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I don’t remember Empty Shell in great detail, but I do remember enjoying the early chapters. I enjoyed them quite a bit, if my memory’s even remotely solid.

That said, I also seem to remember the gradually increasing scope of the early chapters suddenly exploding all over the plot like an egg in a microwave.

Like, one moment it was a super-intimate character driven plot; exploring the personality and background of the MC, as seen through their interactions with a small supporting cast. Then, partway through a murder mystery (I feel like the MC was the killer, but either didn’t remember or couldn’t speak about it?) suddenly there was a “save the world” scenario and the MC was piloting a powered armor suit through space? Or something?

If I remember that part correctly (a fairly big “if”, I admit) is the… suddenness of that portion going to be addressed in the reboot? Because I mostly remember that portion as being too much, too fast for my personal enjoyment.

Frankly speaking, I’d be perfectly happy if it stayed as an intimate character study the whole time, but I’m not sure the MC’s condition makes any sense without the conspiracy, so. And I did love the “Help, my eyes are spying and I can’t stop them!” bit, for what it’s worth. That’s the kind of creepy conspiracy story I can get behind. I’ll have to go back and replay the old demo soon to make sure I’m remembering correctly.


If I’m going through with the reboot the end product will look really different from the original. It’s roughly the same premises, but with more freedom to define your character. It should still be possible to play as a mostly oblivious MC, but not as much as in the original. It will also be less black and white morality-wise. You’d for example be free to work with the original “team badguy” without either being forced to or the game punishing you for it, and angst is possible but optional. (Will keep a closer eye on pacing too.) Of course until it’s actually written down that’s all plans and speculation. Also not all of the original characters will make it into the new version. This far only Doc and Finn are pretty much assured of a spot.



Aw man, what about my Xena ? She is the reason I was able to remember your wip :sob:

Why such big changes though, from feedback ?

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A change from the micro-focus to the macro-focus was something I also remember.

I was really intrigued with where you were going with your story @Cecilia_Rosewood, so hearing that the project might be active once more is a good thing in my opinion.

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@E_RedMark She is on the “maybe” list (might go with a different name.) Ariel and Jason are the only ones who definitely aren’t going to make the cut. (Ariel because she had the personality of a cardboard cutout, Jason because I’ve got someone more suited in mind for that role.)

Long story short, I’m a really different person now than I was back then. I jumped in the deep end last time, with only a minimum amount of thought and planning going into it. At the rate it was going it was going to fall apart at the seams long before it would reach a conclusion. That’s not something I want to repeat.

@Eiwynn I’m not exactly reviving the project. More like… writing something in the same vein? It’s going to take a while before it turns into anything tangible. I have a lot more real-life responsibilities now than I had back when I wrote Empty Shell.


Just letting you know there was a similar game made a while back. Not sure if it’s still on the website, though.

Oh Santa Santa, let my new different name xena make it, but other then that, Good luck with writing again! :wink: hope you get it the way you want!

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Alright. As a constant lurker, and occasional poster on this forum, I’m going to take a leap and see if my idea could garner any interest, so here’s the blurb.

Entropic Vice
“The summer sun blazes and the 80’s (1384 to be exact) take it in stride. The tropical city of Alhana is as alive at night as it is in the day, and in a city that doesn’t sleep, crime thrives. Turf wars have spilled out onto the streets, driving the body count even higher. Drugs, sex, booze, illegal magic use and gambling have their grip on the throat of the shining example of modernity. And the detectives of the Alhana Police Metro-Garnet OCB, Vice Division, are the gaurdians that protect most from a world of entropy.”

In Entropic Vice you would take on the role of a newly appointed sergeant to the Alhana Vice division, following the death of your predecessor. You are an outsider. Green and looking to prove yourself to the others in your department, and to keep the streets clean. Any way you can.

The book will take place in a world I’ve been developing for about five years now that I use for most of my tabletop rpg campaigns. D&D mostly. Think of it like an alternate version of the American nineteen eighties in Miami, at least according to the television series ‘Miami Vice’.
Some other Influences on my concept are; the Hawaii Five-0 reboot, Dexter, Fables by Bill Willingham (The Telltale Game ‘The Wolf Among Us’ especially), Netlfix’s Bright, Hill Street Blues, Blade Runner, Miyo and The Land of Faraway, and The Neverending Story. Lots of others too, but this post is already pretty long so, hit me with questions if you got 'em! Looking forward to finally learning choicescript and seeing if you folks wanna be Sunny Crocket as much as I do!


