Safe Haven Romance: Bailey and Gina

I was wondering if anyone has the guide on how to do this romance? Been trying to but cant seem to get it.


First , talk to Bailey at the end of Book 1 , then in Book 2 when encounter the situation with Church’s zombie, choose let us vote about it, remember to support Rachel’s decision in the distribution of supplies … become leader of your group, then let everyone decide their group with the first fight with zombie , these should be enough to raise your relationship with Bailey, after the hill battle … you can choose Bailey as your first romance option , next choose to follow her and the twins to the lake , talk to Bailey and choose to swim in the lake , make wise choice on how you want to swim … Bailey should confirm be your girl friend and visit your tent later on

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How do I talk to her at the end of book 1?


When the fire is about to take over your home at the end, you could either choose to fight the oncoming zombies, or talk to the people Rachel brings up. There is an option to talk to Bailey specifically; there isn’t any big interaction, or choices, but choosing to talk with her can bump up the relationship.

Also remember that certain skills can also increase the relationship points one can build up.


Yupe just do as @Lys suggest :slight_smile:

Bailey actually has an interesting background which make her romance intriguing … i actually think my MC’s romance with Bailey is the “Good” version of Jillian meeting Lyle :slight_smile:


Thanks all. :slight_smile: any tips for Gina?

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Gina ? i think you need to start at city in Book 1 , you will meet her and a guy one day outside your house, go out help them kill the zombies, then nicely convince Gina not shoot her friend and invite her to your house, this should increase your relationship with her, when you meet her in Book 2… you should be allow to choose her as your romance option, of course you must allow her to join your group first

Does anyone have any tips for this? I’ve gotten all the others but can’t seem to work this one out.

I never seem to get the option of stopping Gina from killing George. Any idea how?

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I believe we need high persuasion and empathy.
I always set persuasion and empathy as my main stats , then when i reason with Gina, don’t threaten her, plead with her and she will listen

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