Linked each other?


Hi, guys. I’m making a game and I would like to have your ideas or suggestions. In my game player has a 3 paths on his/her way, but these 3 paths are linked each other. For an example if you choose to go on second road you will be a member of a group. I will give a name that group, like (group X). if you go on third road you will be in another group. Let’s give a name that group too, like (Y group) and these 2 group will be meet in a future. Maybe they will fight with each other.

So what are you guys thinking ?
Thanks :slight_smile:


So it will be like When in Rome? I like this style very much and really hope you’ll make a good game. But what will the plot and setting be?


It will change according to which way you choose. For an example one of them will be a camp and the other will be a castle.


Will it be historical, fantasy or something else?


It will be a realictic medieval I guess.


A game like this could be based during the 7 years war with group x being France, group y being England, and a group z being a group of Highwaymen.
Or if this does not offend anybody, group x being Moors, group y being Christian, and group x being a group of mercenaries. And please do not bombard me with insults, demeaning gestures, or threats, etc., as it was just a suggestion. Sorry I went on a rant, but it has happened before.