I know, I know. I’m currently working on Wilhelmina, and yet! Behold! My shiny new idea (which I might continue to work on depending on how your feedback turns out). :innocent:

So. Modern days, big city, secret agency, personal problems, a dog …and aliens. I’d like to describe it as MiB meets very chaotic energy.
The premise is basically this: Aliens came to Earth and want to destroy it, including the entire human race. Meanwhile, the MC becomes part of this Secret Agency who tries to stop the aliens from destroying the planet. BUT there is more to it than the MC could possibly imagine.

Some stuff and things I already know:

  • MC can be female, male or non-binary; asexual, bisexual, hetero- or homosexual.

  • There’ll be three ROs (as of now): one male, one female, one who the player can decide upon whether they’re male or female.

  • It’ll be funny at times, mysterious, scary and romantic. But I’ll try to aim for my main theme, which is “weird”, as often as I can.

  • The aliens won’t be like mass effect aliens (sorry everyone!) but more like Stranger Things …things. No smooching the aliens.

This is all that comes to my mind right now, but feel free to ask stuff! I am currently at this stage, where I’m very eager to answer questions lol

A small disclaimer for those who (might) worry: No, I do not stop working on Mina. Mina is my baby and my priority as far as writing goes. :relaxed: This will be my downtime project :smiley:


I wanna smooch the Stranger Things things :frowning: :frowning_face:


but… but why


Don’t go judging my kink! Plus, they’re not so bad when you get to know them. They just need a little love.


Hello everyone! First time posting here after lurking here for a long time. Maybe it’s needless to say I’m getting nervous. I’ve loved choice script games from the moment I found them, and thus, decided to try my hand at making one. I should put this as a disclaimer: I’m far from a veteran writer, but I do enjoy writing. (Also, I’m not a native speaker, so hopefully, you’ll excuse any mistakes made!)

A curse is passed down from parent to child in your family- to stay in one plot of land until death, guarding a Gate. After reaching legal independence, you moved miles away from your old home, forsaking the duty that runs through your family. However, after your parents seemingly disappeared into thin air, you are forced to return home. There you find your younger sibling, urging you to venture through the Gate to retrieve your parents.

Beyond the Gate is a world torn by war, and your presence begins to tilt the very earth itself, awakening a creature that should have been asleep for a long, long time. Now, all that’s left to do is settle a war-bearing dispute, end a war, help rulers rise to or fall from powers, fight an evil that has burrowed underneath cities and of course, play your cards right and hopefully find your parents.


  • 10 ROs (8 Gender-set, 2 up to player-preference), but available to any gender.
  • Currently, only male and female genders for the MC, but I could add in a non-binary option.
  • Quite a few different endings (Due to that, the game will be focusing on relationships and decisions, and less on skill-checks.)
  • Decisions carry over books in a significant way. Perma-death to some characters (not including MC) as well as consequences, both good and bad, to each decision made.
  • Dual Storylines - One set in the past, and the second set in (book) present time.
  • Help decide the future of both individuals and kingdoms, be out of need or out of wanting.
  • Find the truth behind the curse, and change the course of fate itself.
  • Find your missing parents, either for your own sake or theirs.
  • More features, which I can’t reveal without spoiling :wink:

there are many more features I’d like to list, but I’m afraid to say too much as this is all WIP.
The book will be Fantasy/Supernatural, though more genres might be added with time.

The book is expected to be a part of a series of books. Currently, two books already planned, with a third and a fourth possible. But that’s all in the zone of “might happen.”

For now, I will continue to work on it, regardless of how many people would like to see it. I’ve been keeping a lot of features for myself, and I will be uploading a demo as soon as I’m done with the first chapter. The prologue is finished, standing at ~10k words. I’d like to give people a real, general idea of how the game might look; I will post a demo once Chapter 1 is finished.

Writing this was more difficult than I thought it would be, but I hope it’s enough to get the idea across.

I hope you’ll find my project interesting :slight_smile: Any comments, questions, thoughts, suggestions, and the likes are welcome! I’d love to hear your opinion.


Hi everyone. So I know I came here with an idea before and chances are I’ll probably come back again, but I had an idea based on one of the worlds I was building. To start off, I would like to say almost all of this is based off of my own imagination, so some of what you might be reading may not be…accurate to popular culture.

The premise of it: In a dragon dominated world, you are a wyvern, a close relative of the dragons. And despite that, wyverns are looked upon by the dragons as a lesser breed. It might be partially the wyvern’s own fault, due to a rather fiery history, and the stereotypes and misinformation as well. However, that won’t be the main plot point.

