Poisoning Wip : Poll please comment

Hello to everyone I’m near the point in my game when you start to prepare to the last test the dead tournament in the blood coliseum.
So you have to choose between some trainings or studies to learn to preparing the contest.
I want to know your opinion and feedback
Warrior focus:
Omnitool take down and close combat
explosives mastery
warfare intelligent
Tech focus:
Cyber hacking
battle holodroid
exobattle suit
stun weapons
Political/charm focus:
Poison and sabotage mastery
Unarmed fighting
Persuade skills
hidden small weapons

please sugerences and feedback!

tech i love it

Tech and politick fave for me

Hidden weapons is all i need

you could choose two in total and what choose will determine how you will play the game and your success consist in choose wisely.

I can’t wait to try it especially if dere be poison lolz

@MaraJade I expect fun and great uses of poison from you

The Exo-battle suit intrigues me…
Please do elaborate on what it consists of as well as what you mean by “weapons”, do you mean weapon mastery?

Is this somewhat like a Hunger Games type thing in a large area or a Coliseum arena? Will you be working in a group, solo, or both? The concept sounds good, I just need details.

… Can there be a option to increase your Luck? I bet people in the future totally believe in that thing and infused Socks with the power of Luck? :stuck_out_tongue:

soaked in a tub of unicorn tears and Four leaf clovers! %%-

wish they had a unicorn icon that would be beast

I’m doing a lore in game holopedia right now and I got more scenes offline maybe this weekend I put it online.

Political/charm focus:
warfare intelligent

I :X Hunger Games :stuck_out_tongue: O:)

Sorry to not answer before my forum page dont work. About luck is a important part in my game @Happy because I do die_roll throws to determine your fate in a lot of ways and there are perks to help boost your luck.
@Headhunter180 the exosuit could be internal based in electromagnetic field created by nanobots in your bones and muscles or external made by metalsteel and propulsed by biodiesel similar ironman suit the first is more flexible and perfect sneak situations and allow to fly in short distance by antigravitatorian fields.
Second is a hardcore tank with plasma weaponry and explosives but is slow and noisy.

Weapons means you can use all the weapons in game except hidden poison weapons because you could stab yourself so I don’t recommend you try :-))
Coliseum is like a hunger games no is more gore than that is like Roman coliseum is used to kill the people when your live contract ends for instance if you have a contract for 450 years that year you will kill in coliseum so when you got in that week games you probably see 1 billion of deaths in arena yeah 1 BILLION but you only have 100 rivals to the immortal statusso don’t worry :-))