Way walkers 2 ending

I have been playing way walkers 1 & 2 all day today. My first play through I tried to get with Kess and she rejected me cause I was hanging out with Sem. I played through and made it out of the animals enclosure at the zoo, but I wasn’t satisfied with how things ended with Kess. So I went back and replayed to where she would accept me and now I can not get out of the enclosure alive. I was wondering if I could get some help with this.

You HAVE to help Sem with his investigation. Not necessarily at the zoo, but if you refuse to help him in general, the game WILL end.

Alright thank you so much and two more questions, do I have to help him everytime? And if you do is there a way that Kess won’t reject you since you helped Sem?

Yeah, you have to help him in order to continue the game. It IS possible for Kess (and anyone else) to continue dating you, even if you’re helping Sem, but it depends on your approval score with them (a hidden variable). I don’t remember how to increase her approval off the top of my head, though…

Alright thank you so much, I probably have to join the theater club instead of the dueling club.

That would help, yes, but I’m pretty sure it’s not REQUIRED. I think your responses at the dance play the biggest part in your date’s approval of you.

Alright and again thank you so much I didn’t mean to ask so many questions!

Yes, joining the theater club will probably help your relationship with Kess, as will sitting next to her in Biology and taking the same language class as her (Casfieldian or Lu’breen–she’s in both because she’s smart).

Like what Othergrimm said, refusing Sem in general (especially at the very beginning of game 2) will lead to an untimely death. However, I’ve been able to help Jun out with his/her past-self problem and still survive the zoo because I explained it to Sem and he was ok with it. Making the right choice when confronted with the tiger-dragon-thing is also very important–just pick the one that best fits your stats.

Thank you Mirabella! I’m just about to start another play through to see if I can get it.

seems pretty railroading doesnt it ?

Yeah, but the writing is done well so it doesn’t bother me too much.

I disagree that it’s well-written, so of course I’ll be bothered by the railroading. I found it extremely clumsy, with no warning or logical connection between not playing Sem’s game and getting killed off.

Essentially, the writer created too many possibilities and needed to bring everything back on rails, so she did that by culling anyone who was either too deeply in the Red or who hadn’t agreed to team up with Sem. A better way to do it would have been to simply make everyone join up with the investigation at some point, and to either provide multiple entry points or to get everyone on board at the start of Way Walkers 2.


@Ramidel I agree entirely. I made similar comments during the beta-testing. The scene’s illogical, and frustrating to play. I think it was an extremely bad design decision, especially placed where it is.

I understand, I meant I like the way the person writes and think the way they tell the story is done well, and that’s one of the biggest parts in writing if I don’t like the way they wrote I can’t read it. That being said l do wish for more freedom on what I do, and that it didn’t end just as oh hey you are dead cause you didn’t help Sem.

i didnt have that issue, i had kess and escaped alive

I had sem as a friend, dated kess, and was in dueling club…i did it all lol

Yeah I went back through and was able to do all that as well, I think I just messed up somewhere in my first play through.