AU Shinsengumi story

Alright so, I’ve more or less come up with a rather interesting idea, and to be honest I have a number of different ways to tell the story, either from the time they were formed (1863), or a modern era kind of RP about a Special Police force that is much like the original Shinsengumi… just they don’t have to commit seppuku if they break a code. Anyway’s the idea revolves around the historical group, and I’d like to know if there is anyone who’d be interested to help me work on this story/choice script game seeing how its my first time and I have NO coding experience what so ever XD. That and I’m also curious to know what people think about such a game lol.

Choice script is pretty easy to pick up and run with once you understand the basic commands of the Choice Script Engine, hell i dont even know the first thing about Javascript let alone C++ (the only thing i know internet-system-wise is SEO and not too much at that) and id say im proficient at bug stomping and coding. Why don’t you make a short test game first (it doesn’t matter what it’s about) and go from there.

Headhunter180 speaks words of wisdom.

Choicescript is rather easy. I don’t have much coding experience either, the last time I coded was in school over 15 years ago. Choicescript is wonderfully simple and logical. Download notepad++, the choicescript extension for it, and the choicescript files from the website. Have a read of the instructions on the site (, the tutorial here ( and the wiki (

Then just try it out, you should be pleasantly surprised and if you get help you can ask for help. I’ve found looking at other games code is also really helpful.

Lol so I did what you all said, and started to test it out, see how I do and all that… but sadly the mygame.js file doesn’t open with my text editor (Notepad!) XD. So… not too sure how to get this working lol, any suggestions?

are you in a iPhone or android mobile android notepad don’t work but in android iota and fastkeyboard nocs and Myfile to iPhone are free and work in all models . In pc are better programs in choicescript wiki recommend some

I don’t use a mobile XD… don’t even have a cell lol. And I believe it was more or less saying I don’t have a JS to open it with… despite the fact I do XD. Its very odd, its almost like the universe doesn’t want me to do this! :confused:

I’d suggest getting hold of Notepad++ instead of notepad. It makes coding things and keeping track of choicescript a lot easier, especially with the choicescript extension added.

The file should open, but you don’t double click on it. Did you right click the file and select open with notepad? Or open up notepad, browse for the right file and then open it that way?

Right then, first and foremost, what exactly are you looking for in terms of story?
Genre? Tone? Etc? Ability to interact?

First and foremost, let’s be frank here. The Shinsengumi were basically unruly, distasteful, armed thugs for the Shogunate’s party. Which allowed them to be deputized as police and into a paramilitary, so they could go around acting unruly and distasteful because they beat up the thugs supporting the Emperor’s party (or at least those opposed to the Tokugawa government), and who served as a paramilitary capability in a few field battles when it spilled into open war. When you get down to the brass tacks and strip away the romanticize, that’s basically what you get for much of the group’s history. Of course, this isn’t to say that’s all that is, or that’s all they were; they were human after all. It’s just that I figure before we get into the finer details and the redeeming features, personalities, and other matters you know exactly what’s going on in essence.

A modern Special Police force like the original Shinsengumi strikes me as being something like one of the Freikorps that roamed around Weimar Germany following the defeat of the Empire during WWI, both in terms of ideology and methods. I think that also is largely comparable to the sort of decentralized “Street brawling” warfare both sides practiced during the buildup to the Boshin War. Another odd one that strikes me is that of a downsized Kerberos from Jin Roh, with all that implies (and all that implies about their enemies), and I would suggest watching it for inspiration regardless of what you choose, since while it’s a rough comparison (the Shinsengumi were never that invincible or elite) I feel it helps “modernize” the overall issue, and makes it more comparable. Another big source I’d suggest is Hakuouki for the personalities and how things spiraled out of control, even if I do think it bastardizes a lot and romanticizes more than a bit. Finally, Fall of the Samurai is probably the best possible thing I can think of for the “flavor” of the events of this era, and how things unfolded on the large scale (Even though it is largely the Hollywoodized version of things).

Also, what were you thinking of for plot? What do you believe the focus would be like? How drastic do you figure the changes could be (will history play out as it is? Will some have the chance to survive? Will you possibly be able to defeat the attempt at overthrowing the Shogunate)? These are all things you probably want to think of.

Again, I will help with research and feedback, as well as anything else. But those are just my initial thoughts.

I managed to figure it out after a bit of tinkering about, that and playing with a few things XD. And I took your advice on the ++ version, helps keep it more… organised. Thanks again btw! :smiley:

@Turtler: Lol indeed! I know a good bit about the Shinsengumi and the Boshin war, I studied it back in highschool, and I know a lot of what you see now is basically making them out to be romantic and handsome hero’s… when in truth they were like any other thug… just more skilled. But anyways, I’m more or less going with a bit of a modern era story about a Paramilitary group that specializes in fighting organised crime, and overall Policing areas requested by clients.

The story will start some time in 2025 five year after World War 3. The damages done throughout many of the cities and countries that had fought in the war had seen an increase in crime to the point where crime organisations seemed more like political powers within their home country. What made things worse, was the fact a lot of the men and women fighting for or ruling over these groups were ex-soldiers who fought in the war, due to how they were left with nothing when they returned home… Crime seemed to be the only way for some soldiers to make a living, more so since a lot of them were to scarred to work anywhere else.

As things started to progressively get worse within the North American Union (The US, Canada, and Mexico formed a single nation in order to survive the 3rd great war), a small group of Veterans came together and with the help of a billionaire, they formed a new Paramilitary Organisation to once again bring order and peace back to the war torn world, and so that no future generations will ever again have to see the horrors that continued after the war… So the started “The Justicars’ Order”.

Despite the fact the founding members were highly loyal to the cause, they knew that with their acceptance for just about anyone to join right off the street, that chaos would soon follow if not checked or rules not laid out for any new members to follow. What made matters worse, the Justicars’ needed a symbol to rally behind, along with a set of codes to make them stand above the regular military and other Paramilitary groups. So they looked through history and found the Shinsengumi. The group of brutal yet effective police, that allowed anyone to join who was of age and sound mind… so long as they followed the code of Bushido. So taking whatever they could learn from the group they formed the rules and conduct of their Order, and had a new symbol to rally behind, a coat of arms bearing the helm of crusader knight, which was had an olive branch wrapped around the top of it with two swords crossed behind it, both having the shape of the Japanese Katana.

I won’t go into anymore detail until I actually get started, but this is just a small idea of what I had in mind, of course there’s a lot I’ll most likely be reworking, and fixing up, I may even change up the story some, but with the story idea I have right now, it should set up the IF to have a number of missions for the player to go through, gain experience, gain allies, ect, ect.

Congratulations Kyle, you’re now a coder. :slight_smile: If you get stuck someone will be able to help. I love the ++ version too. It means I can have all my multiple chapters open at once and I found it just really aids in organising.