My top WIPs as of right now

From Ashes We Rise
The Wayhaven Chronicles
SoS: The Mortal Coil
Icarus Sun
Children of the Gods

Also looking forward to the release of the third books in the Samurai of Hyuga and Way Walkers series!


Two Kingdoms: A Man’s Journey.
The Unwanted Warrior.
From Ashes We Rise.


Two Kingdoms: A Man’s Journey by @Sophia
From Ashes We Rise by @Wraith
Breach: The Archangel Job by @MichaelMaxwell
The Unwanted Warrior by @NutellaQueen


Oh wow, thank you so much to everyone who’ve mentioned my game in their list … even though I rarely update… let alone be active in the forum :joy:

It really brightens my day to hear that people actually read my game… this is much more than I could ever ask for when I started.

Come to think of it, I’m surprised my game actually made it this far. Seeing how rare it sometimes is for a realistic non-fantasy game to be written, and continues to keep on living, I am genuinely heart-warmed by this forum and surprisingly inspired to keep on writing!

Thank you all so much!

… Oh! Right, and my list! (In no particular order)

And one or two in private testing, which I may or may not be allowed to say… (But you know who you are :slightly_smiling_face: Two-eyed wink)

There may be a few more that I forgot… but those are the ones I could think up that I’ve actually played, and liked… (I’m not very active, I’m so sorry :sweat_smile:)


Well, I discovered the whole text-adventure genre very recently, and since then, I admit looking for WIPs on this site has been a really fun hobby. Most of the ones that impressed me were already talked about by previous posters, but I might as well do my own favourite list…

Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights : I really like the way the MC is written. The whole “test subject eventually escapes from captivity and discover the world, and, through it him/herself” sounds like a really good premise, and I’m really curious to see where this will go.

The Wayhaven Chronicles : urban fantasy at its finest, from what I could see, except the MC still believes it’s a simple polar story. From what I gathered, it was originally written as an original fiction, and it shows; but as far as I’m concerned, it makes for a very solid narration. I really don’t mind being railroaded if the sight around the tracks is nice.

Two Kingdoms: a Man’s Journey : a lot of potential in this one. The whole political intrigue in a fantasy world holds a lot of promise, and the writing seems solid.

Guenevere : this one is great. Revisiting the Arthurian’s mythos through Guenevere’s eyes is a really good idea, and the main heroine is really well written, with a lot of ways to influence her personality. Definitely something I’ll closely watch for.

Children of the Gods : I’m always ready for a bit of greek mythology, and the intro with a MC relentlessly hunted without knowing why or by whom made for great suspence. I don’t know what’s in store after that, but I’m eager to find out.

The Wight King :playing as the monster definitely seems cathartic, and the WIP hinted at enough mysteries to hold my interest.

Keeper of the Sun and Moon : it’s Hogwarts, only cooler! What’s not to like!? In the same genre Monsters of New Haven High seems promising too.

Through Broken Lenses : Full Metal Panic, text-adventure style. Playing as the child-soldier with PTDS and no idea of how to interact normally is a great concept, and i’m really looking forward the character development that might ensue. Or you could end up killing everyone, I guess that works too.


Welp, guess I’m doing this (in no order, but the ones in bold are particularly special to me)

  • Monsters Of New Haven High- by @Sashira (I absolutely adore this. It is also what introduced me to wendigos)

  • From Ashes We Rise- by @Wraith (The very first WiP I ever played. I still fondly remember those days when I used to make jokes about punching Troy. Good times, good times.)

  • Breach: The Archangel Job-by @MichaelMaxwell (The author made me a cool looking mask. What more could I ask for?)

  • Keeper Of The Sun And Moon-by @daydreamsincolor

  • Supernatural In New York-by @Rebelgirl

  • The War For The West-by @MahatmaDagon

And that’s all, folks!


Aah, thank you to everyone who included The Wayhaven Chronicles :smiley: That’s seriously exciting to see!

A lot of my favourites have already been listed, but I did want to throw in The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum by @nauhziy

It’s so good and I am constantly checking the thread for updates like a rabid fan-girl :smiley:


The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite (I really love this game and its characters so much. Cough Ava Cough)

Two Kingdoms by @Sophia (Story is well written and I love ROs in that game.)

The Unwanted Warrior by @NutellaQueen (I love being black sheep of family. Also we have a magic power!)


the lack of fallen hero in this thread disturbs me


I personally never heard of Fallen Hero before.

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I have a long list!

Kingdoms: A Man’s JJourney
The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum
Colonizing Kepler 62e
2117: Highway Wars
War of the West
Seven Heirs of Opheasia
Wayheven Chronicles
Children of the Gods
Sos: The Mortal Coil (SUPPER excited for this one!)
England 1519, Court of Henry VIII
Dragon Racer
United We Stand
A Thousand Blooms (Purple Desire)
Community College Hero 2
Keeper of the Sun and Moon (on the fence about this)
Supper Natural in NYC
Dead Man’s Tales
The Celestial Maidens
Through Broken Lenses
From Ashes We Rise
Model Citizens: Unmasked
Team Zero

I’m sure there are others I liked but haven’t listed.


:scream: WHAT!? It’s the arguably THE BEST anti-hero/(super)villain WiP there is read it you’ll also fall in love with it I guarantee you :face_with_monocle:


You have caught my attention, tell me more! :heart_eyes:

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Extremely touched for The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum to be featured by @Seraphinite and @Phoenix_Wolf! It really means a lot to me :smile: Totally made my day!

Most of my favourite WiPs are already listed, and I only get time to play them during transit but these are the most memorable ones.
Abysm’s Veil by @Jacic
Diaspora by @Jaybirdy
England 1519, in the Court of Henry the VIII by @jry
Project Omega by @ChaoticMind
The Wayhaven Chronicles by @Seraphinite
United We Stand by @AlexClifford1994
War of the West by @MahatmaDagon


Well I can go on and on about it for 1-2 hours but here’s the link to relieve people of trolling


I’m adding a new WiP to my list.

W.I.S.P by @MahatmaDagon


I’d also like to update my list:

Villains by @Avery_Moore


Im adding The Unwanted Warrior by @NutellaQueen to my list.


Might as well update my favorite WiP list:

This all are what I remember not added in my reply, there probably more though

How come I forget SoH 3?


Well, I’m finally making a post here, because no one has mentioned @Fiogan’s Beastie Watch, and that game is a gem! Not only is its delightfully quirky 1930’s electropunk universe splendidly memorable (copacetic!), it’s got one of the more detailed personality tracking systems I’ve yet seen. I mean, I was impressed by the stat screen before I looked at the code and saw about half the stats were hidden, and changing flavor text all over the place (Are you pragmatic, sarcastic, grumpy? How much do you love/hate your job?)

Anyway, here’s the rest of my list:

Totem Force and Countdown to World’s End by @ParrotWatcher
Model Citizens: Unmasked by @RenaB
From Ashes We Rise by @Wraith
Freak: Amidst the Neon Lights by @Snoe
World Institute for Superpowered People by @MahatmaDagon
Science Fiction
Supra Humanum by @IronRaptor
A Thousand Miles of Sky by @SirEdmund
Keeper of the Sun and Moon by @daydreamsincolor
For the Crown by @ToxicDreams
Awoken by Scribblesome
Guenevere by jeantown
Misc Well some of these are kinda fantasy, too
Icarus Sun by RenaB
Blood for Poppies by Farside
The Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum by nauhziy
2117: Highway Wars by adrao
Through Broken Lenses by Interestedparty

That’s more than I thought (too many to mention all the authors in one post!)…Still feel like I missed something, tho :woman_shrugging:t2: