Inquiring with You!


Hey again folks, so essentially the creatures for our FANTASTIC up and coming game are all going to be original and as scary as I can describe them (LOOK AWAY SMALL CHILDREN!).

However I would like to get a feel for what people would like to see in their “Monsters under the Bed”. Would you like to see more Insectoid and almost Alien like monsters, or maybe something more H.P. Lovecraftish. Or maybe you would like to see something completely weird, like the flying spaghetti monster (Thats totally a joke BTW). I always say the only way to make a good story is through a good community. Or in this case a scary community. Shoot me some ideas.


So… Do the Weeping Angels count? They look alot like Shadows of humans like Zombies, Statues or Mummies for example. They also try to make you lose your soul.


Hm, my fears tend to be more nebulous things, like plagues, or the end of all life in all possible universes, which is why I tend to favor the Lovecraftian.

Although if you’re looking for more conventional monsters, I suggest looking to lesser known mythologies, like the rusalka in Russian/Slavic mythology, or the wendigo in Algonquian mythology.


Lovecraft is the greatest of all horror writers; go Lovecraftian.


Since someone mentioned a Doctor Who Monster I’d mention that I’ve always found the Cybermen one of the scariest monsters, much more so than the Daleks. Probably given that they take inspiration from the Frankenstein and Zombie Mythos in some aspects, not to mention the fears of losing one’s humanity in an effort to survive at any cost.


All very good ideas.


I’d third the vote for Lovecraftian-style monsters. And second the wendigos.

EDIT: Man, didn’t notice 13ventrm had beat me to that one. =P


werewolfs :smiley: and zombies they r the two that scare me the most maybe bloodymary :stuck_out_tongue:


Good good! Well, as much as I love zombies (This guy is the BIGGEST Walking Dead Fan), I think they have become the most common bases for a lot of game play ideas these days, so I am trying to steer away from that. I mean Zombie Exodus, or choice of Zombies both rocked, but theres SO much more ground to cover.

Werewolves, I could work with. I am quite a horror genre geek, and have been inspired by ideas anywhere from “The Grudge” or “13 Ghosts” to “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” and “Nosferatu”. But again I am especially inspired by such classics as Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”, or Mary Shelley’s “The Modern Prometheus: Frankenstein”. Even some works by Edgar Allan Poe.

But true inspiration (In the words of a wise dream crawling Leonardo Decaprio lol) is impossible, because their is always a way to trace an idea back to another source. My source is other people.


@RainsfordXY Well, given your love of the classics, you probably know it’s not even as important to know what the monster(s) is/are, so long as you build up the proper sense of menace for them.


Of coarse! Ever notice how you can look at a serial killer on the news, and say “Gee, that guy sure looks creepy.” But when you see a Serial Killer on the big screen, and he jumps out at the scared dumb high school cheerleader, your wetting your pants. Not because of how he looks, but because of the atmosphere.


None the less, I just need a premise of basic creatures people in general find scary these days. Its the foundation for building a spectacular horror around.


I tend to find the more scary things are those you can’t see, after all nothing can compete with the human imagination. Let us scare ourselves, if you know what I mean.


It’s always hard to make a monster, not an image of a monster that’s easy, but the idea of one
You should ask people “what are you scared of” and make a monster around that
But you can’t go wrong with sharp dripping fangs and long flesh ripping claws
Have you ever been hunted, its pretty intense doesn’t matter what’s hunting you it just sucks


demons would be a good one u can use some monster from darren shans books


Those books are great! And maby you can do somekind of monster like in nightmare on elm street


There’s always the classic secret clan of hillbillies who’ve inbred to the point of becoming subhuman or else have formed an unholy union with a race of monsters. Lovecraft liked this one a lot, check out “The Lurking Fear,” “The Rats in the Walls,” “Beyond the Wall of Sleep,” “Dagon,” “The Dunwich Horror” and “Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family” for some examples of both of those. And of course there’s The Hills Have Eyes and other such films.


All fantastic ideas. And some good points made as well.


My fears aren’t very practical but I’m definitely fearful of porcelain dolls (at night, they’re okay in the day). Bad childhood experience, my grandmother bought me a porcelain clown doll for my birthday that she sent to mom who put it on my dresser and no matter which way I faced it it would always be facing me in the morning. Maybe my sister was just messing with me but there just wasn’t something right about that thing… Needless to say, that’d be my version of absolute horror. Dolls doing undoll-like things. I’m also afraid of and ghosts/spirits - whatever name for them suits your fancy.

If zombies were real I’d be on my roof, no where near my bed lol xD


oooh I love possessed spooky dolls!