Way Walkers: University

I took the plunge here and paid for this game. Very interesting world, nice story, I’d heartily endorse it but I’m a bit confused here.

I got to the end of the first ‘year’ I suppose and was told I could replay or wait until the 2nd part of the story is released. So, I’d like to know if the second (and I assume third) parts of the story will be free? Or is the author going to be charging for each part?

I’ll note that this is the first novel I’ve paid for, so I’m clear on the general practices. :slight_smile: Cheers.


You’ll have to buy the sequels.


Ah, I see thanks.

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I think I’m addicted. I’ve played it several times since it’s release today, and I still want to play again! The world is masterfully crafted, the characters fun and engaging, and the best part, I can be completely evil. Unlike so many other games like this the choices are limited or the plot is sub-par, but Way Walkers has a unique story arch that continues into an up-and-coming sequel. I can’t wait for more :slight_smile:

Amazing game! The writing and plot is much better than any of the other Choice Of games I’ve played before. Completely worth the $2 I payed for it ^u^

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I remember the times where I didnt have to pay for CoG games. so I dont know how I feel about paying, expecially for a second part. a one payment for a whole game maybe. But the sad fact is that I do enjoy these games and will buy them. Why must you know that we will buy them. why… Well im off to play it. feed back later

@AlyssaP - I agree, I kind of wish the character stats were a bit more transparent though.

@Antitor - Also agreed. I think I’ll make an exception for this one, if the 2nd part continues where the first leaves off I suppose. :slight_smile:

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@RVallant go to www.waywalkersguide.com . there’s a lot more info on the world there, and it might help you gain some more insight into the stats. :wink:


@Antitorpiliko for 2 dollars, it’s worth it. Trust me :wink:

Way Walkers!? Is that a CoG Game? I’m confused.

@CJW it’s a CoG hosted Game which just came out today. :slight_smile:

so far the game is awesome and I haven’t even bought it yet. It almost feels like playing a video game. I’ll buy fur sur!!!

Oh, wow. Had I not been paying attention to the posts, I wouldn’t have even noticed this awesome game existed. :open_mouth:

It’s a really deep world, and totally worth the couple of bucks, as I’m sure the next parts will also be. A preview is available in the user-made games section if anyone’s looking for it and wants to try it out.

Nice work, @WayWalkerLeigh. I’ll definitely be spreading the word about this one.

I was wondering is there any chance for this game to also come out for the kindle.

@CS_Closet thanks for the praise, CS! And thank you, the word of mouth means a lot to me! We’ve got a pretty cool following started on FB–there’s a fan page and a fan club group–check it out, the community is already really cool.

@hild i was told a possibility for kindle fire, but we are waiting to see how well it’s received–spread the word, write a review, and the chances will increase.

After the minor disappointment that was Heroes Rise, I’ve got to say this little gem of a game greatly surpassed my expectations. I feel I had real choices in this one and that those choices actually mattered. Also liked the characters and hope there will be romance (especially same sex with Sem) in future installments.
As to the price as long as it remains significantly lower than a single overpriced drink at the popular venues in town it’s not all that much of an issue to me, especially since websites don’t run themselves and I assume the alternative would be horribly intrusive ads everywhere.
That said I’d prefer to do business with Choice of Games directly rather than having to route my money (and personal data) through a major megacorporation like Google, but again I assume that setting up a separate store would raise prices significantly.

@idonotlikeusernames high praise from someone whose very name is a point against my hosted game! lol Thank you! I’m so glad you saw the depth in what i was trying to do! And have no fear-- Sem shall be up for grabs to anyone with the guts to go after him in the sequel–as will be *most* characters in the story arch. I’m basing the dating completely off of the person, so there will be lots of options both for same gender and opposite. :wink:

I read “In a metaphysics driven society…” and instantly experienced an inner monologue along the lines of “Oh, a story factoring Kantian transcendental idealism, perhaps contradicting a few points for an epistemological theme? Or maybe one with the manipulation of a material substratum, or eternal Platonic Ideals, or with transitions in a Cartesian duality? Or maybe a reality inspired by Hume’s bundle theory? No wait; it’s going to be magic again, isn’t it.”

@Drazen lol i understood most of that! Actually, drazen, i base a good deal of my work off of a mix between quantum physics, standard metaphysics and of course, the great string theory, as well as the traditional mainstream concept of ‘magic’. (taking liberties of course.) Way Walkers: University isn’t my first work in the world, and the traditional novels go much deeper into the mysticism and the explanations behind the ‘magic’ as you put it. I wish i *could* have gone more…‘higher vibration’ with the work, but my fear, of course was losing the mainstream readers. I hope you take a chance on it and are able to see the depth between the lines. :slight_smile:

I rather enjoyed the string reference. Took me an embarrassingly long time to make the connection, but it made a lot more sense once I did. I think I have another good reason to check out the rest of your work. :slight_smile: