Coming Soon!

Hey there folks! Myself and my team including TIYF and some talented artists are working on an outstanding Horror/Mystery filled with action, intrigue, and monsters, all taking place in the golden age of America in 1949! Very soon now we will be releasing our first demo for the game after a lot of long hours and hard work. We would appreciate any feedback you can give, as well as suggestions. We appreciate all your support!

You got a synopsis for it yet?


It’s 1949
For many, its a time of prospering. For you, life’s luck in the big city has run out. You decide its time to return to your small Rocky Mountain home town in Colorado after years of disconnect, in high hopes of getting a fresh start.
However following a terrible plane crash and a strange sighting in the midst of the chaos, you come to realize your troubles are far from over.
Seven months after the tragedy, bizarre and mysterious happenings begin to plague the town. Unnatural noises deep in the town’s coal mine. Shadowy figures creeping about the wood line at night on the town’s outskirts, livestock slaughtered and mutilated in the most savage of ways, and miners and townsfolk disappearing at an alarming rate.
You soon find yourself thrown into a struggle for survival and answers, as an unspeakable evil descends upon your town in the cold winter. It will be up to you and a handful of brave townsfolk to uncover what is happening, and stop it if possible, before time runs out.
Be warned though. The shadow that lurks will test more than just your mind, but your very moral being itself before the end.

Boy, supernatural being sure don’t like cows! Always mutilating them! Lol. Sounds intriguing, can’t wait to play it.

Cool sounds kinda like dreamcatcher

Numerous Lovecraftian connections spring to mind. Hope it goes well!

Thanks for the support everybody. We are very close to releasing our initial demo. Just trying to work out all the major bugs and misspelled words before we release it. Myself and my programmer have put in a lot of time and effort behind it, so I hope you like it. When the demo releases, PLEASE GIVE FEEDBACK. I have no problem going back nd editing if somebody would like a scene described more. I pride myself as a good writer, but I did not want to overpopulate the game with drawn out descriptions.

so who is ur coder

Hello, I would like to say hi to anyone looking forward to this. We are very hopeful in what the game is coming out to and I believe it will be GREAT. Rainsford’s story is brilliant, and it’s great to be working on this project with him. I am also COMPLETELY open to feedback, I love the stuff. I can’t wait to release this demo for you guys.

Do you guys support ideas?

Of course we do. :stuck_out_tongue:

An idea I came up is, Can you be a Cannibal? :stuck_out_tongue: And also, How do you guys do the plot and coding together?

Cannibal Happy? :o You’ll have to elaborate, unless I totally just missed a GRADE-A joke :). Coding and writing together is easier than you think. Just emails and collaboration of ideas, and the patients and know how to get things done. TIYF is a gifted coder, so as long as I write, Its never hard to count on him to cover demands.

Well, I got the idea of it because during the Manifest Destiny in the late Winter of the 1840s I think, a group of religious people called the 'Donner Party" were travelling west to California. On the way there, They decided to take a shorter but dangerous path. As they were travelling down the road, they broke a wheel. The Donner Party decided to setup camp.
But sadly, it began to snow. Slowly, it became a blizzard.
A month later, the Donner Party was found by some Prospectors in the spring- The snow had melted by then. They were all dead. Except one corpse, which was believed to be a cannibal, forced to eat his companions. I could be wrong about this, though…

Also, I’d like to ADVERTISE you (Get it? “Advise you?” Pun!) that you use Piratepad. You could just Import/Export your text file of the story you made, and let TIYF code it.
It also allows you to work together if you’re just starting fresh.

The Manifest destiny Cannibal. Sound’s spooky, although seeing as its 100 years before the events of our game takes place, I really cant even fathom How to fit it in. Maybe you can start on a game revolving around those events. Could have potential.

As for the coding, I’ll look into it, but so far are methods have been going off without a hitch. Thanks for the heads up though!

hurry up me wanna play this game :smiley:

I’m up for a new demo since no one has the time anymore

Roslyn, about everyone has the time to play games. :stuck_out_tongue:

not me iam too busy these days though i do play cod at times

Happy are you going to school …