Just like dragons, wyverns come in many subtypes. They have different features according to wherever they live. Unfortunately you won’t get too much choice in deciding where you’ll be living (that i plan to be…well, pre planned). You’ll be somewhat of a ‘Northern’ wyvern. Living in a cooler climate sort of, not as far north as some other creatures however.

You’ll be able to explore the hierarchy. Wyverns, similar to dragons actually (in this story at least) are portrayed as semi pack animals. They live in groups, sometimes merging together or fighting each other. However, like most dragon related species in this world, they are ‘civil’, able to form languages, dialects, and even tools and structures. Think of humans as not really…existing in this world. It’s sort of undecided right now though, but if they do exist, they most likely won’t play a huge point in the story.

Magic will also be an existing thing. It won’t be major, maybe more subtle, and many creatures will not believe in its existence unless they see it for real. If the MC possesses magic, I have yet to decide. Other creatures other than dragons and wyverns will also be present! Different reptiles, wyrms, drakes, etc…and of course non reptiles.

So with that long(ish) summary aside, here’s some smaller points:

  • ROs! A big thing around here to cover. I suppose they’ll be around, but from a writer’s perspective who isn’t big on romance, don’t expect for the romance to play a major part in this story.
  • Work your way up the ranks in the Flight! Maybe you’re hoping to be a leader, someday? Maybe you’d settle for the distant life of a healer. There will be variety. Or perhaps you want to go and do your own thing…
  • Wyvern-politics, being accused of crime you did not do (possibly), action, adventure… this will include those things!
  • Game will focus some skill checks, but there will be plenty of relationship building here and there too.
  • Walk the life, from hatchling to adult, and even an elder (although…I’d imagine elder would only be really in a few of the endings, or just at the very end of the game.) Will you make it to adulthood?
  • Decide your appearance! Some of it may have an effect later on.
  • It’s still in early planning, but there will be a variety of characters of different species and backgrounds to meet!
  • Other features will be available as well.

I enjoy Wilhelmina & am interested in playing this once the demo can get made

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Hi there, I’m fairly experienced with the Choice of Games WIP usually checking it out every two days or so to explore the games themselves. I know fantasy is a huge peak of interest in the community, But myself I have been a lover of the historic alternate history. I’ve thought about typing up something like this many times, but I never really thought about making one. I don’t know how to write script or code, but I have been working on screenplays for the last three months or so.

Now for one, Vendetta has probably been one of my favorite games of all time. It captures the real thought of what America would have been for any Italian up and coming gangster in the 30’s. So that’s why i’m here, I would like to pitch a concept of the game.

The first would be a Italian Mafia game based in the 50’s. World war two is over, Americans are at their all time high (economically speaking), watching the movies, enjoying football, and of course the prohibition is over. Everyone is looking to get rich, second generation Italians and first are combined in this new world. Now the backstory for the character would most likely be a WW2 vet. Probably arrested for some petty crime and then sent off to basic training. The job however would be a choice of where the stats would be implemented. From there, for five years they can figure out what their character has been doing. Armed robbery, living as a good citizen, or of course join the police force. Some events would happen leaving them without a job and money, reuniting them with some old friends who had let your character take the fall while they got off Scott free.


So, due to the good response to my idea, and it being Valentine’s day. I thought I’d share the main ROs for Entropic Vice! There are four(six counting the two secret ones!) All four of them work with you and all four are gender Choosable with corresponding names for male or female(the non-binary name will likely be one or the other). But for the purpose of this post I am going refer to them by the name I originally envisioned for each.

Andy/Andi Heartwrite, Halfling, Wild red hair, emerald green eyes, pale, freckled skin.

Andy is the team’s surveillance expert and very serious for a Halfling, they carry themself with a relaxed intensity and focus that some may find off-putting, but they dont seem to mind very much what others think. “If it can be seen or heard, I most certainly can record it.” They say. When you get to know Andy, you will find them to be insightful and fiercely loyal, willing to risk their own life for the team, especially those they care for, which could be you. Andy is always accompanied by their familiar and dearest friend, a koi spirit named ‘Tatsu’.

Kath, Sun Elf, pale gold skin, blue eyes, and golden blonde hair.

Kath is young for an Elf, but they would quickly tell you “I don’t need to be three hundred years old to do my duty as a soldier, or officer of the law.” A veteran of what is known by the common people as “The War”, after their service they immediately joined the APD and quickly made detective and worked their way to the Vice Division. No one on the force knows more about magic artifacts than they do. They are a relentless “insert gender scout here” type of person, but they have a good, kind heart, with a deep capacity for love. Don’t be surprised if they tackle a perp though. Or you. If you are into that kind of thing

Freja/Frej, Dwarf, olive skin, eyes and hair like onyx.

