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Any coders here that wants to collaborate on a COG? Or anyone looking for a co-writer?

I am an aspiring writer and have always wanted to develop a COG. The problem is, I’m not very good
with coding. I’ve tried lots of times in the past, but just couldn’t make it work.

So I’m just sticking with what I do best., Maybe I’ll learn a thing or two about coding from actual experts like you. If you have any need for someone to develop your story or write for you, just send me a message.

My preferences and expertise are on dark fantasy, sci-fi horror and Steampunk but I am open to any genre.


Someone named @Exodus_Effect recently posted a WiP and mentioned he might need a cowriter. I’m sure he’d appreciate it.

I code so if you ever have a story you want a coder for I’m game.

Bello everyone!
I m Marco, An italian Reader of your books, i enjoy them so much and i want to male them readable for all my italian friends, for that aim i would like to cowork with you and translate your works in italian lenguage, is someone interested?

Thanks you!


I don’t think Choice of Games accepts games in a language other than English at this point in time. It’s a nice thought though.

Hi Cecilia,

thank you for your reply. I noticed that lot of comments in the download page of the apk were from Italian who asked for a translation, so i write here in case someone like the idea of being translate… As i am novice to this kind of activity i take care any suggestion if you think there are better way to find better places to write my proposal!

Better places like “not here at this moment”? Maybe a year or ten in the future :neutral_face: Meanwhile you could try to write things in English though.

Where is this download page of the apk-file?

Here is the link:

Here i paste some comments below the apk download page with translation:

"Bellissimo Auspico un solo miglioramento: la traduzione, sebbene io capisca abbastanza l’inglese"
“Wonderfull. I hope for only one thing: the translation, even if i understand english”

Matteo Miniati
"È fottutamente incredibile Anche se in inglese"
“It is Freacking increadible, even if it is in english”

Tommaso Cazzanelli
"Bella ma non tradotto Quando aggiungeranno altre lingue sarà fantastico"
“Good, but not translated. When they will add other lenguages it will be fantastic”

Ah, well in that case you’re in luck. Magium is not one of the games published by Choice of Games, so their rules don’t apply either. You’d have to ask @Nemeean_lion if they’re interested in translation work.

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Unfortunately, I’m not looking to translate my game either. Unlike translating a normal book, translating a CYOA style game generates a very large amount of work in terms of coding and testing. Especially for languages that I don’t understand, because that would only make testing harder for me.

Working on a translation project would slow down my progress, so I don’t think I’ll consider it until I at least finish the main series.

Well, you were so kind answering my questions!
So i like to thank you and wish you good luck!