Celestial Conquest(Very WIP)(update 1.2)(09/07/24)

I’ve begun work on my new game Celestial Conquest. In it, you play a fallen god/goddess with a goals of vengence or justice

Currently it’s about (5%, prolouge Chapters, 3.5K Words) done, and I plan on updating every 1 weeks.

To play the demo, go here: https://dashingdon.com/go/15845

the character art can be viewed on Tumblr


  • Uncover the truth behind your betrayal through intricate puzzles, challenging quests, and encounters with divine and mortal beings.
  • Harness the power of the elements and divine magic to overcome obstacles and adversaries.
  • Build alliances with other gods and mortals, forging bonds of trust and friendship in your quest for redemption.
  • Confront your betrayers in epic battles that test your strength, agility, and cunning.
  • Choose your path wisely, as your decisions will shape the fate of Altheria and its inhabitants.

pls give me review on the game and what all can be added in the future update


Found it by accident but it caught my attention. The prologue introduces the gods and the world setting well. I can’t wait to get justice for the greedy betrayal despite everything.


there will be to paths God slayer and celestial on which i will be working simuntanously


pls tell me the kind of ro’s you will like to be added a totel of 4 ro’s will be added in the future update


I am curious to see more as well but ive noticed somethings that take away i think from what your going for. There is several pages in the demo currently that i think are pointless fluff reason being they are explaining the same thing and is dragged out this gets amplified when the demo speaks of the two perceptions the gods/goddesses have of whats to become of the MC we will get to play.

To the question on ROs kinda hard for me to answer lol and at this point not sure if the MC would pursue such after the betrayal.


there are not only the 13 gods there are many other minor gods and spirts in the world the 13 gods rule so the 14 th gods tale go around the divine world and thats why there are two perception for the rest ,you have to let the story unfold


Your WIP intrigued me a lot :heart_eyes: the gods sound interesting but they are so greedy…hopefully we can show them that even kindness can hurt…a lot when you hit them :laughing:
I’m looking forward to more :grinning:
Btw. Are all of the Gods involved in the betrayal? Maybe one or two didn’t know about it and we can try to persue them as our RO’s? Because I wouldn’t go back to those who betrayed us.


All gods very involved in the betayel or not to know that you have wait for future updates

And about the ro there will two books in the first part the player a very little interaction with the gods as player need time to recover their power
But yes the player will have interaction with minor gods , spirit and mortals


Your game has a lot of potential :smile:this year I only come across gems!^^

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Meh doesnt address the concern i have but will see how it unfolds.


I like overpowered mc


that was all I needed to know


Ah, again betrayed by a bunch of divine assholes.

Basically The Abyssal.


I really like the writing style. The beginning reminds me of Tolkien’s Silmarillion. Keep up the good work!

I will echo that a bit of the prose can feel repetitive and too flowery (after the fourteenth is introduced and described) but I don’t think it’s too egregious since I actually kind of like that style of writing. I like the setting and world building so far and of course the concept is great. Strangely few WIPs (ongoing anyway) that use the MC being a god in a high fantasy setting so I’m always happy to see more.

From the way it’s written that eventually the rumours and jealousy got to them, I’m interested in finding out if it was really just a natural process or if someone/many someones were behind it all.

Overall, I think it’s a great start!

As for ROs? All of them :+1:


Okay this looks really interesting I look forward to seeing more also will you add save slots

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In the first book there will be only one god ro for the rest they have to be mortal and other races such as elf , dwarf and etc


Yep apart they were terrified of the Mc initially until they found out the Mc is a good person that helps everyone god or mortal

It’s not worth being good…


update 1.1

  • character creation
  • minor power selection