Gladiator: Road to Colosseum - Guide

I’ve already posted in the main thread, but in an attempt so that it doesn’t get lost in the comments, I’ve made a separate thread for it.

If you have any issues, suggestions or comments, feel free to post.

I’ll be trying to update and refine the guide as much as I can, probably adding an achievement walkthrough like @nauhziy suggested. Thanks to him for allowing me to create a document like this for such an interesting game.


I gave up the idea on banging the MC’s best friend, then I accidentally achieved it while I was focused on NOT misclicking a choice. Because restarting makes my life hell.

Also I thank the author for making and enjoyable and very frustrating game!


I banged the best friend but she got taken away soon after. Never saw her again and was later taken away by Caesar. I guess I failed the romance :frowning:

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That was scripted to happen.

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Yeah, that was supposed to happen. Quite frankly, for the first time I didn’t give a shit about the romance. All I wanted was to survive.

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There might be a sequel though. But yeah it always annoyed me that no matter what, the best friend is always gone and you eventually have to fight her during Day 10 of the Caesar Games.

I just wish we could had pulled a Spartacus and rebelled then killed every Roman.


Felt like the ending was a little rushed. I managed to keep us both alive and there was no reunion or nothing even though I was romancing them. All I got was one line about the bracelet. Still don’t understand why we didn’t recognize them from their voice, we’ve been friends for ages and even dating, we should have recognized them instantly.


Well the author did say that the crowd was going crazy, we were wearing helmets that could had muffled the voices somewhat and concealed our faces somewhat, adrenaline because you just want to stay alive and that we weren’t really thinking at all through the fight. That just sounds very reasonable to me but yeah it felt a little rushed. We didn’t even get anything about the group we stuck with during our training either.


How many endings is there and is it possible to end up with your childhood best friend?

Maybe, but still you would have noticed at least the voice sounded familiar.

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Someone mentioned that they got a ending where the MC and the best friend lived after the Caesar Games on the original thread.

You need a high reputation with Rome (more than 60) and choose to spare them in the end fight. The ending is open to it’s probably you stay together I guess.

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Yeah more than 60 reputation with Rome and spare them and Caesar let’s you both live.

That’s weird because all I keep getting is the sword in the back and the “choice” to join the auxillaries

I never got a sword in the back, not sure what triggers that. MC and best friend both end up working for Caesar I guess in my playthrough.

I had over 60 renown with Rome and still ended with this although I had taken the Cato route could that be it?

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No I took the Brutus route and I still got that scene. I don’t remember exactly what was my Rome renown but it was probably over 60 considering how well I did throughout the story.

I don’t know then. I could take a screenshot maybe.

If I’m honest here this game frustrated me to no end,several choices kill you in one mistake and there is no checkpoint system,I don’t know about anyone else but I ended up replaying the same character over and over again because I got confused about what actions would use what stats

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The author put in a checkpoint system and it should be coming whenever the story gets the update.

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