Fairmath calculator


I built a fairmath calculator in ChoiceScript to help me figure out what the maximum value would be for certain stats (to help with achievements). If anyone else wants to use it, here you go :slight_smile:

Interest check in new game
Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] Last Updated Oct. 8(On Hiatus)
How do you keep track of your Fairmath?

Cool, now I don’t need to use a pen and paper when calculating scene variables


A clever idea, makes me ponder what other useful gadgets could be made that aren’t games… Bookmarked for future use. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Awesome :)!


Aha! I had vague memories that someone had built a fairmath calculator and I was looking around for it. This seems like a really good idea, so thanks @gkkiller


Here’s another that’s on Dashingdon, since Dropbox is evil:


Kingdoms: Embers In Ashes[WIP] Last Updated Oct. 8(On Hiatus)

Lucid , it it not a lot of trouble, could you let us choose the value of the variable?


You bet. :slight_smile: There you go.


Hey lucid, if you try to decrease %-50, it instead increase %+50.


Oops. Fixed. :slight_smile:


Hey lucid, sorry to bother you again but every other decrease stat is actually increasing instead:

#Decrease by %-5
*set variable %+5
*goto Fair_loop
#Decrease by %-10
*set variable %+10
*goto Fair_loop
#Decrease by %-20
*set variable %+20
*goto Fair_loop


Oops. Fixed. :slight_smile:

That first calculator I had up was the one I used to mess around with it, but it was easy enough to make that I threw together the current one when asked. I hope that’s all correct now. I didn’t spend any time testing or looking at it. :slight_smile: