads of work. Whatever the case, I hope to see this plot go into play. Also, would the players get to choose from a few clans or would you let them name the clans or would there be only one clan?