Nightmares and Decay WIP


Nice job! :slight_smile: Never knew witches can be good… Mostly, anyway.


@Happy you dont know my ilusionst mara lOl


Clearly you have never watched the wizard of Oz , Lucinda the good witch who flies around in a pink bubble…


@Eriedanna and CS_Closet Those are both good ideas we will likely implement, thank you, the crassness is likely a leftover from a much earlier stage in development where we were unsure of how we’d portray the protagonist.

@Roslyn_samalt06 May I ask what your are thoughts on the demo?


@Happy , What do you know about the Witches at the moment that makes you think that they are good?

You see, using magic to gain an advantage over normal human-beings for your own benefit isn’t exactly moral to me. But of course, one can always argue that magic is one’s natural talent, just like being a genius, no one can say using an intelligent brain to gain advantage is bad eh?

Well, I don’t know, but perhaps the Hunters are to rid the society of Magic abusers, such as the main character himself. In my case, a man from upper-class family who uses magic in the world of business to gain leverage.

And if there’s no Hunter, what stops the Witches from taking over the world?
The government? Military? Are they Magic-users from other nations too?
Can they tackle invisible army or fight mind-altering magic?
How does the Hunter prevents themselves from getting wiped out by powerful magic, do they have some technology to protect them?

The Underworld appears shady and interesting to me too, considering that they built an enormous city, hid their existence from the general public, secretly kidnapped people and forced them into training to work for the Underworld…

For the recruitment of the main character in this story, there’s isn’t much of a choice, more like a ‘forget your friends or family and come with me-or-die’ situation. I wonder if the recruitment of other magic users are more…conventional*, that allows the recruit to have time to make certain arrangements? Say, the recruit have family, a wife and maybe children, friends, and a business company, how can he just walk away and stay in the training center of Underworld in the middle of nowhere? (I’m not sure that’s the right word to use here) Maybe the Hunters are right in killing budding-witches after all?

Also, I remembered Garrett saying hat he didn’t bring his weapon because he didn’t expect to need it in recruitment, so is this the first time that the Hunters ‘hunt’ the potential magic users before they are recruited? Or did Garrett just forgot to bring the weapon and found an excuse, for himself, and for the main character.

Anyway this game looks really promising and I look forward to it being finished.
Hopefully, real life won’t butt in on the progress like it did with so many projects with interesting premises. Modern day magic is intriguing and it does seems to be very well written. But who am I to comment on the language and proses, English being my second language and all.

So…Good luck @Aritour and @13ventrm, please do keep us posted, it’s a good start and I’m definitely curious for more!


@Ksu Thank you kindly, we will keep you all updated. Those are all very insightful questions, many of which will be answered at later points, some of which bring up aspects we hadn’t considered up to this point, thank you. On another note, your English is quite good.


I liked the way of writing but yeah makes you feel more cheery when you leave the station . Not the grimmy city I just left I did like it though I need more of the story to give a good sorce of feedback please continue


@Roslyn_samalt06 Thank you, we will indeed keep working on the project, as well as refining the current demo.


I liked the crassness of the character, but I agree that over time you should allow the players to choose which way they want to respond, defining their characters personality/the way people respond to them as well. I feel it would allow the player to connect more to the protagonist and really feel like they are the ones making the decision. But overall, absoloutley brilliant. I love the idea of an underground city. And I predict Garret is an ancestor of yours.


@Syndicate It will be a bit more difficult to implement, but we definitely will attempt to do something along those lines. Also, I take it we succeeded in giving Garret a fatherly feel?


Succeeded? My friend, you were right on the mark. Definitely one of the better games Ive played.


@13ventrm @Aritour

Very well written and very engaging throughout. Well done, I’m looking forward to the rest of the demo.

Just one question I think Garret called me honey just after you fall then sonny the rest of the demo.


UPDATE: Minor changes have ocurred, typos have been corrected, some awkardly worded phrases were fixed, and the protagonist’s language has been toned down on scenes where it would make sense to do so. A fair portion of Act 1 is done, but not enough to warrant adding it into the current demo, and the development pace is a bit sluggish. Thank you for your consideration.

Once again, the link: :

@Nocturnal_Stillness That he does. I wonder why that is. . . *whistles innocently*


@ventrm13 ah i thought it might have been honey for girls and sonny for boys thinking it was a gender error slipping through.


@Nocturnal_Stillness Nope, it’s usually “dearie” for girls, but either way it’s honey for that one line. Honey was briefly considered for Garrett’s usual term of endearment female characters, but was deemed a bit too personal, and could inadvertently give off a creepy vibe.



Thanks for clearing that up (though to be honest, Garret calling me honey creeps me out anyway lol) Unless it wasn’t garret speaking hmm speculation there lol


So if it was a random women would that change it from being creepy?



I work at a hospital the amount of times I’m called love, darling or sweetie by random women would surprise you. So yes a woman saying honey would be slightly less creepy. No offense was meant so I hope that didn’t offend you.


No I was just wondering what a normal person’s opinion would be…


Normal? What is this “normal”? Inquiring minds want to know.