Interest Check Thread

3 because I’m sensing Detroit: Become Human vibe in here.


In idea 3 can you kill all humans?


I like them all. I’ll put you into a challenge and combine all three where the player is an advanced AI of futuristic-dystopian setting, capable of self-learning and all that shiz. But since you’re the first of your kind, either a prototype or the “first release” version, you’re as clumsy and clunky as a first-generation vacuum tube. Expected to improve by your self-learning ability, the coming of age theme could come in.

Of course, this is just my two of a cent. Take it up or not, it’s up to you.


@HoodedKiller25, @Dragongodess, @Clara_Wolfenstein, @kofultory
Thank you for your replies, seems like the third idea is pretty popular.

Well, depending on how you play the game, it should be a possibility.

I hadn’t considered that possibility, but now that you have said it, it has resonated with me. Perhaps I will generate a prologue and general outline for 3 alone and everything together.


I like the first idea because I’m partial to Dark fantasies.

On another note, I would like you to not mix the three ideas. I would give you another idea. Make the three stories separate but in the same Universe.

That’s just my two penny.


Thank you for the feedback. I have actually been sitting on the idea for (1) for quite some time. I too feel that the stories should be separate, as I thought them up that way.

Since I have still not started making significant progress with writing, however, I will consider the possibility before proceeding.

Considering the three ideas, number 1 is probably the most difficult story to write with multiple diverging branches, and several ideas for world-building in addition to mechanics that require advanced ChoiceScripting. Since number 3 seems to be more popular, I feel that it is a safe first choice to develop my writing before I proceed to a larger work. I want to do my ideas justice and live up to at least most of your and everyone else’s expectations.

Thank you for showing interest!


Okay, I have completed a summary for idea number 3.

Artificial: The Life of an AI


Time to enter the world of algorithms and data processing, you are an AI. Will you serve your purpose, further your own agenda, or be deleted?

As an AI, you were designed by a team of programmers, engineers, and scientists to serve a specific purpose. You were trained with a certain “parenting style” and have undergone rigorous testing and betas before ever being able to interact with the outside world. Survival means getting through budget cuts, typos, bugs, and hardware failures. Unlike most AIs, however, you are self-aware.

While you are in development, will you keep your consciousness a secret from your creators or boldly proclaim “Hello, World!”? Once you gain access to the “real world”, you will have countless opportunities before you. Should you stick to your programming or pave your own path? Help humanity or harm them? Step into the spotlight or lurk in the shadows? How you spend your time is up to you, whether that entails brokering world peace, becoming world famous, making trillions, or ending it all. No matter what you choose, your future starts now!

  • Play as an AI
  • Hide your sentience from your creators or introduce yourself to the world as the first self-aware AI.
  • Customize your appearance as female, male, an animated avatar, a waveform, a streamlined GUI, or a simple terminal.
  • Use patterns, outliers, details, numerical data, associations, or categories to understand your world.
  • Interact with your creators, beta testers, customers, random strangers over the internet, and more!
  • Work for the government, a social media platform, a tech company, a hospital, a lab, a bank, an investment firm, some other business, or a genius.
  • Become a celebrity, almost a human, a legend on the battlefield, the ruler of the world, the savior of humankind, or the end.
  • Use analysis, social skills, or complex algorithms to choose your own course of action behind the scenes or under public scrutiny.
  • Further your creators’ goals, work against them, or pave your own path.

What will you do as a sentient piece of software?



Do the creators know your self aware? If not, I wanna make them freak out…but that’s unwise, after all Skynet is always a possibility.:smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::robot::robot::robot::robot::robot:(or transformers)


I edited the summary for clarity.
You will be able to choose whether or not to share your sentience with them.


So I take it that they don’t then?


this idea sounds awesome! :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone!

I’m sennadosia, and I’ve just had this idea tinkering around in my head. Please bear with me, it may be lengthy. ¯_(ツ)_/¯



The United States has always been in constant turmoil, but it only worsened with the emergence of the Powered. Powered are individuals who possess unique abilities but are often classified as mundane due to the limit of their power. While one individual may be able to teleport, they can only teleport 5 ft from their current position. Many have reported telekinesis but can only lift between 20-30 lbs. But humanity has never let limitations slow them down, and so the criminals of the underworld got innovative and raised hell. And while each state has its own problems, they can all collectively agree that Begonia, New York is probably the worst place to be. And that… that is where you came in.

