The Yidrath Chronicles: The Enisine War (WIP)

Hey everybody! My name is Tiana AKA Lithium. I’m new to the forums (kind of) but not to COG. After stalking the forums and playing games for over a year, I have finally got up the guts to figure out coding and go for it… I’ve got a WIP!

My working title: The Yidrath Chronicles: The Enisine War

It’s a futuristic sci-fi adventure about a young man or woman who will discover their true character when thrown into the middle of a foreign conflict.

The details: You were once a ambitious and impressive soldier of the Delphan Empire, a militaristic society of humans whom control much of the galaxy. A reckless accident leaves you very publicly disgraced and you exile yourself to the peaceful planet of Ashion, home to the Ashion Eremites. There, you are taught to embrace the peaceful side of your nature.

When you receive a letter from your younger brother asking for your help, you remove yourself from exile to repay him a great debt and to restore a broken bond with your father. It’s more than you bargained for as you find yourself thrust into the middle of a power struggle between the citizens of the city of Acard and a power hungry alien named Vasma. And if that wasn’t enough, civil war has broken out on Enisine. Will you once again embrace war and your Delphan values in the aide of others or will you encourage peace without conflict as the Ashion would? Perhaps you finally find a way to balance the two sides of your nature.

Full of action, drama, romance and sci-fi goodness, this thing is going to be a massive undertaking. I’m excited! What do you guys think? Sound like something you would be interested in?

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Yup am up for it sounds great

I am writing my own game aswell

If you want help apart from coding please ask me

Definitely something that I would be interested in ^.^

Good luck on writing it:)

Sounds great!

This sounds amazing, I already love the concept!

Really, really looking forward to it!

This sounds so very awesome, I’m really looking forward to this!

Cool, i await the action to start.

“you exile yourself to the peaceful planet of Ashion, home to the Ashion Eremites. There, you are taught to embrace the peaceful side of your nature.”

Will the PC ever get a chance to seek revenge, for whatever brain-rotting hippie drug they slipped into a cup of tea, to induce this peculiar “embracing” nonsense?

This seems interesting. Looking forward to this :smiley:

The best thing to say is ofcoarse “interesting”

Looks great, can’t wait to see the demo!

Wow! Thanks guys. I hope to have a demo to you all by the end of the month!

@Drazen HAHA! Probably not in this chapter, but you can definitely get revenge in your own kind of way by punching, kicking and generally being defiant to everything and everyone around. Is that a fair trade-off? :stuck_out_tongue:

@Lithium A definite improvement, although it seems a little crass. I’d much rather write an angry letter, and snort derisively while they are being annexed for their resources.

Haha. I’d suggest that you should have been exiled to Ashion by their higher-ups. Don’t make it a character choice whether they learned the Eremite ways. That way, how the player reacts to the Eremites’ teaching is up to them.

I must second @Ramidel, that sounds like a good idea.

I third the motion. That seems like something that should be the players decision. They may feel like the decision is inconsistent with the character they are creating otherwise. Nonetheless it sounds interesting enough to keep up with.

Oh, and from one new lurker-turned-author to another, welcome to the forums.

@Kirrim Thanks!

Yep. Already made the change! Thanks, guys.

Looking forward to this, sounds incredibly interesting!

Yay! I’ll have a demo of the prolouge out to you all by the 30th, so keep your eyes peeled.

This sounds quite… intriguing. I look forward to it.