Anyone wanna teamup?

Hey CoG, I want to know if anyone is working on a project they may want some help on, either creatively or in the code monkey workhorse kind of way. I wouldn’t care about money, just really want a cool project to work on. (Because I can’t set my mind onto one).

I could use help with codeing if ya wanna help and some writeing

Hey guys, read my article

You put a good amount of work on that article

Wow, i’m sorry about your bad experience working with a partner. However you should not denounce partnership so much. It may not have worked then, but setting a good communication system with a coder is fairly simple uf you spend time describing what you want and organizing miniature files of text.

When i partnered with RainsfordXY a while ago, we had a system where he would write story text blocks, highlight areas for choices, explain any variable changes involved with choices and finally specify text blocks choices would move to. While it may have been a hassle for him, it was an effective way for him to explain his game to me and keep progress flowing all through .txt files. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So before you denounce partnership, think of how to improve it!

@TIYF He’s hardly denouncing it, just saying know what you’re getting into.

It was fun to write:P

@fantom is right, I’m simply warning you. If you have it planned out well, that’s good. And I’m not “denouncing” partnerships in general, mainly just coder and author collaborations. In fact, I’m co-writing a science fiction gamebook with Andy Why.

@Samuel_H_Young wow, I’d almost forgotten about 2Ton. Honestly, I had no idea that he was helping you code. It’s a shame what happened to him; he was an excellent coder. I enjoyed reading the article, thanks for writing it!

Yeah, I hope he’s okay.

You’re very welcome :smiley: