Okay So Hear Me Out (Headcanon Talks)


Ha! So now we’ve decided that Prodigal would rule in Choice of Robots, does anyone else have any headcanons for the Heroes Rise characters in other games? Or other games characters in Heroes Rise?

What about a Community College Hero/Heroes Rise smash up!


Mine are all mostly silly. :sweat_smile:

The majority of the MC’s action figures were bought by Prodigal, threats of violence were involved. Jury, being something of a closet nerd, also has your action figure (he hides it in a drawer and probably poses it funny when he’s mad at you.)

Jury’s a bit of a mama’s boy.

The MC (at least mine) has some heightened senses, especially smell. (Inspired by the author writing that the MC tends to notice how people smell. Especially Lucky. “He smells just like I remember!” But you haven’t seen him since you were twelve! WHAT. Someone get this man a bath, ASAP.)

As a kid, Jury’s favourite heroes were the MC’s parents and he felt incredibly betrayed by them when they were arrested. (So if you romance him, he’s close to shitting himself for about ten different reasons when he meets them.)

CCH/HR: Stunner and Fistfull would be BFFs until a falling out after a particularly aggressive arm wrestling and/or flexing competition. They make up after the re-match.


Ahahaa! Yes I definitely think Jury owns your action figure! And also several of his own!

Do we know anything at all about Jury’s mother? I always saw him as a daddy’s boy.

Ahahahaa! :slight_smile:


In the first game my headcanon was Prodigal being in love with the main character. Then it actually became canon. Best day of my life.


Isn’t that the First Lady?


No! She’s his stepmother.


Aww, the only time Jury can win a match against the MC is via his action figures!

Oooh, what about Mob and Lucky as a couple? That sounds sickeningly cute to me. (Edit: Wait, incredibly dangerous now that I think about it. They could never hug in public…)

I think all we really know is that she’s not around. The only time (that I remember) his mom ever being mentioned is Jury yelling “You’re not my real mother!” at the First Lady. I just figured since his dad ignored him so much, despite still loving his dad, he might gravitate towards his mom because of that. If she’s even any better, that is.

Unless she’s dead. :fearful:


I would love to see a picture of that! :stuck_out_tongue: Jury sprawled out on his bed, playing with his action figures, and trying to come up with a wittier one line response. I’d totally hire @defenestratin if I’d the money or means to do so.

Aahhaha! Yes they could be cute! So very cute! And tragic! :stuck_out_tongue:

I assumed she was dead. Or maybe she ran off because she didn’t want to deal with Victon. Poor Jury! Yeah he definitely has mother issues.


Or Jury clutching the MC’s newest action figure, looking off longingly into the distance because he’s sad over the bullshit break up- I mean uh…

Mob and Lucky learning to control their powers together, in the name of love! My teeth are aching. I’m trying to think of more pairings, maybe the mysterious Crook and Summit battling it out?

I imagine she’s busy with CCH now but I’d commission her for that in a heartbeat, if she was willing. If you see this @defenestratin, you might be miffed over Redemption (I know I am, miffed is putting it lightly) but you’re the hero we need in this dark, dark time. :cry:

Running away from Victon makes sense too, I can’t say I’d entirely blame her (but leaving your kid behind… yikes.) With their parental issues, it sounds like Jury and the MC might benefit from some solid group therapy sessions.


Can you imagine it, the MC, Jury, Prodigal, Black Magic, all sitting in a group therapy session, being forced to talk out their issues?


Not without my MC attacking Jury. I don’t remember when Jury suddenly became the fan favourite. Did I miss something? :hushed:


Something might literally explode and Jury’s probably going to get knocked out, one way or another.

Now imagine that MC being someone who romanced Black Magic, broke up with them and then goes on to romancing Prodigal or Jury, who both know they’re half siblings.

I hope they paid that therapist well.


I have no idea either, I remember very few people liking him in the beginning (for obvious reasons.) I liked him from start but I’ve always like the jerk characters. Also, the author wanted me to hate him so badly but I just couldn’t do it. He didn’t really do anything for me to hate, he was just irritating.

It did require a lot of headcanon though. Then after Redemption came out, I went to the thread and everyone was crying over him. I felt so validated. :persevere:

Since I know I could easily turn this into the Jury show, CCH crossover time again! C-Wom meeting Processor would be adorable.


There’s a small Jury fanclub. :slight_smile: We were overjoyed that they could get together, and then absolutely distraught that they broke up. I really like Jury since he’s the only character less competent than we are.

I just love the image of Jury playing with an action figure of the MC. :slight_smile:

Yeah, me neither. I actually liked the flirting and banter with Jury. I liked that he was the son of our enemy.

Ahhaaahaa Combat Wombat :heart:


Ah I see so it’s like Prodigal essentially.


Jury never murdered anyone! (At least not on purpose).

Prodigal’s a competent super-scheming mastermind with amazing powers who’s always one step ahead of you.

Jury’s the guy that’s worse off than you! His family sucks! He only gets anywhere because of nepotism. His powers suck! He’s not at all competent. Jury is great.


Ah but you forgot one important fact that defeats all others, he was rude.


The protagonist is ruder


I wanted so much more flirting and banter, I was thrilled the one time in Hero Project we got to call him Aaron. Man, HR made me thirsty as hell.

Maybe Processor could help C-Wom build his armour and he can finally beat Hedonist!

To be fair, Victon is the rudest.


But he started it also his dad continuously poked the bear that was the MC. Jury did nothing to stop this. Only aided him. I think for a few people the jury is still out on this one.

I’m sorry…