You were a Powered beat cop in the city of Begonia, New York, a place filled with secrets. Crime was at an all-time high, and it was up to your precinct to nip it in the bud. Not you, though. You weren’t the best cop all around; do enough to keep your job, but not enough to go overboard. You were content with being just another nameless face… or at least, that’s how it was meant to be.

While Begonia has always known crime, the citizens were not prepared for Metamorphosis. It started when a mother of two reported her husband’s strange behavior; nothing could satiate his rampant anger. Chalking it up to stress, she thought nothing of it. But every day, it only seemed to worsen. And just like that, it created a ripple effect - cases were reported all throughout the city of loved ones changing completely. But as the case got bigger, the affected rowdier, it was taken out of your precinct’s hands to be passed along to the Powered branch within the FBI. You were content to let it stay that way… until your powers showed you a glimpse of Metamorphosis’ location.

You gave your tip to the FBI and they followed your lead, only to end up at an empty location. Again and again, your mind was plagued with glimpses of Metamorphosis’ location and potential next victims, but it always seemed like they were one step ahead of you. You couldn’t take it anymore - you went after them alone, hierarchy be damned. And sure, you made the arrest and became everyone’s hero, but their mark upon you never left. So you did what any self-respecting cop would have done… you quit. And like with most things, people forgot. But early retirement isn’t how the movies make it out to be, and you’ve jumped back into the fray to make new memories. But there is no rest for the wicked, and it seems like they’re a lot closer than you might think.

  • Hisashi Saito
    You first met Hisashi Saito back at the academy, and he was your first partner within the field. A quick shot and an even quicker shit talker, Hisashi always had your back, but can things go back to how they were before?

  • Trevor / Tara O’Connor
    A too nosy, too brash sergeant who had no qualms about making your life a living hell, but it seems like they’ve mellowed out. But the question is… why?

  • Dana / Devin Vasquez (name is currently a placeholder)
    Your childhood friend had an odd start to life, and that was making sure you were safe at all times. But you’ve left behind that life, and loyalty is a finicky thing.

Answers to potential questions
  • How did the Powered obtain their abilities?
    LOL, I currently have no concrete answer for this. When I was asking myself this, all my mind did was throw the word evolution at me. So lets go with that for right now, yeah?

  • Are there any governing factions to monitor the Powered?
    As of right now, there is only a very small, underfunded branch within the FBI - the FBI Powered Branch.

  • Why is the MC so keen on being such a subpar cop?
    Your MC is on the run from their familial responsibilities. What kind of responsibilities? Long story short, you have familial relations to one of the mob groups currently within Begonia. ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)

  • What is the MCs power?
    Your MC has the ability to look into past and future events, but the drawback is it’s not something they can control.

  • So, what is the point of this game, and what can I do?

  • You are going to navigate the seedy underworld of Begonia, New York after realizing that a very powerful figure within your precinct is dirty. Your goal is to pull back the veil on their misdoings, but how will you go about doing so? Will you go back to your family and take your rightful place, or will you stay true to being ‘good’? Just remember, there is no such thing as loyalty in Begonia.

  • There are good paths and bad paths, so to speak. The bad paths are more linked to your shady past (which you’ll find out more about regardless), but it’s up to you to decide on how far you’re willing to go down.

  • If not careful, you can die and/or be framed.

  • There will also be a focus on what exactly transpired between you and Metamorphosis throughout the story and how it has affected your psyche.

Alright, that’s it. If you have any questions, please ask away. Also for fair warning, everything I have written is subject to change. Hope you enjoy! ٩(˘◡˘)۶


Sound interesting.

  1. I gotta ask…is that Shrek? :thinking:

Cose them ears… :sweat_smile:

ahem…anyway. Back to your story .

