Black Marked (WIP)

Black Marked (WIP)

I have taken a swing at making a couple choice games on the forum here, only to find myself overwhelmed at the task. I have placed the others on hold, and decided to try once again.

You will be following the journey of a girl from the Southern Province of the Kingdom Caer.

Caer is a war torn kingdom, landlocked and surrounded by neighboring countries Albanon and Krisna. Countless years of invasion had left Caer weak, and in disarray. It was during this brink of collapse that the [I]First Caer Dominion[/I] was born.

Extravagant…is how most would describe the life of someone Marked living in the [I]First Caer Dominion[/I]. Possessing abilities of a Marked one is something most can only dream of. Of course riches and privilege have their price. And in Caer, that price is freedom.

Your family had tried to hide it. At times it was barely noticeable to begin with. You yourself would need to squint just to see the things. Other times, hiding became impossible. Silver lines illuminated brightly down your left arm, curving spectacularly into strange letters and eloquent symbols you had never seen before.

Anywhere you can find power, money is certain to follow. And with your power, churches all over Caer would pay a handsome fortune to employ a young Marked. Noble houses even would squabble over the opportunity.

You find yourself sold to a rural church in the Southern Province, and thus your journey as Marked begins!

Plans & Features (Open to Change)
-High Fantasy Setting
-Gender Locked on Female
-General Character Customizations
-3 Playable Kingdoms
-3 Romance Options

More to come for sure. I am excited to see where this one goes!


Is it ok to ask why it is gender locked to female?


I can understand the lack of a male gender option, lmao, but… no nb?


I have had a difficult time writing with two separate genders. I can change the pronouns and such, but planning the story to work for two separate genders has been rough for me in the past.

I don’t mean to sound like a dork lol, but what does nb mean?


(+20 characters)

The game sounds interesting, especially the concept of being marked, but what is the in-game reasoning behind the gender locked protagonist? Are women the only ones who can be marked? That’d be interesting to explore, for sure, and the creative reasoning behind it could get very complex.

Do you mean in regards to how certain npc’s react to the pc? I understand that coding pronouns isn’t the difficult part, but I don’t understand why you’d have to deviate from the story due to gender. I don’t think a choice story should have any significant changes simply based on what the pc chooses to identify as.

But, a solution could be to just create gender flipping npc’s or use more variables.

Is it linked to historically womanly genitals or identity, though? Because then you get Marked trans men/dfab nbs with the former, and Marked trans women/dmab nbs with the latter. No escape from the trans agenda…

Sounds interesting so far, I love the idea of being “marked”.
Can you tell us more about the romance options?

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Oh! I’m interested, would love to play it~ Some questions though, you said that the main character finds herself sold, was it by force or did she choose to go there? If she’s marked and powerful would people be able to enslave her? About the romances, it says 3 kingdoms and 3 romance options, is it one romance option per kingdom? Will I be able to romance the options for the other kingdoms? I won’t complain about the gender since I understand every world has its dynamics tied to gender and maybe this is one of them? I know about games that take a 180° turn according to the gender you pick and that takes a lot of writing, so that would be difficult and even more so if you’re alone I guess. My only suggestion would be make at least one female romance option? to have more variety?


Oh god this please. When I play as a male I have no problems romancing mens but when it come to women characters its the opposite. I definitly wouldnt like being forced between three guys and a single life. Otherwise sure I will have a single playtrough but I would feel like I’m missing content because of this detail.

Being gender locked doesnt matter though. We had games where we were forced as men. As long that there is a good explanation in the lore to explain why only female could be marked I wont mind.


Well, I don’t think being a Marked is gender locked, but just this story is gender locked? I think I remember one WIP with something similar(one of the stories @Mydoghasfleas was talking about, maybe), but you play as an orphan/abandoned baby adopted by gypsies(if I remember right) living in the land that hates Marked and it wasn’t gender locked far as I remember.

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Sounds fun. I don’t mind being locked into playing as a girl.

Indeed both genders will be able to have marks. The main character is locked gender wise though.

There are different marks, and your character will have silver. It’s not very powerful in some senses, but will give the power of manipulation…well more so the ability to control people’s feelings.

Yes, each kingdom has a romance option, and one will be female.

You aren’t “forced” to work for the church, and there will be options here.

More to come shortly…



Can’t wait to see what comes of this :smiley:

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This seems pretty interesting, can’t wait for the demo!

If this has been said already sorry, but could it not be gender locked? I mean, it just makes a wider opening for other players that’s all.


It’s ulimately @Mydoghasfleas’ choice. :wink: They’re the author. If they feel that their story would best be told through a gender-locked protagonist, try and respect their decision.


I have to apologize, because I enjoy the option of gender selection. There is a good deal of character customization, but gender selection will have to remain locked.

The second installment will be locked as male once this one is complete.

Gender selection has severely hampered me in the past.

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Or you could just stick with female for the second installment too! :smiley: lol


Haha maybe. While your first character will briefly appear in the second part, you will be playing as a different character not truly introduced. At the beginning of every chapter I have two or three paragraphs pulling together the intro story to the second character. It all ties together.

Was just thinking of diversity lol though it’s so far ahead nothing is set in stone.