Awoken (Fantasy WIP) - updated 16/May/2017

Hi! I’ve been a lurker on this forum for a while, but now I’ve been working on a project and am at the stage where I could use some feedback and see how players respond to it, so I’m jumping in!


You awake in a tomb, your memories gone. Your only companion is a mysterious stranger who says they can help you regain your past - if you trust them.

As a child, a chance discovery left you the holder of an ancient magical power, earning you acclaim and attention in equal measure. But what did you do with your magic and influence? Were you a saviour? A schemer? Or a scourge?

How did you get from there to your current powerless state? And what has happened to the world in your absence?

As you relive your old memories, your decisions affect both past and present. Make allies or deadly enemies. Uncover ancient mysteries. Vow to regain your old self, or try to change. And decide - what exactly are you willing to do for power?


Feel free to give any feedback - especially interested in hearing if there’s any options you think don’t make sense or go against role-playing a certain MC type.


19/12 - updated with remaining part of chapter 3
23/12 - updated with start of chapter 4, some minor bug and typo fixes.
30/12 - updated with chapter 4. Also now with achievements!
20/01 - updated with start of chapter 5. Minor additions to chapter 4.
10/02 - updated with more of chapter 5.
04/03 - updated with more Chapter 5
20/05 - updated with more Chapter 5
16/06 - updated with end of Chapter 5
29/07 - updated with beginning of Chapter 6 and changes to previous chapters
01/12 - updated with more of Chapter 6
16/05 - updated with more of Chapter 6 and additions to previous chapters.

Short Stories

Some short pieces set outside of the main story.


The story looks extremely interesting and original! :smile:
I’m also quite intriqued with our mysterious companion and their origins.
You’ve done a really good start and I can’t wait to see what you have next in store! :blush:


Thanks! :slight_smile: Intrigued is good - tbh I’m really curious to see how people will respond to the stranger.

Just about to play the demo, but mysterious strangers are best if they are female and help you get in to all kinds of trouble and mischief :smiley:

Edit: I hope to see much more of '“Please never do that again,” they say, with feeling. ’ :smiley:


I wonder, if there are going to be more diffrent races like the stranger’s.
I was going to ask, if the stranger 's gender is going to be determined in the future or is always going to be neutral?


The stranger’s race is part of a big super-spoilery plot point :stuck_out_tongue:
And they’re always neutral - they can shape shift into different genders but don’t really see themselves as having one.


Trouble and mischief? Be careful what you wish for…:smiley:


This was pretty cool.


Ah the magic words that make my wallet run and hide from me :smiley:


I love the interaction with MC and Stranger:

'“How does it work?”

The stranger smiles. “I’m so glad you asked,” they say, and push you in’

This is going to be such a fun game I think :smiley:


@Scribblesome intresting story! Im liking it so far, cant wait for more :slight_smile: Keep up the great work! ^^

Just one question xD Will there be romance? Someone or some our MC can RO? Sry im just a sucker for romance options.


Thanks! :blush: And there will be romances! Three of them (actually four, but two of those characters are mutually exclusive)
And before anyone asks, Stranger is not one of them, for spoiler reasons.


No, I’m of the opinion that MC and Stranger should maintain their current method of interaction.

Stranger is kind of a troll, you may have noticed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, but a good troll :smile:

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LOL I think you read everyone’s mind. The premise is really interesting! I’m looking forward to how it turns out.

I’m interested; did anyone take the ‘try to escape’ option? Or did you stay in the safehouse?

I like the concept. Definitely going to be keeping an eye on this

Read the books (hoping for magic), tried the iron door.


D’oh. Well there’s always one you miss!