How do you date Heather in zombie exodus


I comprised in the bags situation and didn’t let delvin in the car but nothing


You can still let delvin in the car, you have to ask him what he’s looking at then kick him out though, or else the relationship isn’t high enough. Then when you fall out of the hammock on the boat just ask her to rub your leg and that should be it. Thats all that I do.


I did but she didn’t come to the room and im at when you turn to a leader


Are you playing a male character? Pretty sure she’s heterosexual.


No? She’s bi.

It’s purely a factor of relationship, I think.


No, she likes both.

All you need is a relationship of 60 or higher, and not to have told her “No, but it would be a boyfriend if I did.”


I heard she comes to your room, when does that happen


It’s near the beginning of Part 3. After you’ve just arrived at the Cathedral, the night after the supply run in which Dave dies.


Ooops my mistake sorry


It didn’t happen, I kicked delvin and alwags agreed with her so wtf and my character is a male


I’m not sure what it was, then, but there are a lot of little things that you can choose to say that reduce Heather’s relationship. Do you have any idea what number your relationship was with her at that point? If it was 60 or higher, then there must be some kind of bug.

(As long as you’re sure you didn’t ever say “no, but it would be a boyfriend if I did.”)


It would cool if you can just list the steps precisely, I’m a male character btw


Hmm. Well, there isn’t any one way to do it, but I can list some of the stuff that affects her relationship. You don’t need to do all of them, though. Just enough to keep from tanking the score.
And being male doesn’t actually change anything.

Make sure to let Heather take all the bags she wants.
Take the Bridgemont Tunnel.
Shoot the zombie mailman rather than warning Emma.
Tell Heather you prioritize her safety.
Go out yourself to check the car.
Don’t tell Devlin anything about your plans.
Don’t take Devlin in the car. Don’t even discuss it. Just drive off.
Don’t say mean things to Heather. (This should be obvious.)
If you stay behind, thank or help Heather.
If you stay behind, don’t tell Heather that you’re only into guys. (Also should be obvious.)

That should cover it, really.


Wouldn’t it change a lot - once in the room? :innocent:


The steps are pretty much the same whether as playing as male or female. And it isn’t to tough if you pick choices which she wants

In Ch. 1 - Note, some of these choices will only raise things by 1 point, so don’t feel bound by it. Other choices might give greater increases.

  1. When loading the car: “Heather should be able to take what she wants.”
  2. On the road in the car “I would never let either of you get hurt. Your safety is my priority.” (raise by 1 point)
  3. On routes leaving the city: Route 2—Bridgemont Tunnel, 19 mins, 6.2 miles (raise by 1 point)
  4. I will go. Just get ready to back me up if anything pops up." (1 point)
  5. “We’re just trying to find a safer place.” (1 point)
  6. “We just heard it was safer there.” (1 point)
  7. Not letting Devlin in gives you 1 point. Then it goes to the decision tree part.
  8. Letting Devlin in without talking it over drops Heather’s relationship by -15 points. Talking it over raises it by 1 point.
    8a. If you discuss it from 7. “We can’t take him. Reaching the docks is our only goal, and we don’t know him well enough to take along.” (2 points)
  9. If Devlin’s with you: Tell him to keep his eyes off Heather. (2 points)
  10. If you continue driving, and try to smooth things over, you lose -4 points. Kicking him out will give you points, but I don’t know how much.

Ch. 2


  1. “If you want to give my sore leg a massage, I won’t turn it down.” (-6 points). The stupid comments one drops it by -8 points. The first and second choices on that one raise it by 1 point. The middle one is neutral.
  2. When Heather is in your room (after the bit with Dave/Carl): “I am just glad we’re all safe at the Cathedral.” is a neutral response, but this then leads to the relationship.
  3. 2 leads to another scene, and choose: I slide even closer to her. Then choose: “Yes, you should stay.”[/spoiler]

After that, you should be in a relationship. It is possible for her to break up with you later.


The number of points will vary with your charisma score. You will lose more and gain fewer with a low charisma and gain more and lose fewer with a high one.

There are certain things one leaves to fanfic… :smirk:


Yeah. I had a low score with this run through (picked a mercenary, focusing on guns and athletics).

However, he wanted a walkthrough, and that should do it.


Sorry if I came off as rude :sweat: I just meant to be a completist.


Nope, not rude! :slight_smile: If nothing else, you were giving some additional information which might make it easier.

I had playthroughs where picking up Devlin wasn’t a relationship breaker with her…but with someone with low Charisma, it can be.