Who's really good at science?


Hi there.

I’m currently working on my first choice of game:

but I need a little help.

I can’t post what I need help with here because it will spoil the game but I really need someone that is extremely good at biology and medical science to answer one or two questions.



What kind of science? I rock at biology and medical science, I’m ok at physics, and I suck at chemistry.


@Mirabella yeah that should be fine. I’ve messaged you with my questions


I’m an engineering and computer science major.


I have a PhD in marine biology. Does that help?


I’m psychology major, med student also good with chemistry


I feel like I’m pretty good at the basics of science… don’t think you need help on scientific epistemology though.


Thanks @Crotale, @Zane_Hiam, @Rodrigo_Caetano and @Shoelip I need help with biology and medical science.


I do know quite some things about science, biology and medical things as I find them fun and interesting.


I work in molecular biology, and my husband is a nurse practitioner. So if you send me your questions we might be able to come up with some answers between us.


If you need to know if it is physically possible, I’m a physics major and could help with that.


wow. I didn’t think there would be so many people offering to help. Thanks a lot. My questions have been answered. Keep an eye out for the game :slight_smile: