Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback

Totally unoriginal, I know, but I just want more Sem particularly I want to find out more about Sem’s family background and if we have a past life connection to Sem like we do with Jun. Also more pranks would be nice and I agree with some of the others having a parents day or at least being able to write and receive letters from home would be a nice touch. I don’t know if it’s feasible plot wise with Ilyan (many countries can and do keep even prisoners who have exhausted all their appeals on death row for years) but I’d also like a time skip of at least a year to allow our characters to get a bit older since i think it would allow for nicer dating scenes and to get stronger ability wise.


Cool stuff so far. But i got to remind everyone: No, you can’t become an immortal or a Clansman, or a Red Mage, or even an official ‘let’s have a ceremony and call u a Red follower’ moment. It just dont work for the plot, guys. But, i promise there will be at least one ending where you can delve into the wilds of the Middle Lands to pursue yr evilness. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, as this is the final game, there will be some moments to be particularly evil. They have heavy consequences though. :wink:

I’m brainstorming a way to get another regression and Sem’s past-life stuff into the game, but i’m still not sure if i can sort it. Suggestions welcome.

Hurm, more pranks, eh? Suggestions for said pranks?

I’m working on stuff that will bring-in the languages, but i dont think it will be as integral as i had originally planned b/c of size restraints. XD At the very least yr going to get academic credit for passing/failing the class. And yes, this does mean yr poor MC can actually fail the semester if yr not careful. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes there will be more Sem and romance with other characters. i have a scene for getting yr love a present (OMG WAY more complicated than i’d imagined XD) and a spring-themed date. Plus, birthday party. :smiley: I’m also debating bringing the other relationships to a head, of you needing to choose between them and Sem, but we’ll see.

Yes, for those of you who hate Jun, there is a chance of killing the lovely ‘friend’. :smiley: This comes along with an awesome climax, which will be so much fun.

I could also use some ideas for the classes-- short of a very similar ‘mess with someone’s head moment in class’ i’m coming up short for telepathy and a few of the others. (i’ve plenty for EM though so dont worry XD)


Send a letter to Clay, pretending that it’s from Genoa, forging her handwriting, and asking him to meet her somewhere. Then humiliate Clay in some way or other while he’s waiting.

No, don’t make a choose Sem or your date option. I hate that sort of thing. It seems nasty and controlling. What sort of date would force you to choose between them and your friends. Kess already has plenty of friends, surely she wouldn’t begrudge you one of your own. Shelly is friends with Sem. Umbrave seems to admire Sem too. And there’s no reason why you can’t just all hang out sometimes. Also if you force a choice you risk things ending up seeming like Sem’s the only correct love interest and the rest are of secondary importance.

And if you meant a case of a villain has Sem and your Date tied up, and forces you to choose which one to save, well I tend to find that annoying too.

Which classes in specific do you need ideas for?


@FairyGodfeather – actually i was thinking more along the lines of ‘you keep ditching me to help out sem and well, i’m wondering if now is the right time for a relationship’ kinda choose between the two. After all, there’s a couple of moments where u can royally annoy yr love in part 2. ;p

Wasn’t having Genoa dumping the blue-tainted water on his head not humiliating enough? XD poor Clay.

Telepathy, mostly. I’m gonna summon some small demons in the Medium class, languages we’re gonna do cultural stuffs–maybe cooking?-- and in EM i’ve got a ton of ideas. Plus Precognition we’re going to be doing the whole blindfolded and getting things tossed at u moment XD. Hurm, Bio we’re going to decide to boycott a dissection, and Activity class i’ve a few ideas im tossing about.

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Well its the last game so i want a epilogue who show what happen to my girl life until the end of her life contract has to include Sem babies and my character being a pop star beleski singer.

About clases, all my ideas are to much ending you creating murderous devices to kill you like a music box Singing Poison who create a suicide sugestion wave in the brain.

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@MaraJade – i dont think i could write an epilogue like that to suit every single reader. :stuck_out_tongue:

also O.o;

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@WayWalkerLeigh No, not humiliating enough. He needs to be brought down a few pegs.

Hmm. Telepathy. Any sort of thing where you blindfold one person, and prevent the other one from moving, where they need to work together, perhaps in a stressful situation and under a time limit, in order to finish a task.

The one I’m thinking of is a maze, with some difficult obstacles, which would be impossible to traverse blindfolded, so you need to trust the other person completely.

Oh ha and I just read you mentioned blindfolded for precog.

I think if you annoy them, that’s one thing. But I’d expect for any date to understand that I do also have interests outside of the relationship, as do they. I wouldn’t make them give up their hobbies, and helping Sem is clearly my hobby. But they’re more than welcome to join us, we can call it date night.

It’s like the choice you need to make between Sem and Jun. I liked that one because it was realistic, and Sem didn’t get upset, he understood that helping Jun was hugely important. I liked that far more than if he’d gotten annoyed at you not helping.

