Faire Des Armes

Hello, my name is shawniepie. I’m new to the forums, but that’s not the reason I made the forum post. I’m here to announce my work in progress Faire Des Armes! I’m also going to tell you what the game is supposed to have (So far). It will include the making of new weapons, which will affect the nation you reside in (And maybe the world!). You can make a factory, to mass produce your weapon, and more in Faire Des Armes!


Well it sounds like an interesting game.

Alright you have my interest. So what type of weapons can we create? Are we able to create firearms/rockets/tanks, ect. Or is it stuck with only a certain category? Are we an independent company or are we a government funded arms manufacturer? Are we possibly a criminal organization?

I have a lot of questions regarding this.


Agreed tons of questions

Can we use war as a business to end war as a business?

Can we make mobile weapon platforms?

Can we Tony Stark it, and build a big dumb battle suit for ourselves?

Is the game going for more realistic weapons, or more sci-fi weapons?

Can I weaponize a skateboard?


What if we can mass produce sharpened rocks in the stone age? Now that would tip the scales in our nation’s favor!

Jk, I’m leaving a comment so I can keep tabs on this wip. It sounds interesting!


This sounds like a very interesting wip. Can’t wait to see where this is going, There is a cartoon-esc game out that is very similar to this but I can’t remember what it is called.

  1. Will we be able to double-deal (sell to both sides of a war)?

  2. I know other asked already but I’m going to ask anyway. What time period(s) are you thinking?

  3. I know most of the other people have been asking about modern weapons but is there a possibility we can start in medieval times? I think it would be cool to make our nation famous for having the best forges.

  4. Will there be races other than humans? I want to sell a giant war hammer to a fairy.

  5. I’m assuming there will be competitors which could be really fun! We could blow their stuff up at night and kill them in their sleep? Hopefully I would be able to hire a guard or two so I could sleep better at night.

  6. If we can make sci-fi weapons I want to be able to make more than just ballistic weapons but maybe a gravity gun that will pull things towards me. (could be useful as a dwarf, getting things off high shelfs and all)

  7. Will we have multiple characters? That would definitely make sense if it is over many time periods. That would also be cool to have sort of a family business going. Plus if you are making lots of money you could send your son to a expensive school so he could have better stats than your first character.


From what I’m hearing so far, this has alot of potential to play as a corrupt sociopath scumbag corporate executive… AWESOME!

This idea is so good I’m furious I didn’t think of it myself, but we could really use a little more information before commissioning a full-on Hype Train.

This time period question is the most immediate. In essence it breaks down into three equally interesting but different games.

The first takes place in the past, making swords, pikes or possibly rudimentary gunpowder weapons. To me this one seems the least fun of the three approaches, but might make for a decent prologue or introduction to the wider game.

The second is a contemporary or (perhaps more interesting) early 20th Century equivalent game where one is designing weapons in an age where things like the Industrial Revolution and ensuing Military-Industrial Complex makes it possible for one person to be personally involved in dozens of genuinely world-changing inventions.

The third game is a more high-concept science-fiction setting where (perhaps with a little humour and unconventional thinking) you make weapons to be fired in The World of Tomorrow ™. Choose between developing cutting-edge genetic engineering and cloning processes to turn ordinary GIs into Captain Americas, or put your stock in giant nuclear-equipped walking battle-tanks. Perhaps your rival corporation is developing rival projects, and you will have to pit your super-weapon of choice against theirs in a titanic duel for dominance and Space-DARPA contracts.


You could combine all three.

Your lofty empire starts with humble beginnings in a small workshop in the 19th Century, a brilliant inventor fashions a new type of weapon that will thoroughly revolutionize the world. Jump forward to the 1940s, where a war-economy means limitless funding for your now impressive company. Do you specialize in high-tech armoured vehicle-research? Or infantry weapons that give the ordinary soldier the versatility and power to take out a panzer division by himself? Or do you throw all your chips into an unnatural but incredibly promising Super-Soldier Program to create a supremely powerful infantry unit capable of sticking it to the enemy en masse.

