Help with balancing stats

Alright, so I need some help balancing my stats, because they’re kind of a mess right now. My game has no skills, only personality traits, and this is the stat screen if you play as a certain type of character at the end of Chapter One:


This is… way too high, right? For the end of the first chapter? I mean, Genuine’s already at 67%!

How do I balance this out? I’ve researched a little, and I’ve heard of the Fairmath method, but I wasn’t able to understand quite what it means, or how to use it. I’m also godawful at math, so I hope I’m able to do this properly while calculating as little as possible.

I’m also scared of reaching 100% before the end of the second chapter. Is there any way to prevent this?


Try 5% since I’m guessing chapter 1 has a lot of choices per scene


Instead of *set whatever +10 , *set whatever %+10.

Just add that %. That’s fairmath. I recommend using fairmath 99 times out of 100.

%+5 is a teeny little bump, %+10 is a small bump, %+15 is a moderate one, and %+20 is a bigish bump.

Now you can never hit 0 or 100 (and it will be harder to increase values as they get bigger and harder to decrease values as they get smaller).


If you want to be more serious with stats, you have to keep in mind these:

  • What is the highest number one can achieve on a chapter?
  • What is the benefit (or disadvantage) of achieving such number?
  • How would you like for a stat to changes? Steadily or fluctuative?

But perhaps the most important

  • Are your stats even matter?

I’d recommend to visualize your stat change through a graph.


And in regards of fairmath

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Thank you all! This has been very helpful, and much less complicated than I thought.

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Also, stat increases are 100% up to your taste. Personally, I feel that fairmath never increases my stats high enough, so I stick to regular increments most of the time. For Voltaic, my only stats are the MC’s approach and their relationships, and since I have a lot of choices I use small whole numbers to increase/decrease relationships (+1, -2, etc.). I also don’t hate having numbers go below zero or above 100, so by the middle of Ch. 1 it’s possible for one of the characters to get to -2 by the time they leave.

I’ve played a lot of games where stat increases are static numbers that only change based on their importance, and sometimes you stop getting them by a certain point. One game I played did 10% increases every time you trained a stat, but there were only a few opportunities to do so, so it was hard to even get to 50%.