Help learning ChoiceScript, Please?


I just got the ChoiceScript program and have been trying to figure it out but it’s making me feel stupid. I wish my friend would start teaching me programming already :P… but I’ve been trying to just start up the miniature PreMade example web/mygame/scenes/startup.txt. but it keeps coming up with the page with the picture error on it :/… If anyone has an easier way to start learning this then that would be GREAT! :slight_smile:


A good place to start is @CS_Closet’s tutorial:

If you manage to grasp the basics there, move on to the Wiki tutorial, which links over a dozen pages into a detailed step-by-step guide, covering every aspect of ChoiceScript game development:


and if you don’t get anything just ask @Vendetta for help lol jokes i can help too if you need it


Better yet, just post it to the forum, as there are people here who know a damned sight more than I do . . . ( @CJW, @JimD, @Reaperoa . . . to name just three off the top of my head!). :stuck_out_tongue:


@Vendetta don’t sell yourself short man!

@HCJBravo369 We’re always happy to help, but keep your questions precise. “This is the error I’mgetting or this is the problem I’m trying to solve” - We’ll be able to help you with them.
It’s very hard for someone to help you learn CS bar suggesting tutorials or tutoring you.


Ya I get what you mean, I’ve been figuring it out, I have it going a little more smoothly now, thanks


How to make a point system where you do something you get a point?


@WiReDcHiMpAnZeE - I STRONGLY suggest you look at some tutorials…

 #Does something
  *set points (points + 1)


It doesnt say on them


And i mean what do i put on the stat screen text, percent, what?


You have to use common sense, choicescript is a tool, even once you’ve learned the commands you still need to personally work out how to use those commands to get the effect you want.

You want a points system, that adds points when someone does something.

So first things first, we want a variable to store the amount of points the player currently has, right? We’ll call it ‘points’.

Secondly we need to add points to the total points when a player performs a certain action. How do players perform actions in choicescript games? They make choices. So under our choice commands and option tags (the #'s) we need to give a player points.

What’s the easiest way to do that? Add the amount of points the player gets to his current points value (held within the ‘points’ variable)

So *set points (points + 1) where the + 1 can be changed to 5 or 10 or however many points you want to give the player for doing that action.

The variable name, say it’s points ${points} will show the value so you’d write:

Player Points: ${points}


That’s a very good point! Get it, point?

Sorry, couldn’t resist the bad joke lol