Freja may be the best detective to ever set foot into this city, but with their jolly, carefree attitude and humble nature, they’d never brag. Even though it is likely true. They are older than the rest of the detectives who work alongside you, being nearly two hundred years old, they sometimes joke about retiring “I’m getting too old for this sh*t! I should really quit and buy that restaurant I’ve always wanted!” They say. But everyone knows that they would likely be a cop til the day they die. Maybe you can give them something to want to settle down for?

Tony/Tori “Perfect Tony/Tori” Bludwald, Fiendkind, long Red Black hair, piercing yellow cat like eyes, brick Red skin, one long horn the curls behind their left ear, the right horn is sawn off.

Perfect Tony is as their nickname suggests, Perfect. Not many can look upon their beautiful face and not swoon. They like working prostitution stings because “It affords me the opportunity to flirt! Endlessly.” They ooze sex appeal and grace and they are just as deadly as they are gorgeous. There isn’t a better shot in the whole department. Maybe the whole world. If you can break through their confident front and reach the real person beneath, there isn’t anyone on the planet (or in hell) who could keep them from having your back.

That’s all for now! If you have questions or comments please, bombard me. I will happily answer! More info on the setting and other NPCs to come!


Hello everyone. So this is a first for me here. I’ll keep my life story short because you’ve heard it a million times by now. Long story short I’m a lurker who has commented from time to time on some threads throughout 2019. My favorite game here is Fallen Hero Rebirth and is one of the inspirations for my idea.

With that out of the way my idea is simple: there is this world, much like many others, that has superheroes and villains. Filled with the brim of them. There is no one incident or common cause of origin for these heroes and villains. Some are aliens, others are gods and others are people who have had freak accidents. And others are only humans who use their wits. Among all of these heroes, one of them stands out. Considered the first of them all, this hero is the most powerful hero on the planet, they have fought alien invasions, gods, mad scientists, monsters and many many more things. They are regarded as the best hero on the planet, the standard to strive for, the symbol of what a hero should be. You…

…are not this hero. What you are is their clone, created by their greatest enemy, their nemesis, Vera McAllan, to seemingly be her enforcer in her eternal battle against the hero. What will you do is your choice. Will you support your creator in her dark endeavors, will you side with your progenitor and rebel against her, or will you strike out on your own as a villain?

Defining what the clone will be in this world is the story, your origin story.

You will be able to choose both your sex and the hero’s. Depending on it the hero will either be called Mega-Man or Mega-Woman. You will have all of their power and strength and basically be nearly unstoppable.

What makes them and you so powerful? Two words: Energy absorption. You have the power to absorb and repurpose energy into something you want, whether to shoot laser beams out of your hands and eyes, or enhance your strength, speed, agility and brainpower. What makes this so powerful is the fact that energy is everywhere and moves everything. You could literally stand still and absorb what is called ambient energy. You can also absorb kinetic energy which comes from nearly everything in movement, even punches and kicks. The fact that the hero has no clear limit on how much energy they can absorb also adds to how powerful they are.

As you can see, the MC is going to be pretty overpowered, and that’s because the action will not be the focus, simply the consequence of living in this world. There are a select few heroes who can challenge you and even beat you, but only a few. The core of the story will be your development as a character in this world, the fight scenes will be little more than you choosing how do you approach them. You can lose but only if you get overly confident.

This is a story first deal. Stats are only used to move the story and to show different scenes. There will be no powergaming to speak off because you’re already overpowered. Like I said, combat is a consequence of the world you live in.

Although you will be a protagonist, you won’t be the only one. You will share the spotlight with Vera and the Hero as this is as much their story as it is yours. Consider this sort of like the Killing Joke or Death of Superman, a quintessential story in this world.

So that’s my idea. I have already written a prologue and first chapter but I haven’t uploaded them due to perpetual shyness and perfectionism. But hey, this us my first step to doing that. Let me know what you think. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Would definitely love to see it! It reminds me of the TV show The Boys!

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Why would this Vera make a clone, she can’t controle ? Instead of making someone or something to nullify her ennemy power, or steal them for herself instead ?

Would there be consequences if you break free?

Can you join the heroes/vilains or be a vigilanté, or just take everyone down?

Not trying to scare you lol just wondering. :stuck_out_tongue: