Heroes Rise Fan Works

I know there’s a topic specifically for fan fiction but besides that I don’t think there’s a topic for all types of fan works (fiction, fan art, ect) and I think that’s a shame! So, with Open Season coming out soon I think now is a good time to start!


I have a few but I can start with this horribly old piece.

Everyone's Favorite Characters, Naturally

It always tickled me that these two were siblings! I kinda hope that Open Season at least references it but, hey, I CAN DREAM.


@Mewsly that’s awesome; I don’t see nearly enough stuff about Jury and Prodigal being related. It’s too bad they didn’t find out earlier, would’ve loved for that dynamic to be explored

Anybody who’s been on my tumblr or twitter knows that I’ve got uh … a lot … but I’ve got these two that I’m especially proud of! Drew my favorite ships a while back while looking forward to the final game


God, I have no likes to like these, I feel so bad!

But, gosh, I love the colors and the feeling of movement! And those WINGS. :two_hearts:

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Okay, but I just wanted to share art from one of my favorite moments…

It was the Moment I knew I was in love tbh....

I can relate, Jury, my thirst often trumps my common sense as well.


Oh my god I love that Prodigal and Jury picture! Although am I an idiot and missed the fact that she has a red stripe over her face too or was that artistic lisence. I like how she looks in it I’m just curious now.

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iirc her description says something abt the red stripe going up her bodysuit extending into a mask.

Ahhh, figured. It’s a cooler design then what I was picturing for sure.

Thank you! And yeah, I’ve always liked Prodigal’s design. I kiiiinda tried to give her similar features to Jury since their related, like her eye color which I don’t think is ever brought up in game.


It is. First game, at the Shed. Ice-blue


Oh thank you I didn’t remember that!

Well it worked out pretty well, it’s a very adorable drawing.

I should get to work drawing a few of my favorite scenes from the trilogy…maybe even Redemption Season and that’s only because I’ve got a soft spot for JK. Maybe cause I’ve got two little sisters myself, XD

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A little doodle of my mc Riley/Hotshot and Jury


Oh my god this is so good!! Do you have more art of them? I would love to see it!!


Thank you! ;w; I don’t have any more of them currently (I have some of different AUs of Riley though? He’s a very spoiled oc) but I have a few playlists in need of cover art and I’m currently in the process of outlining a fanfic, so there might be more soonish, maybe?


Ocs deserve to be a little spoiled lol! Well, if you do more then please post it!! :two_hearts:

Been making playlists and finished the first one

This one is for my HR mc and follows the plot of the trilogy. I’m planning for it to be the first part of a two-parter and part two goes off-canon by like a lot. I actually have all the songs for part two, 8tracks is just giving me trouble and I don’t have cover art yet. Then I also have another two parter for my mc with Jury that I’m still working on

Here’s the track list


(click to view full image please)

Also I drew this a while ago but forgot it. Headcanon that Jury was crushing hard for the mc for like months ever since the early stages of THP but he was just completely oblivious to it



Um. This is canon, actually, Jury is always in love wifh the MC. This is a 100% Fact. No one can convince me otherwise.

Also I love the art!


This reminds me of how Jenny tends to call the MC Hotshot. Tho I guess that only happens when the MC is female.