Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Alright guys, now that the parade of bugs seems to have dwindled, i’m now opening-up the thread for suggestions for the third-and final- part of the Way Walkers:University trilogy.

Keep in mind you are already going to get the summing-up of the plot-line with Illyan, as well as a few other tidbits that i’d promised for 2 but when that got split got pushed back. (like blackmailing a certain student and the birthday party for the MC)

But past that, yet, lay on me what more you want. :wink:

Way Walkers & Lords of Infinity

More of dat sweet, sweet romance.

Some more club activities. Unless you were newspaper, the clubs didn’t really show up at all in 2.


Humiliate myself by declaring my unrequited love for Jun, only to be brutally rejected and forced to accept that our love will never be. Cry lots due to a broken heart.

Go over to the Red Side, and drag Sem along with me for the fun of it.

Kill Jun. Oh I don’t want to, but I have to. Die Jun Die! If I can’t have Jun no one can. Also it may help with the past life stuff.

Become immortal.

More stuff with Kess, Shelly and Umbrave.

More stuff with the clubs.

More pranks. Much more pranks.

Revenge on Clay, preferably with a way to get him kicked out of the school. I think the most fun one would be to trick him into thinking that Genoa’s agreed to meet him. Or to raid his room for the secret “Clay <3 Genoa” diary we know he has in there and share it with everyone. Or to arrange for her to reject him in front of everyone, preferably in the most public and embarrassing way possible. Or some other way for him to be humiliated in front of the entire school and thus have everyone lose respect for him.


Anything relating to romance with Jun, even if it still ends up ultimately doomed. In 2, I felt like it was just like “nope too bad you can’t do that” without any chance to change her mind. Perhaps the ending, where you don’t have to make sure you can easily carry over the story for the next part, it’ll be easier to add this option in?

Also, I think it would be cool to explore the player’s possible disability (the stuttering) a bit more. In my playthroughs, there were only like two lines that even mentioned it at all, so it felt cheapened. I’m not saying you have to write two sets of dialogue for every possible thing the player could say, but at least make it more than a one off mention. I died after all! That’s a big deal!

Aaaaand more options to be Red that aren’t outright fiendish. Jun’s extra passenger seemed to fall for a good reason. Why can’t I?


Mm… I want the MC to get stronger. Much stronger. Strong enough to beat the living tar out of that horrible monster named Clay. I’ve developed a deep-seated hatred for that guy (even though he seems kind of honorable, although still a bully). I think @FairyGodfeather summed up most of the stuff I’d want to see. :stuck_out_tongue:



I don’t want to physically best Clay, I don’t think that’s realistic. He’s older than you, has been training as a duellist, and is just far better than you are. I’d like to outsmart him, trick him, or prank him in some way.

Actually the idea of training every waking moment with the intention of defeating him, even if you fail, does appeal to me. I’d love to do that with Umbrave.

p.s Leigh, it’s Clay that’s the incarnation, isn’t it? Isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m right. Tell me I’m right. >:)


Hmm, things I’d like to do:

Remember all my past lives

Become a vampire

Crush Ciel under my boot like a cockroach

Master the vibrational anti-magic technique

Merge with something to get the unlimited magical energy, elemental, aspect of death, I’m not picky

Get Sem and Jun to become friends


-Mara Jade In role play character opinion.-
Hmm… What I want

I hate her , i was happy with sem sleeping in his room, my room after get rid that sleepless monster Jun is. What my boyfriend does nothing … He only bla , bla Illian. Illian.
She has to die maybe poison after the celebration party. Is the only way Sem really love me

My opinion

I personalment dont hate Illian, is a good character but i tired of her. There is a beautifull universe surround me i want explore it. My main character is Belesky so its totally underpowered i cant achieve nothing except singing in theatre and seduce Sem. Why you dont reward characters no ultra magic focused? like seduce trick guards make Sem really love me, maybe convince people help us use the belesky persuasion powers.
Also that the language you choose in second make some difference. I hope my main girl could become a pseudo vamp to live 200 years with sem see couldnt be immortal being a Beleski :((


@Marajade You’re 14. I find the idea of you seducing people bad. I don’t want to play Lolita. But definitely there should be more of an ability to persuade people using your charm.

Illyan and her fate though is the focus of Way Walkers University. Her story is central.


Sem and Jun are sorta-kinda-maybe friends now, aren’t they? I mean, they help each other out, if only for the sake of the MC, and they act civilized around each other. I don’t know if I can stomach a friendship is magic moment between them. The tension makes their scenes more interesting than the usual three amigo deal.

I would like to see more of loose!Jun, it would be fun dragging her into various mischief and seeing her exasperated responses. Shelly can fit that role too, although I imagine her being more bemused by Sem’s and the MC’s antics.

I would like to learn more about everyone’s home life. Little things, stories about siblings and things they used to do. You get a bit of that when talking to your date, but I’d like more, especially between Jun and the MC, since they are from the same nation.
I have this head canon of Jun talking about how they spent their childhood sitting quietly in a corner and maybe embroidering, while the MC was running around climbing trees, followed by relentless teasing.

I feel a bit dull, with everyone asking for grand adventures and me asking for stories about embroidery. I can’t help it, I see the most fantastic, original setting and the first thought that comes to my mind is ‘I wonder how their plumbing system works’.


More benefits from the Red, and the chance to become a Red Follower.


@Jackrabbit I don’t think that you’re dull. I think those are the sorts of small details which bring a setting to life. They’re the small things that stop characters from being bland and dull stereotypes, and show that they’re proper people, with their own idiosyncrasies. They’re the type of quirks that are fun.

It’s one of the things I crave about Choice Games too, I want to properly get to know the characters. To be able to sit down, have a conversation with them about stuff other than the main plot. To do all of that getting to know each other. To explore the characters a little, just as you explore the world.


Much more RED


Want to be red mage at the university still mwhahaaaaaa


@FairyGodfeather I express badly seduce in spanish its not only sexual meaning is a synonim of persuade, so sorry i though was the same in english. Also we have 14 yeah, but my friends has same age more or less, so i could seduce them right?. In my main play Jun hate me until the point of menace me, so no friendship at all. I prefered that way because i preffer sleep with lil fangs . I like the friendly Jun but is certainly more funny for last part see if the fact i never help her makes the bad boy inside her take control and the posibility of kill Jun could be funny. Any way my main focus is Sem and end with him the rest is totally secondary.


More field trips! Week-long school-sponsored trips to places all over the Continent! :slight_smile:



Aside from that I would like to do some thing to Cael, Clay, and Jun that will make me a red follower.


Like @Jackrabbit said I’d like to see more of everyone’s home life, I’d even like to see more of the MC’s even if its only in flashbacks or letters. I felt that even though they’re far away your family would have heard of your near death/freeing of Illyan and sent a letter to see how you’re doing.

Pranks definitely more pranks. Clay of course as the main focus but other people are acceptable too.

I’ve had a bit of change of thought about Cael. He doesn’t seem so mean for no reason anymore, like we’re this close I—I to finding out why he is the way he is.

Taking Sem up on his offer to see the Clan Lands with him especially as an MC from Nor’wah. Ah the hilarity that would ensue from two longtime enemies spending time together.


Ohh yes i totally agree with @Anon RED FOLLOWERS UNITE


Red mage while still at school … Please so I can sow havoc before busting Ilian and then converting sem her shelly kess aycura amd some otjers to red amd destroy tar citadel and create a red empire with me ruling from the middle lands