Interest check in new game

Sorry for the confusion, the Golden Age & the Dark Age are two eras in comic publication. There’s a lot involved in what each represented, but basically, the Golden Age was upbeat & idealistic, while the Dark age was grim & cynical.

Thanks friend :smile:

Ohh, probably more towards the dark age then.

Dr. Claw (inspector gadget) had a cat.

I have been waiting for a super villain game plz let it happen!

I always lean for copy cat/absorbtion powers but that would be the same problem you want to avoid so… possession?

Possesion is too broad tbh, and it also goes against the whole universe having physical-ur based powers.

But not all possession is physical, I was thinking more like a puppet master, they have their minds but not their bodies.

All the best villains have cats. Blofeld, Dr Evil, Dr Claw, Gargamel, Team Rocket, Ozymandius. It’s such a villain thing.

I bet there’s even a tv tropes page.

The tvtropes page in question:

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Fine, maybe I’ll add in a cat.


Yay :tada: (need more than 20 characters)

They’re probably the never be seen type of villain.

We need more villain games also what about star or blood manipulation as a power

Right. So it’s been a few months now and before i start I’ve been trying to get used to choice script.
Then I met fairmath… Doesn’t anyone have any advice on how to familiarise myself with it?
And in regards to this game, would you rather be more of a rookie (so your out of your league for a majority of the game, in a similar fashion to HeroesRise) or someone who knows what their doing and is more formidable?


My suggestion is don’t use it. :slight_smile: I find wrapping my head around fairmath a headache and it’s easier to keep track of a simpler system. Then again I’m not hugely into having stats at all.

If you’re dedicated to the idea then there’s a fairmath calculator at: Fairmath calculator

I’d also suggest listing the possible range that stats can be at in *comments throughout the game, so you can keep track of what’s fair and what isn’t.

I’ve seen it suggested that you only use it for opposed stats.

Personally I’d just use a points based system without the fairmath.

What stats do you plan to have? What purpose do you want them to serve? What sort of checks do you expect to have?

Yes! Yes! Yes! I want to be like a god!!! Being chaotic evil i will bring ruin and despair to all!!! Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! And more worlds than Terra is a great idea!!! I will have more worlds to spread destruction and terror! Hahahahahahahahaha!!! :joy: :joy: :joy:

That was my other idea. I considering the point based system like games like mecha ace use, it just seems much simpler. The stat bars just look a bit more aesthetically pleasing which is why I wanted them. Thanks for the advice though, I’ll probably go with that.

The stats I planned on using were mainly things like attributes like ‘physical prowess’ (strength/durability) or ‘speed’. Nothing too complicated. The checks would also be pretty basic, with therrw being a good outcome if stat x is high enough, bad outcome if it’s too low etc.

I don’t think you’ll be able to go to new worlds in this game. Most of them are large colonies at best and don’t really have anything worthwile for destroying. The idea mainly came about for the setting of the game and an epic set piece I’ve planned towards the end :wink:

If you really want to use the stat bars you still can. It’s probably better if you use a 1-100 point system. And it will claim that it’s percent. Percent of what? Who knows. :slight_smile:

And one more question for anyone interested:
How powerful would you like to start out as (as in, barely fighting a few cops to being able to take out swat teams like fodder with bullets doing nothing)?

I don’t know but i want to become something like Darkseid from DC.