Coder for hire

I’m looking for a writer to code for i have practiced with choice script coding ever since ive bought most of the hosted game’s story’s and i’m ready to prove my self we can work everything out later but if you need a coder i’m looking for some thing to do please contact me i just got laid-off and need something to do…

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There’s a prompt thread somewhere around? Maybe dip in there and see if you can’t find something to write and code yourself?

I have tons of story ideas it just when i try to write them i get writers block and have no clue how to put the story but i was always good at understanding how to put the coding that’s why i’m looking for a good writer to code for i would love to be able to write something but i end up telling my self its no good and i always end up back at Square 1 a blank page so if you have any hints on getting over this i would love to no cause it drives me nuts having to restart all the time…

Sorry if it sounded like an angry message i didn’t mean it to be one i just need to do something if its code for someone who can’t or try and get over my writers thing i have going on

It wasn’t an angry message at all :). It’s only against the rules to ask for a coder, not a writer. Good luck.

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Just to clarify, I can offer to pay someone to write, but not to code?


Collaboration- yes.
Paid job for writing but not coding- I think so as it’s the choicescript rites that belong to COG. If in doubt check with COG.