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I want the disabilities that you get when you die in the first game to have more of an effect in the game. also more things for the clubs and also more romance and maybe a way to get with Jun also an epilogue where you get a series of choices and you pick the ones that you want based on stats and choices that you have already made like @marajade said, however Im not sure how long or hard that would be to code but Im going to guess that it would take a while and be difficult. I know that this stuff has been said all ready but hey its all I have at the moment.

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@WayWalkerLeigh I know but based in stats and dates and some other choices you could do something cool. I mean my girl life dont end in first year i feel the necessity of know if she end school married or end become a single montage profesional … maybe about ten options based your stats who life or not … it just i wanna know :(( not end with 14 years and tons of school for known, is like Harry Potter end in the first book. ahh I want more how i wish you could make money enough to continue the storyline in further years…

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I think that having to balence the relationship and helping Sem could be nice especially if its something someone with high beleskie could avoid. It would be a good way to make more use of non combat talents. Although that also puts people who date Sem and Shelly at an advantage since they’re involved. Still I don’t think it’s horrible.

“I’m brainstorming a way to get another regression and Sem’s past-life stuff into the game, but i’m still not sure if i can sort it. Suggestions welcome.”

What if you and/or Sem need to rediscover some of those past life skills fast in order to break Ilyan out or something?

As for pranks I’ve always wanted to opportunity to prank the prankster maybe we can even get Jun to reluctantly help us out with that, but it needs to be something fun that is in no way harmful to Sem of course maybe an illusion prank that makes Clay perceive Sem like he’s Genoa for a week and vice versa since that pranks both of the people I want to prank at the same time.


@FairyGodfeather – i’ll see what i can do, but its tough with not having made clear *if ___ = “true” statements for your fight with him. :confused: But if u come up with a better prank, let me know. maybe we can get him in a dress or something bizarre…

yeah already blindfolded in precog, but still, not a bad idea for Telepathy. Maybe cut-out the MCs hearing, too. Make it harder.

Like i said, it would be based on the MC previous interactions with the romantic interest. If the MC is balancing i well, there wouldn’t be a problem. if not, well then…

@lexlexx – the disabilities already affect almost every viable choice in the game. did u have some other ideas?

I dont think i can get you guys with Jun. I know u guys love him/her but its just not how the character *is*. besides you were siblings in a past life XD But i will see if there’s a way to express it in the game, perhaps during the climax.

@MaraJade – do you have *any* idea how many factors i’d have to consider to do that? O.o; lol sorry love, leave it to yr imagination and fan fictions. :stuck_out_tongue: besides, if i dont leave it *somewhat* open-ended, how can i possibly make more games? (MAYBE. that is a BIG MAYBE) :stuck_out_tongue:

@idonotlikeusernames – that is BRILLIANT. I…i…*glomp hugs you* Seriously, that’s so perfect simply b/c it allows for me to offer it as an option on both sides of the jun relationship. Either the MC knows they were a powerful mage in a past life and wants to get more skills…OR it can be brought up as a way to try and gain an advantage to freeing Illyan. BRILLIANT.

Pranking Semryu would be hard…but getting Clay into it…making him view Sem as Genoa would be just…wow. Have him confess his undying love to Sem, thinking he was Genoa…and Sem’s reaction…sweat Spirit that might have to happen. XD

Though any other options for pranks, guys?


@WayWalkerLeigh the horror! The absolutely diabolical and totally appropriate horror! I would love to see Clay do that to Sem. All day and night today my mission in life will be to think up what pranks to suggest… *rubs hands together and evilly laughs while spinning in super villain chair*

Geeze, everybody really hates Clay…I say the MC gets a couple of his/her buds, go to Clays room and teach the chump some manners! >:) Any objections? Definitively more romance, some good combat scenes should brighten the mood, and maybe the chance to affiliate with a certain way.

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I’m all in favour of getting Clay to think that Sem is Genoa. Or, well even just a love potion to make him fall for Sem (if that’s possible.) I think that would be the greatest prank ever, on both Sem and Clay. I’d like to be able to cast it even if I am dating Sem. I’d expect Sem to appreciate a good joke.

I trust you’ll do a good job of it. I know that some authors would take the easy route of having Clay give a kneejerk homophobic response, but I think the horror of pledging his undying love to Sem, especially if it were in front of an audience, would be bad enough.


@WayWalkerLeigh for the disabilities I would like then to be more of a part of the story e.g. you have a panic attack and collapse in class or something

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For a telepathy lesson how about the class is split into pairs and are taken to a maze half the pair has to navigate it the other half watches from above and has to tell them what to do via telepathy?

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@waywalkerleigh loved how protective Sem is the second one. Want to see more of that. Also I cant wait for the b-day party. If you prank Sem before the party will he get you back at the party? Like an evil cup cake or a little pet that eats all the cake? I would love a pet!!!


Could you also incorporate the past life regression into an elective that focuses on the subject?


A KEETLE PET FOR MARA I WANT MY KEETLE :(( i pay for a dlc with your own keetle in game and aditional date and birthday scenes. i pay a euro gradly for my keetle in my room with Sem. That could help @WayWalkerLeight achieve more money like a premium version with plus content. There are other gamebooks with gold or premium editing a black keetle named kitty… I would pay lot of money for one…

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