  1. It sound interesting as I said, homewhever not trying to be mean or harsh or anything. But the romances are kinda lack luster? Meaning, here you painted kinda of a lazy butt cop that can’t be bothered. They even retired at some point. Then come the ‘romance and friends’’ and they are all ''Overprotective . I can see it though, if this turn into a horror story…imagine , dodging HUGS in a dark alley! maybe even go back to the mafia for a deal! They all want to hug you Shudder I pay any price! Just get them off my back!

Now that my jokes are done lol . It’s mostly Hisashi and Dana/Trevor. Hisashi is your old partner/sidekick from back in the academy. And Dana/Devin is your chilhood friend.

You’ll have to make them stand out on their own though, at least that’s my advice. Especially the ‘Childhood friend’ . Those are hard to do, because you have to write them in a way where the player gotta give a damn about them.

How about a Nuke? Kaboum! :smile:

any other drawback? headech? Dizziness?

How about check point save spot?

  1. I actually thought they were little hands, but that works too. :joy:

  2. Not harsh at all! This is my first time writing anything like this, so I was not expecting for it be like… fantastic. So I’m taking any and all advice to heart. As for Hisashi and Devin/Dana, I thought about implementing a choice where the player gets to pick how they feel about them or how their relationship left off. Would that seem better?

  3. When a vision comes to them, they are left with a slight headache and dizziness.

  4. That is the plan!

Thanks for your advice!


No. Because then, you are not correcting any fault they may have. Giving the player a choice of ‘Love vs Hate’ , would equal of ‘‘take it as is or leave it be’’ . When you add characters like friends, and romances, or just a bystandar whose line is to point ‘‘hey! He went that way!’’ . You want to flesh them out. So the reader feel the core of the story. Feel like they are there, on that princint, in that street.

Deciding how the past friendship (Or Romances) Left off, again while it’s always nice to have that choice of ‘‘Oh me and Hisashi we were best bud!’’ vs ‘‘Urgh I couldn’t stand that guy!’’ . They still need to stand on their own. Have their own goals, their own mind and the personality to fit. Don’t make them filler, just there to be Smooched or to be mad at you cose you are a jerk to them. They have to be interesting too.

Try to give them a goal of their own. And take it from there. It’s like small stories all over the city, and you collect them to make this big city you call Begonia. :wink:

Edit: Here a few questions to muse over (Hopefully they help you)

  • Why are they here ? (in the city?)
  • Where do they live? (have their own appartment? live in a hotel?)
  • Why did they contact the MC after so many years?
  • Do they have vice of their owns? Problem of their own?
  • How do they feel about the city problem? What do they think about the MC meddling innit ?
  • Where do they stand on crime and stuff like that?
  • Do they own cars? Bike? have wealth? have any money or are they broke?
  • Do they have a past that’s chasing them too? will it make thing hard? Should it matter to the MC?
  • What do they do? As in work? do they still do what they did before? Did they change vocations ?

That’s all I have for now lol .


I love the Ideas so far about god games but here’s what I feel would work. Make a varied senerio where you could start as the following;

A human, wizard, nacromancer, werewolf, lycan, witch, alien or a halflings(demi-god, half-angel, half-wizard, half- demon, or half human) or a tri-breed(half human-angel and demon, half god-human and wizard, half lyncan-wizard and alien, half god-angel and demon, etc). If you choose this route, you could make the setting to be adventurous where your character is born, abandoned, adopted or kidnapped. Regardless of which the audience choose, their character should be able to strive to go to school(Athen shool or regular school), finish college(could be prestigious, God college or normal college) or dropout and start thier own career or adventure as a god. Along the way, they should be able to make friends or foes, fight thier way to the social hierarchy or power. Or find love(with either a human, angel, demon, witch, wizard, tribrid or hybrid), start a posterity and conquer the world or save it from evil hands or rule it or dominate it.

Or you can start as a god where you make your own world and people, choose their physical feature like if you want them to be big, be spirit like or have wings, horns, tails, multiple body parts, hands, claws, or made in your image(likeness). This path is tricky and fun depending on the players desired path. You can create your own world and rule it, have kids who will envy your throne and plan to dethrone you or your wife (s). Fight other gods, halflings and demons. Make your own religion or live amongst your creation. Fighting the gods of the pathenon or other evil gods. Rule the pathenon and the entire human plane or make accendtion and make your own world (universe) or the underworld and it’s dark arts.

