I will be working on an new game

Hi guys,

I am an new guy from Denmark, and I wanted to be part of this community

I will be starting on making an new game soon, when i know what it would be about.

I am thinking maybe something in the medieval setting with knights, kings and queens, Maybe so that you are an noble that have to control your lands (a little like Lords of Aswick, but not quite)

Or maybe even the Viking saga, I have not seen any game about these yet, so I thought it could be very nice!

Or in period of the American Revolution (do not have to be specific about that, but in that period, but with that warfare)

Or WW2.

You are all more that welcome to to comment, on this, which you would prefer and which you do not like

I always love the Viking culture. Beyond their desire of war and steal, they had a very interesting way of culture. They respected women and men alike as “Free men” they had their slaves, yes but their perspective to the world itself was way more complex than others countries at the 500AC

You could mix Lords / Kings with the Viking without problem since the both of them existed in the same time.

That is just my opinion of course, what you do with your game is your doing :slight_smile:

If you want make Vikings theme story then the Vikings (TV series) is a good example the theme. Not like same thing you make, but you get some idea how the people worship Norse mythology gods and how they applied it to their daily lives. Also a slave and a free man is treated differently in their point of view. For Odin they shall fight with honor and not fear death for they want to go to Valhalla.

Also the TV show has funny clash when the Vikings invade England and they are baffled by the religion Christianity as they compare it to their Norse Gods. They also had some funny dialog/s when they first see the cross and relics even the monks they say are strange people.

Will this Viking game be historical accurate? Because a lot of people are inaccurate historically when it comes to Vikings.

Here is a video to watch about Vikings showing you that they are not the stereotypical raiding barbarians.

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Hm…what about absolutely new ideas for games? Why shouldn`t you to combine styles? For example, you can try to combine Vikings and futuristic style to make the story like in the future they appeared one more time after the Armagedon? And they will have mutation and abnormal level of aggression?) )

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Futuristic Viking … Do you mean Vikings with energy weapons like laser axes and claymores? (reminds me of shadowrun for some reason…)

yes, maybe something like this, but an accent should be made on their superpower and supermind)) and there will be 2-3 great tribes which want to populate the planet after the mankins extinction to build there their empire. They will fight for their outlook because it is very different from the vision of other tribes

Energy weapons + Vikings + super mutants= Mind Blown XD sound awesome

Just imagine what graphics you can design for shis game…)

At one point we were talking about history… but suddendly, it changed to Nords with super mutants powers and energy weapons…

Welcome to the world of IMAGINATION.

:smiley: or… maybe there took part drugs ahaha))


Yup … Definitely drugs … And stimpacks …


…I eat mushrooms and watch the carpet)) :smile:

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Shrooms all day! XD especially in pizza (wait… I don’t like mushrooms …)

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Thanks God you like pizza, otherwise I thought that you are abnormal) Mushoom vegeterian)) :smiley:

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I eat everything … Well except fish … I hate those

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:smile_cat:- he likes fish

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Mew! My cats eat those all the time … And now they are clawing my legs because they want more XD (P.S That hurts alot)

I believe imagination sets perfectly this game…

However, @Malimet And @WhiteLynx are taking the drugs to a personal level… cough too personal…