Okay So Hear Me Out (Headcanon Talks)

So I just wanted to make a thread to talk about people’s personal headcanons when it comes to the Heroes Rise games. I think they are a lot of fun to hear about and can really change the way people look at the games.

I have small one. Does anyone else ever realize that your grandmother is basically Poison Ivey from Batman (minus the poisoning everyone thing, unless your MC is immune). Her name is never mentioned so I always like to think her name is Pamela… and maybe she has a crazy blond lady friend she keeps in touch with.

Alright, guys, so how about you? Any fun/silly/sad/serious headcanons you’d like to share?

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After the newest installment, my head-canon of the original is all screwed up. I’m still working everything out but I still think that the original Black Magic was dealt a raw handling in the end and I still think of Prodigal as a heroine worth more then being a holo-maid in your apple-watch thingy.


It’s “headcanon” not “headcannon”. The canon is a law or principle, and a cannon fires cannonballs.

This applies to every series I love: all my faves are trans or autistic. Sometimes you hit the jackpot and they’re trans and autistic!!! Isn’t that great!? Wow!


Here I thought it was just obstinate Brits changing spelling on me since my auto-correct loves to slip those English versions of words in so often… sorry for being an awful speller.

It’s in the title as well, no worries, you’re not the only one.

appear Headcanon: Jury has a secret crush on Lucky.
:sweat_smile: Aaaahahahahahaha… hide


Noooo! That can’t be true.

Jury has a not-so-secret crush on his friend during the Hero Project show. Who is it he spent all that time with? Was it Inherit?

Although not really! Jury’s only secret crush is on the main character.


Oh, sorry! I will fix that!

I also headcanon that Jury and Inherit had something going on during the Hero Project. If not actually dating then some kinda unrequited feelings on one of their sides (probably Jury, I can see him being the kind of guy who has lots of crushes at once).

When it comes to Lucky… I like to imagine that after everything happen Lucky and Black Magic become good friends (and if your MC doesn’t get with either of them something more).


Yeah! Probably Jury! I don’t think anyone has unrequited feelings for Jury, since all you need to do is mention it and I’m sure it becomes requited. :slight_smile: But I don’t think Inherit reciprocated.

I can’t see Lucky and Black Magic being friends. I think because Black Magic’s like that, and would be all nope nope to Lucky. But I found Lucky really, really boring, and when they were set up as a Black Magic replacement it made absolutely no sense to me at all. They were nothing alike, and Black Magic not easily replaced.


This is exactly my feelings - thank you for sharing them.


Jury deserves better anyway.

Well, maybe friends was a strong word but I’d like to think they could make amends after everything that happened. Mostly because I love the idea of Black Magic rising above and forgiving Lucky for becoming his/her replacement, which does seem like something that was forced onto Lucky rather than something they actively tried to do. Plus, at least in my play through, they end being on the Millennial Group together during Hero’s Project Redemption Season so I’d like to think they could get along

That aside Black Magic deserves so much better than they got, no matter what happens to him at the end of the Hero’s Project he seems to get the shit end of the stick. Lucky is fine either way so it just seems unfair to pick on poor Black Magic.

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Nope! I see Black Magic as keeping grudges and being vindictive.

What I really wanted was for Black Magic to get some proper therapy. I suppose if they did that then perhaps, as part of their therapy process they might ‘forgive’ Lucky, for trying to steal not only their role, but also their lover/ex.

Of course I haven’t read the game where the new Black Magic with the new name shows up.


My headcanon is always that female Lucky and Jenny get together (if unromanced)

BTW, be careful what you headcanon.


Prodigal still deserves better then being Siri.

See! In my idea she’s not Siri! She’s just transferred her consciousness into a computer, until you get the chance to build her a body! Which the two of you will be doing. And it allows for her to fully master machines, and it’s like the next stage of her evolution! Or something! :stuck_out_tongue:

But I don’t want to play Choice of Robots with her too!

I just want her back :stuck_out_tongue:

I know - never ever going to happen.


Don’t you and Prodigal want to build a robot army and take over Alaska? I think Prodigal would be totally into that! Making all machinery self aware! Flying off to the moon! Subjugating all of human kind and making them her minions!


o.k. You got me there God Pigeon … flying off to the moon is the ticket … but I don’t think we can breath in space like superman, can we?

you win, :rose:

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