Celestial Conquest(Very WIP)(update 1.2)(09/07/24)

Interesting story, I need to read more to give a more in-depth opinion. I’ll keep an eye on it, good luck!

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Save is broken

i have applied it but for some reason it is not working

sorry but i by mistake i gave the link to my other abondened game , i have updated the correct one now but the save system will still not works it is wip

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Should i add diffrent races from which you can select one to play as.

  • Yes
  • No
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should work most wips have save system

When i clicked female, when it gave me a choice for the person that I am guessing who we have to first fight in the entramce exam, it gave me an error. It was the same when i clicked on male. Couldn’t progress pass that.
Also i decided to click on shadow veil, amd when i clicked on speed and agility, it am error. The only difference is that the first time, i clicked on demon’s eye, while the second time I chose shadow veil. It was two different errors though.
I don’t know if that is where it ends or not, but thought you should know.

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Awesome concept. Kinda gave me solo leveling vibes when the portals got brought up. You got my attention immediately. Being a god, and being OP are the requirements lol.

I got a error and it happens no matter what I pick.