Way Walkers: University2

Since it’s getting released soon, i decided to start a new thread for discussing specifically the sequel, what is the middle part of the WW:U trilogy. There will be spoilers (considering i think the beta testers are going to find this fast–so please NO posting spoilers until AFTER the game is released on 10/10/13), so read at yr own risk. :slight_smile:

I’m also creating a thread called “Way Walkers: University3-- suggestions and feedback” for when you guys decide what u want to now see in the third one, so keep an eye out for that. :slight_smile:


It was a great sequel, and an even better middle part of a trilogy. All I can say is the end of the game =D>

Also I loved the illustrations :slight_smile:

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I lived the first WW:U so I can’t wait till 10/10 to get the next one

@Davo - hehe i knew the betas would find this quick…lol glad u liked it.

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No spoilers for 4 more days… :-w


Thats it
*invents time machine to skip the agonising four day wait*

Just askiing, for those who beta tested, can they not reveal information of the game until it’s released, please ?

@MIGhunter – i already asked them not to until 10/10/13. :wink:

Well, there were some changes after the beta, presumably, so maybe we’d get some surprises too!

Speaking of, is this thread going to be a spoilers freedom ranch, or will there be another one specifically for them, making this one newbie-friendly?
Personally, I think two threads makes the discussion scattered, but I do know some people are very sensitive with spoilers…

@Jackrabbit – as stated above, this thread is going to be for the discussion of WW:U2, and will contain spoilers, as you’d have had to read it in order to weigh-in. ;p

And not too many changes after beta to be sure; mostly it was continuity errors that got fixed. XD

I think it’s only polite to label a post SPOILERS! when the game’s just released if you’re speaking about the end, since some people might drop by the thread looking for help and accidentally discover information they don’t want to. Or they might look at the thread to see if the game’s worth buying and not want to know what the ending is.

That’s mostly the reason I’ve set up separate spoilers threads for newly released games.

I think when the game’s older then it’s more acceptable to speak about spoilers in public without warning for them.

Of course what @WayWalkerLeigh wants trumps all that.

Well I’m honestly looking forward to the romantic choices in this 2nd installment. I remember it being said that there will be more of that in the story. Other than that, I want more mind-reading. It would make for a good skill to have in your school activities too. Whether it be journalist or in the arena. I think it’s because I like to read people so much. lol either way, looking forward to 10/10 Woohoo!

@FairyGodfeather – im gonna assume most ppl in this thread will have read it, so spoil away lol

@EarnBoogie – yeah everyones into the dating…it was even suggested that the tagline for it simply be ‘the part where you can date sem’ lol XD

@WayWalkerLeigh I am proud to have beta tested, but I also feel like I’m keeping a dirty secret from everyone else and it’s tearing me apart not to share! 3 MORE DAYS WOOP WOOP!

@WayWalkerLeigh Hahaha! Yeah I guess Sem is cool and everything. I still haven’t forgiven him for the snowball. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m looking forward to Genoa though. I think that was her name.

^ That was my suggestion! It still stands. You know what, just stick his picture on the cover and be done with the pretense. It will jump up the sales for sure ^_~

I think it’s a good sign people are so invested in the characters, and after everyone would finish fangirling\boying over Se-the dating, we can discuss the other aspects of the game.

This being a middle of a trilogy, I expect many ‘AAAAH UNEXPLAINED PLOT ELEMENT’ posts. And than Leigh can lean back in her big leather chair and cackle to herself.

@Jackrabbit— you have NO IDEA. muhahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Funny. Jun is still a mystery too. He came off as a lil creepy at the end. I’m gonna keep an eye on him/her.

When is Way Walkers University 1 gonna get a discount? I bought if for my iPhone and want to rebuy it for my PC now. I’ve heard of a discount so I’ll use that as my opportunity.