Trained to Kill Wip


Hi all,
After literally playing every game that has been released on this amazing website, I’ve finally decided to make my own choice of game called Trained To Kill. It goes without saying that all feedback (whether it be spelling or grammar mistakes, bug reports or parts of the story that don’t sound right) will of course be gratefully accepted. however, please do not send me screenshots of errors as I will not be able to see them do to being visually impaired. Instead send me all errors in writing.

So here is a description of what the game will be about:

You wake up surrounded by nature: trees, birds and the hot summers sun but nothing else. you have no recollection of how you came to be in this foreign area. In fact, now that you think of it, you have no idea who you are and what you’re doing here.

Nevertheless, you know what you have to do. You don’t know how or why but you know you have to do it… Kill. Not just anyone and everyone, you have a speciffic target. A mission that must be completed or if not end in the termination of your life.

You must track your target down but before you kill him/her you have to know why you’re killing that person. You learn that the people who hired you turned you into a killing machine. You was once a normal human beeing with a life but they took that away from you.
And although you don’t know it yet, things will get worse before they get better; your part of a bigger plan. As well as trying to stay alive and trying to regain your memory, you and your companion will have to deal with an even bigger problem that’s lerking around the corner.

Illusions, lies and misplaced loyalty is only the beginning. Do you have what it takes to uncover the truth while simultaneously fighting for survival?

Update 14/07/15:
The rewrite of chapter 1 is complete! Let me know what you guys think (Especially those who played the previous version of this chapter).
Also, just to let you know, I’m flying solo again
(begins to cry)
"it must be me!"
Seriously though, I’m no longer working with @Moreau.
Update 02/07/15:
Just to let you know, I have teamed up with @Moreau about a week ago and we have decided to rewrite the first chapter (which we are in the process of doing) as we want to add more mystery to the game. This means that certain information which you learnt in the previous demo (which I have taken down due to this development) will now be learnt more later on in the story as we feel, and I hope you agree, it will further enhance the storyline as well as your gaming experience.

Update: 16/06/15
After three long months the wait is finally over! I have finally figured out how to code and I have produced the start of my game. You can now expect more frequent updates from now on.

Who's really good at science?
Anyone want to work alongside me?
How do I create a poll?
Anyone want to work alongside me?

I really like the idea…it seems quit interesting.Can’t wait for the first glimpse of this game! :smile:


Sounds familiar. :wink: I’m looking forward to what you make of it.


@Cecilia_Rosewood Have you read the Jason Bourne series? If so, that’s where I got my inspiration from. :slight_smile:


No, but there are two other WiP’s here that’ve got more or less the same theme, be it in a different setting.


@Cecilia_Rosewood Hmmm thanks… I guess I’ll just have to find a way to differentiate my game from theirs.


Well, judging from the description it’s already different enough.


I really like the idea it sounds rally interesting


Thanks @Cecilia_Rosewood and @Zeus for your feedback :). Do you know whether I can get someone to work alongside me to help with the coding or do I have to do that myself?


Well, by forum rules asking for coders is forbidden. And now for the good news: coding in ChoiceScript isn’t all that difficult (for as far as programming languages go). Following the instructions and and should help you get started.


I was actually working on something like this a while ago before abandoning it. Hope you have better luck than I did!


@gkkiller thanks. I’m going to start writing once i get a grasp of the coding which i hope won’t take long.


The wait is finally over! I have finally written the first chapter of my game and produced a demo which you can play by clicking on the link above.
I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.


@addicted After knocking on the scientist’s door,I got an error: startup line 415:non-existent variable “scientist_he”.


Yeah sorry about that. That problem should be fixed now.


yea I noticed a few errors in the demo… one after you pick your gender and your gear to where you just remember you have to do a mission it says mition (and that starts the next chapter I am guessing) the same error occurs: You look around you and you realise <–this is also an error- that you have subconsciously made your way out of the woods and are standing outside your targets house.

How do you know that? How did you manage to make your way here? A dozen questions fly around your head but you have no answers. You feel like you aren’t the one that is in control of your body. Should you really go through with this?

And almost as fast as the doubts come, they fade away into nothingness leaving your mind empty of thoughts but for one simple line.

“complete mition.”

so far that’s the only errors I saw~
also like to point out I just copy and pasted part of the story so you could find it better nothing else seems wrong in that section. to me anyway!


There are actually a LOT of spelling errors. Words swapped with a phonetic spelling that is incorrect. But the -story- is interesting. There’s also a part where if you’re playing a female character at the end of chapter 1 it says ‘Do you have a wife? Children?’ chuckles Maybe, but a female character might have a husband.

There’s also a bad label error when it tries to go to chapter 2.

The grammar is good, but … I suppose I could spend a post picking out spelling errors, if you’d like me to?

I’m enjoying the story so far. Reminds me of something like the Borne movies; love the idea of being a super-agent/assassin.


what is the error message you are getting? I’m not seeing anything there.


Haha yeah sorry about that… I’ll change that wife thing later on. I’ll also go through my file and correct all the spelling mistakes later today. Thanks


I found an error when I picked that the scientist was female