Universal Horror Games

Well, there does seem to be some interest in what the title says from what I gather in newbie’s discussion. So to avoid getting it off topic, I thought we should continue here.

Basically, the idea is to have a series of games based on Universal Horror archetypes. I don’t want to use the word monsters in relation to characters like the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Phantom of the Opera because seriously, labelling people with birth defects as such is just disgusting.

So here, I’m going to list the archetypes:

Vampire (We can say Choice of the Vampire fills this, but that’s more Anne Rice style and you can come up with Dracula style instead.)
Werewolf (Maybe Mishell’s game can be fill this role?)
Frankenstein’s Monster
Invisible Man
Creature of the Black Lagoon
The Mad Ghoul (Basically a kind of zombie which harvest hearts to drink the fluid from.)
Mad Scientist
Phantom of the Opera/Hunchback of Notre Dame (If you choose to do this, please treat the subject sensitively.)

I think that’s all of them. So here, we discuss who wants to do what. I have mentioned before that I’m interested in doing a mummy game, but as I’m currently busy with Samurai and can only begin next year, I wouldn’t mind if someone else wants to take it . I’m a Universal Horror nut and thus already have ideas for most of the archetypes.

Also, it’s completely fine if some of you want to collaborate. Not sure why I felt the need to say that because it’s not like there are rules against it, but I did it.

This sounds a great idea I would really like to get involved I now I’m a new but I would like to help the best I can and it would help me learn the basics.

You mentioned that you are interested in either the Mummy or the Mad Scientist, right?

Yea I think It would make a good game.

Since video games came out, they have been bassing games off hit movies. They actually have some pretty cool video games in which you play as Universal monsters. Of course, these games came out on older Systems like the Super Nintendo or the Saga Master system. These are the kind of video games I am into. All the newer stuff is too advanced for me. They still base video games on movies today, however most horror games are night of the living dead, type, shoot em up zombie games. You dont often see a video game today being based off of a current horror film. But they did of course have Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street games for the Nes and a Halloween game for Saga.

@Isham51 I don’t quite think we’re basing these games on the films themselves so much as on the monsters featured in the films. Thanks for your input, though!

I know this is off topic but what about choice of the Pharaoh, be a Pharaoh ruling the empire with political and military power will you be a fabled leader or be betrayed by your people what type of ruler will you be .In your younger years how did you gain the throne and what did you study. Will your Pharaoh be single or have many wives/husbands .will you lose land or become the largest super power ever and earn your place in the history books. sorry this is so off topic just thought it would make a good game .

A pharaoh game would be interesting. If someone has enough knowledge about government in ancient Egypt, then they should definitely write it. A mummy game would also probably need that kind of research. Still, I don’t see myself picking up this idea in the near future.

me neither just thought someone might enjoy creating/playing choice of the Pharaoh

So do you have any ideas for the mummy or the mad scientist game?

The Pharaoh game could be a prologue to the mummy game, perhaps? The better the ruler you are as the Pharaoh, the more formidable the mummy that your intrepid modern explorer would have to overcome. For example if you play the prologue as a rich idiot with no idea what you’re doing, the mummy will be a tripping-over-its-bandages and getting frightened by canopic jars type; whereas playing effectively before the main part of the game will lead to you facing off against an Imhotep style sorcerer-monarch with great magical power and an army of jackal-folk.

Absolutely no idea how to even begin writing a game like that though.

And the fact that the saving feature isn’t available for us yet.

Also, I’m envisioning this series as the player taking the role of the archetypes.

How well the Pharaoh did could also affect the riches the explorer can find, and how famous the explorer becomes after surviving the adventure.

so veering this back on course wouldn’t the Frankenstein’s Monster be very similar to the Mad Scientist idea.

Frankenstein’s Monster would have you play the monster. The Mad Scientist lets you be the scientist, so it would be something like the Dungeon Keeper games and you have to keep those pesky heroes from destroying the monsters you have created in the name of SCIENCE!

so how do you think we should start these of.

A mad scientist game could follow the old grave robbery to create monstrosities, similar to a frankensteins monster, but maybe from a detectives point of view, following the murders to find the mad scientist? Mwahahahah!..that was dramatic… :smiley:

I would like to hear some plot ideas.

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Maybe the player could choose why he/she created the monster instead of just revenge .