The next chapter takes us into the near future, where your company is now an enormous juggernaut, leaders in their field. The choices you made up to now will determine what you’re known for, but SHOCK! A rival corporation that has been riding your coattails for the past century has stolen the designs for your biggest and most impressive weapon yet! And now you’ve got to start a new project from scratch before presenting it to the world in an enormous military expo, or risk financial collapse and total media embarrassment.

Imagine the extras, aristocratic dynasties, a rival that gets more heinous and more hated with each passing generation.

Keeping secret formulas or designs that are ‘too dangerous’ to be released and having your descendants find them and adapt them for modern warfare?

Revisiting the consequences of your company’s sordid past? Imagine a geriatric Super-Soldier, furious at his Post-War treatment acting as a dog-of-war in conflict zones across the globe, and it falls to you to develop a solution to the problem he creates.


Lol well do you; mech has no chance against pure attitude, and the biggest hand cannon at the time XD.

And to the OP you have got my attention, and somewhat hyped, which is rare for me especially with no demo. So in the interim I await your forth coming teaser XD.

This is how we get things like Doctor Mindbubbles, and Nuke.

The L.S.D. based Super Soldier Serum was a bad idea…

Super Soldiers who tattoo flags on their face are also a bad idea…


Ok, this is going to be one MASS answer post.
The Era will be the late 1800s, but with a steampunk vibe, so there’s a little bit of Steampunk Mech action going on. You can be an independent company and even work against your government (In secret a course), or you can be funded by the government.
For the Mobile Weapons Platforms, I’m gonna put in armored trains, and mechs (STEAMPUNK MECHS). Your MC can build a him/her self a mech for themselves. I’m going for more realistic weapons, but I may include some things from the steampunk universe. Also, no you can not weaponize a skateboard. You can weaponize a motorcycle though.
You can sell to both sides in the war, but you have to be wary. Information leaks out one way or another. T̶h̶e̶r̶e̶ ̶w̶o̶n̶’̶t̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ ̶r̶a̶c̶e̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶n̶ ̶h̶u̶m̶a̶n̶s̶. Cancel that. There might be -ehem- elves, or if your lucky, someone, something out of this world. There will be competitors, and you will be able to BLOW/KILL/CREMATE them, and yes there will be guards. Hmmm, let me think a little bit about the multiple MCs. Ok, I’m back from my eating/thinking session. I think there will be multiple MCs over the ages.


RIP Night Thrasher, you will be missed.

What about stuff like the Shagohod?

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Sounds interesting. I can’t wait to see how my weapons can change wars, the economy, and potentially the world.

I have to give @Moreau credit. You are an amazing idea-creator/brain-stormer/conceptualizer whatever you want to call it. This is an extremely cool concept. You could make this instead of a checkbook balancing game it could make the player decide between their morals and money. I just love dilemmas but only when they are done right. And this one could be great!

The part about an early workshop could very easily be made the prelude, The mc could be telling a story about his ancestors to his child. or remembering the story his dad told him. This could set a focus of weapons, either defensive/offensive or more specific close-quarters/ranged and other stats as well.

  • As another idea. If you are working for the government, or even if you aren’t, you could also be tasked to developing not only new guns but new defensive equipment. You and your competitor racing to be the first to complete a prototype shield generator. First starting out as a sphere then developing the tech to mold it to an object’s shape. This is already invented but armor that explodes outward to lessen the blow of the projectile.


This was the first thing I saw today good sir.

Day 1
Quick update thing for today. I’m working on getting a pretty basic demo up tomorrow for you guys, so for right, good night!


Wow keep up the great work dude I hope it comes out nicely.

Hi Kelvin, the game you mentioned could that be Summon Night: Swordcraft Story for the GBA or perhaps Weapon Shop de Omasse for the 3DS? The Atelier series work with crafting as well, only it focuses more on alchemy.

Nope it is called Holy Potatoes! A Weapon Shop?! just found it. Although those may be also, I’ve never heard of them, this is the one I was talking about.