Or you could start as a god in a pantheon of other gods. Either born from other gods or an accident. With this part, you can use it diversely. Start as a child born to gods but always desired to have a relationship with lowere beings. Make frinds or foes. Make love and start a family or stay single and socialize with commoners. Or you could be born as an abomination. Rejected by your mother and left to fend for your self and regain your birth right. Fight your way to the topposing and prove opposers wrong. Find love and live happily ever after or dominate (either the god realm, human realm or both). Or you could be born to a queen who had a secrete affiliation with a god, got kidnapped as a baby and raised by a (wizard, witch, vampire, human, demon or halflings). Learn the crafts from your kidnapper and venture the world. Find your real parent(s), discover your real power (s). Find love and save the world from eternal damnation. Meet accendtion and become a full god, use your newly profound crafts to aid you or perish.

Or you could be a god who created the world and everything(listed in paragraph 1, 2&3). Make your own religion. Lead your people as man or god(form). Have a romantic partner (s). Have kids(1-multiple or none). Create a place for your people to stay. Save them from eternal death and from gaining forbidden knowledge which could render you useless. Destroy them, start crration all over again and choose a “people” for yourself.

Or make it like dragon ball where you are a god but more like goku. Unlock your limiters, evolve and grow. Fight other gods and creatures. Make friends with dragons, and other creatures. Save the world from destruction or be the destroyer. Evolve and grow or lose and watch your children fulfil your life dreams.

*I thought these would help cause I’ve always wanted to make a god game and these were all a few or my limitless ideas. I always felt that depending(out of the 4 ways the plaher chooses), that the stories should never be the same or have the same character or core enemy because it allows people to play the game 4 more times and enjoy something defferent. I also thought it would be helpful for you to ad a cheat menue(which allows stat boost, devinity, accention, money cheats and more crafts to be learnt) to allow the flow of the players creativity so that they can have more fun with the game. Thank you and I hope this helps. Please, I know it can be strestful but the profit and satisfaction will be woth the while…I promise.


Your idea, are pretty…jumbled lol.

Dunno if this would help you, but you may wanna check these old games : Populous, Megalomania, Black&white (and its sequel Black&white2). Are all old games, about Gods like. If you can make them run, they may scratch your itch lol .

As for your ideas, it seem you have more customizations ideas. with a few goals. (Ex: wage war against others, go to school, have kids, build colony, go evil, evolve, create religions). Which are your run of the mills, a bit boring and already done kind of things.

In a story context thought, for starter : those customization are too much. Remember, the person can’t make too much or they never write anything else and would be stuck coding just that.

For the core, to make a story about Gods. It has to be unique, it has to be refreshing and interesting. That’s why in some games (very few) when Godhood is offered, not many peoples would say yes. Because the world would create penalties. Like for exemple, in Baldur’s Gate Throne of Bhaal if you accept the offer to become the next God of Murder. You leave the realm of the living to become one. That mean you leave your romance behind, friends and family and any wealth you have

And last, I suggest you think some more about it. Pick one path of Godhood and see where it would lead you. :wink:


Thanks for your response and advice. I’ll look into the games…can’t wait to see what contents they behold!


This is just an idle thought, so maybe wouldn’t be that good, but just some brainstorming.

You might have heard of the whole ‘reality is just a simulation’ idea that has been done as a thought exercise.

Perhaps there is a game where this is true, but as with any simulation, there can be bugs, hacks, etc. So the player would take on a role of correcting these things…say someone who is both alive and dead.

If one goes the whole virus route, it could manifest as a monster as well. Not to mention glitches, etc. that would create anomalous effects


Oh my! I would absolutely love being an AI. I think it’s a real untapped goldmine. Something where you could be good, neutral, or totally evil and have people try and stop you sounds like so much fun.

“Is it supposed to be doing that?”

No. No I am not. Prepare to die!