Looking for Testers (For a Single Scene)

Hello all. Unfortunately, I am not looking for people test my completed game. Rather, I am looking for people to help me test a particularly complex scene I am currently writing. The majority of it is done, save for two sections that need to be re-integrated, but first, I want to make sure everything that I currently have is fine, in terms of logical progression, spelling, grammar, lack of bugs, etc. Everything checks out with quicktest and the many playthroughs I’ve already done, but I want to be sure.

My game is the one introduced some time ago in this thread:

The demo is outdated but you can try it anyway if you want. In any case, I’ll be providing you with a new up-to-date version of the beginning of the game plus the scene I need you to test, and specific testing instructions. If you are interested in replaying a scene a whole bunch of time and telling me if everything makes sense, please post here and I will PM you the link to the testing files.

Please note that the scene in question contains “spoilers”, so if by any chance you play the old demo first and are really invested, this will kind of steer the game in a certain direction for you. I’m hesitant to put it out publicly because the game is supposed to be a mystery, and the scene in question is harder to get to than others.

So, yeah. Can anyone help me out? I’ve been working on this scene for weeks now and it’s starting to all blend together when I test it. A few fresh pairs of eyes would be handy. Thanks.

I could help you with code errors, logical missing give you suggestions and ideas. But grammar its not my Thing except I used a spell check.

I could help with Grammar and code errors.

@poison_mara Thanks Mara! Spelling and grammar are mostly a sub-objective, the main thing I need to know is that all the different paths and variable combinations work and make sense when put together in different ways.

@The Globeh Perfect timing! I was about to post a response to Mara. Thanks for volunteering your time; any help you provide will be highly appreciated.

I’ll PM you both the public dropbox link to the game, plus the instructions. If anyone else is interested in helping me out, please don’t hesitate to post.

@Saracenar, I would be glad to look it over.

@HornHeadFan Awesome! Thanks a heap! I’ve added you to the private conversation between myself, Mara and Globeh.

I can help with grammar and spelling. I can play test the choices as well if you’d like…

Hi @paigewinkle, thanks for offering! I’ll add you to the personal discussion for the testers and get you up to speed :slight_smile:

I’ll help aswell

Hey @Azraeldrake9! You’re just in time! I took a short break from writing in response to some life changes, but I’m back and I’ve just added the remaining two sections to this scene to ‘complete’ it. I’ll add you to the private discussion so you can start testing! Thanks so much for your help!

I can check 'er out

@Doctor Awesome! I’ll add you to the discussion. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile: