ChoiceScript Tutorial

I’ve been thinking lately while in the process of making my game and while reading through the forums, that we really need a proper tutorial on using CS. I know that CoG has documentation in the “Make Your Own Games” tab, and of course there’s the wiki, both of which are invaluable resources to budding CS coders such as myself, but both of these places are a bit out of date, with no reference to the latest version of CS. What I was thinking we need is a full blown tutorial that takes us from beginning to end on making a fully functional, although simple, game. What do you guys think?

Yep! Go for it. If you can make sure you include pictures alongside it that would be great too.

Especially one for getting your game to work on dropbox and enabling public folders would be great.

I feel bad I have part of one done, and have been sitting on for some time. I am willing to work on it this weekend. Of course I am no pro at this stuff so would step aside if someone else wants to do it.

I have part of one done too, @Lordirish but then I got lazy. Although mine’s not a beginner’s guide, it’s a doing variables one. Don’t feel bad.

I thought I’d break it up into sections. Short easy videos.

I will try and have some of it by late sunday.

@FairyGodfeather do you think I could take a peak at what you got. Can’t be worse then mine lol. :slight_smile:

I would like to think that (in the far away future), myself or somebody else would attempt interactive tutorials, similar to those found on codeacademy:

But we could definitely do with some written ones, and video ones for that matter.
Everyone has their own preferred way of learning - we should (as a community) try to collectively cater to as many of these as possible.

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@CJW I mite be wrong considering my memory’s abit off(recent head injury), but didn’t you and few other forum members create a tutorial near the beginning of the year?

I’ve not contributed to one, you may be thinking of the CS wiki?
That in itself is a very useful tool but it’s really a point of reference not a bank of tutorials for those completely new to CS.

@CS_Closet and @Reaperoa however both worked on some good tutorials.

Oh lol

This suck, my video editing tools are on the home system. So it may take me another week or two before I can finish this. Sorry. I am hoping to get home next weekend, if so should not take long to process. I normaly don’t editing in the truck so keep most of the software on the house computer as it ties up to many resources on my laptop. I use Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 which hates my laptop. Great software but sucks when the processor wont keep up. lol Will get it up as soon as possible.