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Your idea, are pretty…jumbled lol.

Dunno if this would help you, but you may wanna check these old games : Populous, Megalomania, Black&white (and its sequel Black&white2). Are all old games, about Gods like. If you can make them run, they may scratch your itch lol .

As for your ideas, it seem you have more customizations ideas. with a few goals. (Ex: wage war against others, go to school, have kids, build colony, go evil, evolve, create religions). Which are your run of the mills, a bit boring and already done kind of things.

In a story context thought, for starter : those customization are too much. Remember, the person can’t make too much or they never write anything else and would be stuck coding just that.

For the core, to make a story about Gods. It has to be unique, it has to be refreshing and interesting. That’s why in some games (very few) when Godhood is offered, not many peoples would say yes. Because the world would create penalties. Like for exemple, in Baldur’s Gate Throne of Bhaal if you accept the offer to become the next God of Murder. You leave the realm of the living to become one. That mean you leave your romance behind, friends and family and any wealth you have

And last, I suggest you think some more about it. Pick one path of Godhood and see where it would lead you. :wink:


Thanks for your response and advice. I’ll look into the games…can’t wait to see what contents they behold!


This is just an idle thought, so maybe wouldn’t be that good, but just some brainstorming.

You might have heard of the whole ‘reality is just a simulation’ idea that has been done as a thought exercise.

Perhaps there is a game where this is true, but as with any simulation, there can be bugs, hacks, etc. So the player would take on a role of correcting these things…say someone who is both alive and dead.

If one goes the whole virus route, it could manifest as a monster as well. Not to mention glitches, etc. that would create anomalous effects


Oh my! I would absolutely love being an AI. I think it’s a real untapped goldmine. Something where you could be good, neutral, or totally evil and have people try and stop you sounds like so much fun.

“Is it supposed to be doing that?”

No. No I am not. Prepare to die!


I always have a basic idea for novels but i have no time or skill for writing out a whole storyline. I usually have basic…thoughts i guess.
For example i would be doing something or see something and would be like hey why isn’t there a sandbox type story about a captain of a space ship traversing the galaxy or particularly sector. Doing thing such as making allies for his/ her home country, providing aid ect rising through the ranks.
That example to me seems like it would be a great story and im sure there are other people with story ideas out there, and authors who need inspiration for a story.

P.s sorry for any spellings, formatting or any error at all. Its currently 2 am and im in bed typing this


There are actually several threads on the forum devoted to listing out ideas for authors.

Here is one of the more popular ones:


Alright, first sorry for my writing. I speak English as second language.
Now that’s out of way.
Story’s mc is one of the Four Horseman. Born from first sin of humanity.
You choose which one you are.
Be Death, War, Plague or Famine and face world full of angels and demons.
Be monster or saint. Maybe you just want be left alone.


You were one of God’s strongest enforcers. You and your siblings brought Devil to his knees and chained him to lowest level of Hell. You were ones who destroyed Legion of Stone Abominations. You were loved by Heavens and …
Now you are living in dirty “apartment” in bad side of Lazarus City. Hell and Heaven hates you and you’r brothers/sisters. You are alone and friendless. But you have job to do.
Find one of seven seals of Apocalypse.


weapon: Scythe, hook chain or big hammer
color: ghostly green
avatar animal: raven, vulture or hawk
weapon: Sword and Shield, big-ass sword or spear
color: blood red
avatar animal: dog, tiger or hyena
weapon: Bow, pistols or shotgun
color: white
avatar animal: spider or some insects
weapon: Magic staff, magic book or magic smartphone
color: black
avatar animal; rat,

I haven’t yet sure what power they should have.


You can choose you’r gender, fake name.
Choose your siblings genders and do they like you.
Name your horse and weapon.
Take over city or burn it to ground

Lazarus city is nexus of supernatural powers. This is city that is deemed neutral ground. There lives angels, demons and all between. When night falls they can live, enjoy mortal fun and even kill each other. And when sun rises city returns normal.

There is only one rule
Don’t get caught.

If you understood what I tried say through my ramblings, please give feedback.
If this goes well I maybe make series of this. Four different stories which happens same time.


I’d love to see where this goes, looks interesting and different.

EDIT: tagging @E_Nyholm since I forgot to reply.

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I love the idea so much.
Will there be romance options?
And what about the mc power will its remain the same on earth?

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I am planning few romances.
One is demon, other is angel, third is human cop.
And mc is still one of most powerful beings in universe. But Seven seals limit them.
I think I should explain seven seals. After these seals are broken humanity faces final judgment and horsemen are sent to punish the wicked.
One seal is in kingdom of Heaven, second is in depths of Hell, third is in the hands of Order of Holy Sword (OHS for short) who are like supernatural police.
Last four are hidden around earth and they can be broken by only specific horseman.


Looks really interesting

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Can we break the seals in the game?


Breaking of seals
Murder in Lazarus-city
Lazarus-city. Here lives over ten million humans. Everyday they go on their business, thinking “I know this city like back of my hand. There is nothing special here.” Yeah, maybe at day time, city opens up. If you’re right person Lazarus can be either heaven or hell, depends on your taste.
It happens that Lazarus-city is worlds biggest magic spot. Here everything supernatural can live in peace.
Or they did. Gabriel is murdered. Heaven is on warpath. Order of Holy Sword is losing control and I have lost my horse
I hate my life

Welcome to Lazarus-city.
Visit hotel Olympus for rest.
Enjoy your time in casino Inferno or club Eden.
Shop, study, work, have fun.
But don’t get caught.


Ah! A throwback to Richard III, is it not? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been trying to decide on how best to approach me game based on this topic you’re discussing and would like some input. I am trying to decide if I should do 1) the typical second person POV where the reader is the MC, 2) a third person POV approach where I talk about the MC by name and not “you” so that I can show a progression of how a character might have ups and downs in a typical novel that really is not seen in these IFs, or do a hybrid second person POV where I let the reader know that they as the character might fail at things with no possibility of success but it is more about how they decided to take their action to account hope characters arc goes up or down in a typical novel. What do you guys think? Which POV would you consider as the best POV of a COG game, or would you play a game no matter the POV?

Edit: I meant 1st person POV not 3rd.


I usually prefer a second person story since most people that attempt third person perspective here don’t really know how to mesh that POV with the interactive version of writing. Regardless, if you can sell the story well and write good characters and interactions, then don’t sweat it. People will read it no matter how you write the POV. I think the hybrid would be interesting though.

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Alright, Update/Poll time! So work on my scenario is going great! Words are getting written, and I’m slowly figuring out Choice Script. The outline for Entropic Vice is coming along nicely, and I’m having a lot of fun!
Now, for the poll’s subject matter. If you’ve watched the Television Series ‘Miami Vice’ you know that fashion is highly important to it’s whole vibe and I do not not intend to neglect that, the question is, how important is It? Tell me what you all think!

  • Fashion is very important! Like, totally gimme details!
  • The fashion should be notable, but it’s doesn’t have to be a focus. It’s about rad vibes, dude!
  • Fashion? I came for the 80s cop drama and orcs! Fresh Prince of Bright!

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Fashion was one of the tri-fecta … Fashion, fast cars and drugs were all equally important to that show and without all three the others don’t make sense or matter… hope this feedback helps.

The more you can write this type of prose, the more fashion fanatics will flock to you. Once @idonotlikeusernames finds your demo, you’ll have lots of fashion discussion. :slight_smile:

Edit 2 – I would also love focus on our own fashions just as much as our partner’s. lol


Oh it helps, I plan on having it in there in some capacity, the drugs and fast cars and soundtrack aren’t going anywhere.(I seriously have a spotify playlist) the poll is more to see how much and how often people want me to describe what The MC’s partner is wearing for example. This just made me realize I haven’t introduced Your Partner… Need to work on a blurb about the handsome man…


I love 80’s men’s fashion, while Miami Vice is iconic I would hope the mc in your story gets to visit some less sunny climes too as that would give us an excuse for awesome 80’s sweaters and leather.

But even in sunny climes 80’s shorts for guys were often deliciously short and tight. :yum:

And that is all just the mainstream the 80’s also had a lot of interesting subcultures fashion-wise. I particularly like the 80’s (neo) romantic style we all know from the likes of Adam Ant, among others.

In short the 80’s were an immensely fun decade fashion wise for the guys, assuming they had the money to throw around of course (and as always a hot bod helps too). Too bad I was only a baby and small infant during them.

And, of course, a lot of our jacket, coat and other outerwear fashion is still basically 80’s only shorn of its delightful excesses and generally a bit more subdued. :wink: